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Well I am new to this site and I am so happy that...

Well I am new to this site and I am so happy that I found it. Other ladies to give each other advice and encouragement. Well I have been thinking about BBL for quite sometime now and originally reached out to Dr. Jimerson back in 2009, man I wish I would have we through with it. I am 38 will be 39 this year and I want my curves back.

Child birth has done a triple somersault and backflip on my body. Three c sections has left my stomach with this kangaroo pouch that I can't get rid of. I am not happy with my body. I am tall 5'10" and I was pretty much an athlete so I have this "muscle butt".... Lol.... And not enough hips. I carry my weight okay, and I am losing some of the weight. I have finally decided that I am going to say goodbye to this belly and get some curves. I have a long torso. I have been plus size (size 16) for the past 10 years. I would like more of an hour glass.

Going to call to set up webinar, not sure if I'm financing yet.

Consultation with Dr. J Curves Set - 7/20/13

Just scheduled my consultation with Dr. Jimerson for July 20th. I spoke with Jasmine on the phone she is such as sweety pie! Well let's get this ball rolling. Still have not heard from Yily or Duran, not even an email back or nothing. Well alot of the docs are at the Plastic Surgeons Convention in Vegas so that may be why some have not heard back from some docs.

A Change of Heart... I think??

Well I am new to this site, and I have reached out to several doctors and only heard back from two.

Yily - two weeks and counting - still haven't heard from her
Duran - two weeks and counting - still haven't heard from her
Jimerson - webinar consult scheduled 7/20/13
Baez - responded in a few hours, and will correspond back and forth answering all questions and concerns.

After careful consideration I am considering going with Dr. Baez for BBL and TT. Dr. Baez is great, she answers every question thoroughly, and replies promptly. I love the fact that she does not over schedule herself for procedures only 1-2 per day. She goes by the book, and if your numbers are not right she will not proceed.

I don't plan on doing my surgery until next year probably March or April because I need to lose about 40 pounds and to build up my time off from work, which I may have to do FMLA, but company policy is you have to use up your vacation first before FMLA kicks in and right now I have 0 vacation hours... Yea sucks!!!

The only thing... I will have to find a suitable recovery house or hotel. She did advise me that there are nurses that will care for you for (2000 Dominican Pesos) which is equivalent to $48.00 US for your whole stay.

But that doesn't include food or laundry.....
Hmmmm decisions, decisions..... So if anyone has any info on recovery houses, please let me know! I would like to see pics inside and everything!.. Thanks so much!

I was on the fence about traveling to DR to get any procedures done, however Baez may have changed my mind. Also her husband Dr. Javier Baez is also a plastic surgeon in DR.

Well I still have my webinar consult with Dr. Jimerson on 7/20/13, but dang potentially two years for an ASS.... **ROLLS EYES**

BAEZ Babe I will be....3/10/14

I decided to go with Dr. Australia Baez, she is so great. Very humble and loving.
I believe she will be very busy within the next few months. I do absolutely love the liposculpture on her website. I think she does a great job with the juicer ladies, so that's why I decided to go with her, being that I am a juicy gal!. I can't wait until my date comes up. Also she is very big on health and wellness, and always answers emails promptly.

Trying to be Patient!!!! 3/10/14 EVICTION DATE for this GUT & FLAT ASS!!!

Ladies feeling a little down today. I am on this weight loss journey to getting the results that I want. I am presently 235lbs 5'10". Started at 245 want to get down to 190 before sx.

I have been walking 2-3 times a week. I measured my waist and I am down one inch in my waist. Happy about that!!!

The reason I am down is because I wish I would have taken this journey a lot sooner instead of letting fear run my life. Oh well I'm doing it now and no one can stop me. I am so tired of this stomach. My BBL is not until next year but all the results make me want to do it at the end of the year. So far I have not told my family yet about my plans & not sure if I will. Just may say I am going out of town on business.

I have started taking my B Complex vitamins and my Iron pills. I know I need to be more patient & just ready for this stomach to go!!!
Well that's it for now, going to Zumba class this evening!!!

