36 Years Old, First Botox Treatment - Cincinnati, OH

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I had a breast augmentation November 1st (see...

I had a breast augmentation November 1st (see separate review) and received 20 units of Botox courtesy of Allergan. I was excited - but nervous! - for my first treatment. I told Dr Vennemeyer that I wanted to go ahead and have the deep wrinkles in my forehead and my crow's feet done as well as the area between my eyebrows. Dr V made me feel comfortable and prepared before my treatment, explaining everything about Botox and how he thought best to treat my concerns. I trust him explicitly!

The actual treatment wasn't extremely painful, but definitely uncomfortable. I liken it to getting waxed, except waxing is over with really fast. Haha. I don't know how many injections I got, but I am guessing around 10. As soon as he was done, I glanced in the mirror on the back of the door - big mistake!! Each injection site was puffed up like a bee sting - which is just what each injection felt like - getting stung by a bee. It scared me at first, but I was quickly assured that was normal and would start to go down within several minutes. With my forehead all bumpy I looked like a Klingon from Star Trek! Eek!

I had an ice pack handed to me, and that felt good on my face. Some of the injections had a pinprick of blood, which I wiped off with damp gauze. Within 20 minutes the puffiness was completely gone. However, my forehead/eyebrow area/crow's feet were all tender to the touch, which I tried to NOT touch at all and definitely not rub.

The rest of the day I had a mild headache which Tylenol helped take care of, but I didn't re-dose at 6 hours and regretted it. It wasn't a raging headache but nagging. Also my face felt strange, basically like I had been stung by 10 bees.

I had one small bruise between my eyebrows (it showed up immediately), and the next morning I noticed another small bruise on my forehead. I had a mild headache again all day Thursday, manageable with Tylenol. My entire forehead and between eyebrows was tender and it felt like it needed to be rubbed or scratched to relieve, but if I barely even touched it, it hurt. Definitely annoying. Not that I was supposed to rub it for 24 hours - and I didn't.

This morning (Friday, 2 days post) it is still as tender as yesterday but the headache is better. I was telling myself if I don't absolutely LOVE my results, I wouldn't do it again, not worth it. Dr V said it might be 7 days before seeing results, and by 3 weeks if I wasn't happy then I could get a re-touch, but to give it up to 3 weeks for full results. I did notice this morning that when I tried to pull my brows together in a frown, it felt different, I was feeling the paralyzing effects. I went ahead and took pics, then compared them to my before pictures. WOW! Even with the annoyance of the discomfort, I am excited about my results so far and look forward to seeing the full effect!

I will keep my review here updated as changes happen!

Units of Botox

I had @40 units total -- 6 units per side for crow's feet, and rest in forehead and between eyebrows.

1 Week After

I have to say, I am even more impressed with my results at one week post-injection. I only wish Botox lasted longer than 3-4 months! I'm not sure I want to get injections that frequently. I will wait and see. For now, I will enjoy my smoother face! :)

1 Month Post

Still loving my results! I still feel very expressive, my PS has such an artistic eye - I didn't want to look frozen or like a statue with no expressions! I also notice that when I feel myself trying to knit my brows together to frown, I stop myself bc of how it feels. Same with squinting. I think that's a good thing.

Only complaint would be an itchy forehead! At least once a day, and it was several times a day, my forehead just itches like crazy. I scratch but it doesn't necessarily relieve the itching, it just subsides I guess.

Here are a couple of pics. I'm really tired today so they aren't the best. lol

Lasted @ 3 Months!

My first round of Botox lasted @3 months! Sure wish it would last much, much longer. Last week I did my second round, but with a different PS as my PS moved out of town (wahhhh!!!). She had a very gentle touch, but injected right above the arch of my eyebrows and I feel like they are a bit droopy now. I don't like that, but the wrinkles that were above the arch are gone, but it isn't worth it IMO to have it done there again. Next time I will be very specific.

Dr V and staff are absolutely wonderful. I had a breast augmentation by Dr V in November, and had my first treatment of Botox in mid-December. I have already referred three people to Dr V!

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