27 Year Old Plus Size Woman.. Getting a Tummy Tuck and Brazilian Butt Lift - Cincinnati, OH

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Hi I am a 27 year old wanting a tummy tuck and...

Hi I am a 27 year old wanting a tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift. At age 12 I was molested by my mother's boyfriend and end result he impregnated me. I had my daughter cause even then I felt like I couldn't have an abortion cause it wasn't her fault. I love her with all my heart but needless to say Havibg a baby at that age and then going into deep depression, my body never recovered and went back to being close to what it was. My belly is a constant reminder of what happened to me and I'm ready to get rid of it.

So anyway I need help in the process...helpful tips and so on. I an about 6months away from when u plan on doing the procedure. I have one more consult Next week, hen I will decide on which doctor to choose.

Abyne want to share how they chose their surgeon?

decided on a Dr. finally

I'm a real person needing a miracle tt and bbl
Hey so after three months of consults I revisited three to confirm what I'm expecting. I also decided to get Lipo to my back fat and flanks. The surgeon I chose is very excited about doing my tt and bbl. He said it's his favorite combination but it's not popular in our area. Most of his patients dot want too be bigger In any areas ,they all want to be as small possible. But anyway Dr.Vashi with the plastic surgery group is who will be performing my new body transformation. He took pictures today and I am planning my surgery for March 10,2014. That should give me tube to tone my inner thighs and that fat under my breast.
Not sure what my next steps are besides making my payments and preparing for the big day!!!

having dreams and nightmares

Oh my I had the worst dream last night. I was having surgery and I woke up while my surgeon was cutting my stomach off...

Then I had a dream that I was shopping for tight fitting pencil skirts to show off my new body...I'm so confused

May have the chance to have my surgery next month instead of next year

I got financing for my surgery. I call tomorrow to see how much they are willing to finance...if it's the total amount then guess who will be looking sexy by Christmas? My birthday is in November so this is going to be the best birthday s nd Christmas ever if I can have this done

Sheesh United Medical is so slowwww!!!!!

I like the fact that United Medical gets you financing if your credit isn't great but they are very slow at getting back to you and one lady was very rude. I was like umm your making money off me so you should have some decent people skills...just by being rude I wont take the loan. I called and spoke to a supervisor and got another processor to help me. Anyway I am hoping Monday I will have great news. Was hoping to get in to my surgeon by November 11th but it may be Dec 2, either way it goes, if I get financing I'm going in the next two months if I don't then I will be going for sure in March. I'm have started getting some things together as far as gauze and Bio oil and maderma...I am also looking into some creams or soaps that help with darks inner thighs under arms and so on...anyone know of great products please share.....


In the meantime of me waiting on United Medical, I signed up for boot camp. Really want to lose some of this fat in my arms and thighs...I cant wait to get back to the confident woman that I once was, I want to get back into modeling and not being scared to go shopping for new clothes. I have been putting off buying new work pants cause I am so devastated at the way they look on me. Sometimes they are too droopy in the back, at times I have that ugly kangaroo pouch in the front...

The most devastating thing the last couple days is I saw myself on the work camera and I look like I am 500 pounds, and I was on a date with a guy...he took a picture of me and I look hideously huge...Not a god look...I want to get back to these pics of feeling great!!!!

After my surgery I plan to have a "NEW ME" photo-shoot...

less then 120 days until surgery and huge discount on garments

I ordered my garment today from Design Veronica...if you need a discount I have a code just send me a message. my garment was 160 with the discount I saved 60 bucks. I'm so excited and have lost 14pounds. I fantastic to get my new figure!!!

site where I have discount

sed me a message for the code

Three months and 13 days......omg

So since thanksgiving is over with I am going on a strict diet....I'm Looking forward to an awesome transformation....
Ladies tell me some if the ways you lost weight...what did you avoid eating?

Time is ticking down so slowly.....