Just Might Be Switching Docs- Duran, Yily or Robles

Not that I don't like Dra Baez, I am just not sure. I absolutely love her attitude and caring nature, and communication skills are the bomb. However I need more ass projection. Her latest work is great and danty and all that but I am a big thick girl.. I need some MUY MUY MUY Grande ass. I hope I start to see more projections with the before and afters... I am just not sure!!! I am researching Dra Robles right now, and from what I see I love her work. HELP YALL, HELP.....

Well Staying With Baez ------ 3/10/14

Well after careful thought and consideration. I am staying with Baez. She has won me over with her kind nature and caring attitude. Wish I could schedule my sx date sooner, but cannot get off work so I will work on losing some weight before my date 8 months away. You would think that I was planning to go next month the way I stalk around RS, and locations everyday. I am just so excited, reading everyone's reviews. I have found out so much useful information.

Is it me but when you are out, do yall stare at people and think, have they considered a tummy tuck or liposuction? Or look at ladies booties and just analyze what kind of butt they have... like shelf, projected, nice, flat or whatever. I am like studying people's booties now. My fiance is like.. REALLY?? SERIOUSLY?? I can't help it I am staring at Booty's every chance I get!!!

All Kinda Responses

Now that I got my mind made up finally hear back from Yily and Duran... Ain't that about a Biooootccchh!!!! Y'all know I love Durans work. Also heard back from Robles. I am loving her recent work she has done on thicker ladies!!!!!!

Jimerson Webinar - To Go or Not To Go? & Other info!!

Well I have a webinar with Jimerson, don't think I will make that since I decided not to go with him. Guess I will at least email a Patient Coordinator to let them know I will not be attending........common courtesy.

On another note..... ladies I am so looking forward to my sx early next year. I love my kids to death, but I have been putting them first for so long that it is time that I do something for me. I guess I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed because their father (ex husband) does not spend anytime with them, so I barely get any time to myself. Something bad happended to him recently health wise, I felt bad for him, prayed to God to help comfort him and ease his pain even though our marriage ended with him turning his back on me when I was being treated for breast cancer. (only the cells) I am cancer free, five years. Thank the LORD!!

So this excursion is a retreat for me, even though I will be in pain from recovery.. it will be a time when I reflect on my new self and my life. My fiance says I am going through a mid-life crisis, he may be right.. but why should I turn 40 and look like a uumpa lumpah.. the hell with that.. Ain't nobody got time for that! I spent my 30's out of shape and unhappy with my body! I'm up here encouraging other women, and I was feeling like crap inside..... I don't care what he says I am doing my sx I don't give a damn what nobody thinks! Its my body, I'm the one who has to walk around with the constant reminder of 3 C-Sections!! So I am doing something about it!

Folks sure do love when your fat and content, soon as you start to change folks want to act all different, then blame it on you, saying you sure are acting different... O because I want to workout, feel better about myself I am acting different??... Umm no this is the way it should be! When is it a bad thing to change for the better??

Any hoo.. I know I am ranting...... sorry I had to vent somewhere, and I know my RS sistahs understand what I mean!

I'm Already Thinking Round 2 and Haven't Even Got Round 1 Done

Well in 8 more months I will be getting BBL, TT & Agressive Lipo to back, and flanks with Dr. Baez. I am down 15 more pounds weighing in at 220. The goal is 190lbs before surgery, I think anything less would make me look too small based on I am so tall (I am 5' 10", plus I like being a beautiful amazon... LOL...). I know I will get there with no problem. So far I have been doing Cardio Kickboxing on Mondays, Spinning at home on Tues, Zumba on Wednesdays, Total Gym on Thursdays and resting on fridays. Think I will take it up a notch and add one more day to the regimen. I love that Total Gym because it sculpts my arms exactly the way I want, so I will continue to do that (added that last week). My arms were never really that big, because I use to lift weights and box when I was in my late teens, so no sagging skin. Just this frickin belly/muffin top/ eye sore that needs to disappear. With all this exercise, I am losing my backfat, but this frickin lower poofy pouch... is still chilling! I HATE IT! OMG, I cannot wait to get rid of this.

