Facelift Upper Lower Eyelids and Direct Brow Lift . Dr Lev Costa Rica, CR

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After joining real self I was so impressed with Dr...

After joining real self I was so impressed with Dr Lev's before and after photos and the never ending wonderful reviews he has had I decided that I wanted my facelift with him . I considered Dominic Bray but I felt his before and afters weren't dramatic enough for me ;I wouldn't want to meet my family and they just think I looked well rested . People in the uk seem to want very natural results and seem to be delighted when people don't realise they have had a facelift I can't see the point in that . If I can have surgey that will make me look Ten or fifteen years younger then I'm all for it . I would like to look as young as I possibly can . You get told to have realistic expectations but I have seen facelifts on here that have been so unbelievably good they have knocked twenty years off. So here I go fingers crossed I'm not at all frightened of the surgery I'm more frightened of the travel. I have read not to have a hand bag in Costa Rica and to carry a small amount of cash in a cheap wallet to give the pickpockets not to upset them when they accost you. I am travelling with my sixteen year old son and I'm worried how safe he'll be if he goes out in the day
Dr Lev's co ordinator Didi has been wonderful and she is there to answer your questions every step of the way as has Julie who has a review on real self from the uk who has had a facelift herself with Dr Lev a few months ago, she has gone out of her way to answer all the wiring money ,what money to take etc questions I have asked a truly lovely lady .

some pictures from ten years ago

These pictures were taken less than ten years ago it is surprising how fast we can age.I would be delighted if i could look like this again ive kept my figure the same with kettleworx but as they say as you get older you have to choose between your face and your figure . I am fifty now by the way; shortly after these photos i had a lower face lift coronal brow lift and tca peel with Lawrence Kirwain a british surgeon who practices in America but comes over once a month anyway my problem is with wrinkling under my eyes and slight lax skin .But the only thing he suggested for under the eyes was a tca peel very painful by the way ;anyway it got rid of the wrinkles but about three months later they all came back and the lower facelift just removed my cheeks so that my nose looked more prominent and the coronal browlift to be honest he wanted me to have an endoscopic one but i read they only lasted five years so he suggested a coronal would last longer he explained it removed a band on your scalp but i didnt explore it enough and as such the scalp was pulled so tight i have lost most of my hair and the top of my head is narrower and my forhead much higher he is an excellent surgeon i believe he was Joan Rivers surgeon she often commented about him but i prefered my look before; I don,t think i needed any brow lift as i had no wrinkles in my forehead all my wrinkles are under my eyes

Facelift tomorrow

Flew in to Costa Rica last night after 27hrs travel Carlos from Vedeza was waiting outside the airport for me he speaks very good English and is a lovely guy. He drove me to Dr Lev's office today for appointment at 4.30 . Dr Lev and I have decided on upper and lower eyelids ,face and neck lift and direct brow lift through the eyebrows on the way home Carlos can't understand how calm I am he said everyone else has been nervous . well I had my total spine from neck to bum with titanium rods and screws in2013 nothing will make you nervous after that . Feeling a bit sick though as the food at Verdeza is lovely but a bit too rich for what I normally eat at home . Well Dr lev has made it very clear about the scar with the eyebrow lift but the scar looks minimal to me . Well girls off I go wish me luck and say goodbye to my old face and roll on the new me

Back at Verdeza after surgery

Well I am back at Verdeza after my surgery all went well but I did have a few glitches on the way . Carlos dropped me off at the Cima hospital and I went inside the gentleman on the desk didn't speak English so he passed me to the lady that did . They weren't expecting me so I showed them the admission form from Dr Lev anway she then asked for my passport which was back at Verdeza as trip advisor tells you not to carry valuables around in Costa Rica anyway I asked the lady to get ne a taxi so that I could go back and get it . The taxi arrived but the man didn't know where Verdeza was he got out to speak to someone in the Cima but then came back and asked if I could go in and get someone to give him directions so I found the English speaking nurse and she gave him directions , once back at Verdeza I didn't have my swipe card so the man at the desk swiped for me to go up in the lift I was so distressed at this time I was knocking and calling my son outside the wrong room a lady came and opened the door and the room was empty I had got 318 mixed up with 316 anyway I got to my room got my passport and money for the taxi I went to take two 5million colones but the lady said too much ones enough I took the two anyway and sure enough the taxi driver took both notes off me and gave me a little change so he overcharged me . Anyway things went smoothly from then on Dr lev drew on my eyelids and eyebrows then Dr greenwood came to administer the anaesthetic . I awoke and was transformed to my room . My head was completely bandaged and they put ice water compresses on your eyes . A note here I have sinus problems and the bandage feels like someone has their. Hands round your neck quite tight so that with the compress over my eyes made me feel like I was being smothered so the nurse gave me oxygen which made me feel much better . It's hard for me to lie comfortable because of the rods in my spine which say I should lie flat but for the facelift iam supposed to be propped up which hurts my neck also there is a lot of wet blood around my neck . Leaving the hospital was a nightmare Carlos came to get me just as my lovely breakfast had arrived he was taking a trip to the volcano so couldn't stay long ther was a slight que at the desk but when it was my turn my card was declined even though I had phoned at home prior to trip that I would be paying a large amount abroad anyway I eventuall had to phone the unblocking number my eyesight is bad without glasses and the glasses wouldn't fit over the bandages they just pinged off all the time anyway the operator then wanted me to read the 3, 6, 8, and 11th number from my memorable information lovey with swollen eyes and not being able to use my glasses anyway it turned out they hadn't blocked my card the lady was swiping my card when my card is chip and pin eventually sorted but took a good 20 minutes Carlos had left for his trip and sent a back up car to take me to Verdeza back at Verdeza I feel much better . I have pain behind ny ears and neck Dr Lev gave me antibiotics and pain killers but when I collected them yesterday and took them home they don't say which is which or what to take of each I asked at Cima and the lady put one a day for the pink antibiotic but nothing about what to take of the painkiller I shall try to post a pick thankyou for all your good wishes can't wait to see what my results will turn out to be