Hey dolls,
So I have been looking at all of your updates and been feeling so envious. I can't wait to get to the flatside, the sexy side, the side where I am comfortable with looking at myself in the mirror . Some of you ladies are coming out looking like coke bottles, stacked bodies, bootylicious and five snaps lol. You are my inspiration, my breathe of air saying I too will be looking and feeling fabulous in 85 days.... I have been trying to find more ladies in my area, cause I would love to be personal friendships and hang out but this site is kind of hard to navigate. I have started a friendship with one beautiful lady who had her BR by the same PS as I am seeing. Matter of fact I am about to text her to check on her after this.
Dieting has been going great, I was around 280when I started my Journey on RS and now I am.....drum roll please...264...it may not seem like much to you but I can tell in my butt of course that I am losing weight! So I am kinda of worried for my BBL if the fat is really going to stay or not....I pray that it does!!!! I have been looking at wish pics and man some of those booties are outrageous, some are just right, and some look like multi-millionaire doctors did the procedures. Anyways I am about to try to read some more stories and then call it a night,

52 days and i can say...."i woke up like this"

Getting excited and worried at the same time....i know im going to like what i see in the mirror and have a better self esteem....but at times im scared thinking i wont wake up period. So i keep reminding myself of the positives....

Paid in Full

Well i have paid in full....feel a little guilty about spending this much money on my happiness but growing up i didnt get to live.....i want to start living and loving my entire body not just my face.

pre op...made my ps laugh

Yey had my pre op appointment and signed all papers... My insurance paid for my prescriptions...im glad about that. Now im 13 days away and im excited. Still need.to get a few items and im all set

oh forgot

So my PS asked if i had any questions... I said yeah Do you promise to give me a fat booty? He fell out laughing



on the semi flat-side.....still with my ASS BUT TUMMY LOOKING GREAT....

Hey girls I made it to the flatside but feel like I still remain on the flatside with my booty. Lets start with my arrival day.....
The night before I could not sleep at all, I took a nap at 3am to wake up at 415am lol. We arrived at the surery center at 545 am because according to my paperwork it said to arrive at the center at 6am. We arrived at waited outside for a bout twenty ninutes before driving around the building. figured out thee was another door so I checked inand waited until about 715am before they took me back. Once I got back I changed clothes and they started asking lots of questions about histoy and so on. My nuses were really nice and then it was time for my IV....OMG they stuck me once in my left hand, no good veins...stuck me twice in my right hand still no good veins,,,(I drunk lots ofwater the day before) finally in my arm they fond a vein. So Dr. Vashi came in and marked me up...I was really shocked at how fast he did this and when comparing my lines to you ladies he simlply marked me. They gave mesome kind of drug and was rolling me back and all I remember was wanting to dance, I got into the room and I only remember them putting the mask on me.

According to my friend when I woke up the first tinki asked bout was "how big is my butt?' I felt the hurt and burn at the lowerpart of my back and the top of my butt but nothing in the cuff area...thought it was numb.....My stomach didn't hurt at all in fact I walked to the car hunched over of course and slept the rest of the day. but I had to use the restroom about 50-11 times....ughhhhh

As a few days past Im still noticing this pain only at the top o fmy butt and im like sheesh...I asked the doctor about it and he said give it time to spread out....then he tells me he only put 350 cc in each cheek...DISSAPOINTED I WAS HOPING FOR LIKE 500 TO 700 in each cheek. so my butt looks bigger at the top only,,, I go tomorrow to get one drian out and will be telling him how I feel.. My stomach has a cute belly button but im swollen...I can look down and see my pubic hair lol. I haven't seen my scar yet but will be taking pictures tonight.

pics post op

Tummy tuck and butt lift

So my tummy tuck is great minus I'm smaller on one side but hopefully he will fix that. My butt is horrible.... It's the same as before surgery so I'm not sure what he will have planned for that. I got on the 17th to see him.... So fingers crossed

Two years after my tuck

I love my tummy tuck, hate my bbl. it wasn't done right so now I'm going to Miami to get me a booty. He only injected 300 cc in each cheek and was at the top .....I was hoping for fat to be injected all over. I would recommend him for the tummy tuck and lipo of the back fat.

I recommend Dr. Vashi and his staff. haven't had my procedures yet but he has taken time to sit down with me twice. The staff are very nice and when I call jessica(forgot her title) I feel like we are friends. He and his staff made me very comfortable and I wasn't treated awkwardly due to my size. Due to the price Jessica assured me I could come in to each pay check and make payments and then make a lump sum pay off two weeks before my date!!! I look forward to my Procedures and will keep you all posted. Two thumbs up...would give more if I had more thumbs lol

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