I know I must be patient with the weight loss, as I have only been exercising consistently and eating right for about six weeks. Not a diet just making better food choices. The crazy thing about this is that I know how to lose weight, but just being lazy, letting work, kids, business get in the way of making better choices for myself. I don't have high blood pressure, diabetes, or anything. Just been lazy, and using food as a crutch. It wasn't until recently, when I started studying to become a Life Coach, that I realized I had been using food to deal with some horrible things that happended to me as a child and an adult. I had my ahah moment and decided F this I am going to change this and do something about this before I do develop some type of illness.

Here lately I been thinking I want my boobs done. I know I won't be able to get this all done on round 1, but I do know I want them done. Currently a saggy 38D, I need a BL and Aug... I would like them to look that same way they do with a bra on. I may do BL with BA in the states, so far I really like Baez and Robles for Breast Work in DR. I am constantly dreaming about my sx day and what everything will be like. I have started shopping for some of my supplies.
So far I bought:
-- Pads
-- Wipes (Went to Sam's and Cleaned up on these)
-- Wife beaters
-- Hibiclens

That's all I got so far.

As far as body types, I don't necessarily want to be a petite woman, but I do want more of an hour glass figure, a very small waist. Right now what I have is hardly enough hips and what hips I do have is overshadowed by this muffin top and belly apron (thanks kids) I really like Emily B from Love & Hip Hop NY body shape. Very curvy and still thick at the same time. I hope Dr. Baez can get rid of all the fat that I don't get to shred off with exercise. I need a curvaceous figure in my life right now!!

Well everyone thank you for reading my rollercoaster of a entry today..

Consults with a Few Docs... 2/24/14

Hey Dolls,

I know it has been a while since I have updated, but I have made a few changes. Well with the recent things going on in DR, I have decided change my mind and possibly go with a new doc. I have decided to go outside the box and consider some of the other docs in DR. Not because I don't love Baez and her work, but because I want aggressive lipo. Baez is great, but I have to go with a doc that can sculpt a plus size gal like myself. So I am now considering Cabral, Robles, Disla, Medina, maybe even Alamonte, just to name a few. I am undecided with my decision because, I may decide to do a Mommy Makeover, if I do Cabral is totally out, I love Cabral, however I would like someone else to do my boobs. The most important for me is the waist to be snatched. So I need a doc that can get this waist together. I am so in love with Cabral's TT incisions and have never seen anything like it through my research. Now for Robles, I really like how Robles assistant Laura answers all questions and the information provided from her was very professional. Disla - She gets back to you really fast which I love, and is so upfront with her patients about post-op medication. And I really love her boob work. Medina (Dr. Tania Medina de Garcia) she works out of CECIP, and is a Dominican Beauty Queen, very professional and efficient. I am waiting to see some of her BBL patients. Alamonte - I like her sculpting work and her mommy makeovers are pretty good. So now you see why I am so confused. Do a round 1, to get waist snatched and concentrate on contouring of waist and hips, then return for round 2 for boob work.... Decisions, decisions... SO MY BRAIN IS WORKING OVERTIME!!! Right now I am concentrating on my health and getting my hemo where it needs to be. I went to the doctor and last I checked it was 12.9. My levels are great. I have also been doing great with my weight loss. I started at 245, now down to 218 as of this morning. My goal weight before surgery is to get out of the 200's. I have been juicing, cutting out all the salt and sugar, increased my protein intake, drink 2 gallons of water a day, and eat 5-6 times a day. Increased my cardio to spinning 5-6 times a week with Total Gym afterwards, so 1 hour 5-6 times a week. What does scare me though is that I don't eat red meat and I thought that my iron would be low because of it. Well I do eat Cream of Wheat 5 times a day for breakfast. I have lost alot of weight in my mid section and I credit that to waist training. So I am still on my journey. I have bought some of my supplies, and I plan to keep it to the bare minimum not buying all the extra stuff. I have bought my plane ticket and I am ready to get this journey started. I am not sure where I will be staying at for recovery, but I have a few options. There are a few new recovery houses that are opening soon. So until later..... smooches dolls.

I don't know how to change doctors in the settings but I decided to go with Dr. Australia Fragaso Baez

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