36 Yr Old Female Chin Implant with Lipo - Cincinnati, OH

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Hello! I've always hated my profile. Pictures or...

Hello! I've always hated my profile. Pictures or videos of me from the side are cringe worthy to me. I'm getting an intra oral chin implant with a lil lipo in two weeks! Very excited and very nervous! I will post updates. I trust my surgeon and have a pre op appt in a few days. I expect to feel more at ease after I leave his office after we discuss some final questions and concerns

Surgery complete

Today was my chin augmentation with neck lipo. I had the intra oral approach for implant so inside my lip is stitched all the way across. Not painful but my neck sure is. I can't take my chin strap off yet but I think I'm going to like my new chin from what I can tell. Here's a pic of me on the way home. I look tired and messy but ...well I was tired and messy! Lol!

Day after surgery

I was able to take the chin strap off today for a shower. It felt good! The pics show how swollen and puffy I am along as bruised. I feel like a bulldog lol!! But I can see a chin and a profile improvement so I think I'm going to be very pleased!

3rd day post op

Well my swelling is at an all time high. My cheeks are so puffy as well as my bottom lip (which is numb in the middle). The pain is bad today and yesterday and I must admit, I'm a tad discouraged. I've had to take the strap off for a few minutes at a time for some relief but I get scared and put it right back on. I was told yesterday and today would be bad swelling days and that wasn't a lie. Last 24 hours have been rough. I hope it starts easing up soon.

It's been a week!

Well I made it to the 7 day mark! It hasn't been all too bad. I had days that were worse than others.
I still have swelling and numbness in the middle of my bottom lip down to bottom of chin. I'm experiencing all the tingles and odd sensations in both so that's a good sign! I can't smile normally yet but I'm confident I will be fine in due time. My post op appt is in two days so I hope I get a positive progress report! I am going to bring up the swelling really just for peace of mind. I feel like I still have jowls, especially on the left. All my friends and family are convinced it's just swelling but I want to hear what the doc has to say. I will update again soon!

Two weeks out!!

Hi everyone! I had a follow up a few days ago and my dr was very pleased with my progress. He wants me to keep wearing my strap while I'm at home and when I sleep. Still have swelling, more still on left than right. Still have a numb chin and bottom lip and can't smile normally yet. But I was fully expecting this and am staying positive. I'm happy so far just want this pesky swelling to go away!!! Patience and positivity is key.
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