Bandages off drains removed and some stitches taken out

Don't laugh not the best I have looked , most of the pain has gone now just uncomfortable lying back . I am having my hair washed this afternoon eyes are quite swollen but I am over the worst now . Thinking back now and laughing seeing the funny side of paying the hospital bill with my glasses pinging off all the time .it was like a comedy I couldn't hear the lady on the phone because of the bandages I couldn't see because of the stitches in my eyes . But I got there in the end; will be glad to get this bandage off too as I am clostraphobic . With the pain behind my ears yesterday I know how he felt in reservoir dogs even though I have never fully watched it as I turned over when I realised what was going to happen . But my brain kept playing the song stuck in the middle with you . Thankyou all for your well wishes you have been a great help through this . Will post more pics when my hair is washed . Although unlike you ladies that look good without makeup you won't be able to see how good my results are until I can get my eye makeup on at least

Bandages off

Had my bandages removed and hair washed by lovely nurse at Verdeza , I've told my son he's going home alone , I could get used to this life .it's lovely here being waited on with lovely views . Had lovely email from Didi she really does care about you and is with you all the way
Love what I'm seeing in the mirror hope it stays this way as I have a lovely shaped face now will keep you posted

Day four

Very bruised around the eyes , under the eyes turning yellow found that I have incisions around ears front and back the back ones behind my ears run up to three inches from top of head hidden in my hair . I have thin hair . I thought at first my facelift ended by the top of front ear but on feeling it runs up through my head I am glad about this as I have laxity by my temples so everything has been lifted like I wanted early days yet . Feeling bruised but no real pain will keep you posted

Tips on getting blood out of hair

Washed my hair myself last night instead of shampoo as most suggest I wet my hair and applied the conditioner you get with hair dyes you can buy it separately too I put loads on as my hair is a nest. I have very little hair and it's very dry , I left it on for 5 mins then rinse success I then used my tangle tease brush grabbed some hair tight and gently combed below where I ws holding . Hair nice and smooth now . Verdeza is an excellent place to stay as I have a large shower in the bathroom and a seat to sit on in the shower which made it very easy to do also the cleaner comes in every day and is so thorough disinfecting everything . It really is the perfect place to recover I can't recommend it highly enough . Feeling good today still swollen ,I bruise easily and noted my helmet on day one was absolutely drenched in blood when others had no blood .I am a bleeder I have been told this on all operations I have had . I'd be happy if the swelling didn't go as I love my face fuller hope it doesn't go down too much . Can't wait until I'm able to wear makeup again my eyes are smaller at the moment but that's the swelling .

A week later

Had stitches from eyebrows removed yesterday with Dr Lev . Still have stitches front and back of ears and loads at the back of my head think baseball metal staples their coming out on Friday as I fly home Sunday morning . So I still have a lot of swelling and bruising until they come out put a bit of makeup on today feeling great . I am going to the shops after lunch

Feeling strong today

My son and I just went to Walmart to shop .My knew kettle I brought has broken down after only ten days; got some more earl grey tea and bought a cuddly sloth and some Costa Rica t shirts for my children back home. I have been skypying them throughout the day daily on my I pad.
Stitches and staples come out tomorrow swelling is coming down each day . I have one eye bigger than the other at the moment so I hope this sorts itself out and is just due to swelling some of my wrinkles under my eyes are coming back but not as bad as before . I'm off to erazu for a Starbucks this afternoon nice shopping centre with lovely statues and water feature with coloured lights but not many shops there yet . The ladies are very chic in neutral colours with their lovely tanned skin very glamorous indeed God knows what they make of me my ray bans kept falling of my face when I last went two days ago . The scenery is beautiful here and the climate is absolutely perfect I could very happily live here it has everything I want .
In the morning I watch the locals jogging at 6.30 in their colourful nike outfits and love the parrots squabbling sooo cute

14 days post op

Hi everyone haven't been able to update as I have been making it up to the children going swimming down the beach etc . I am really happy with the results the facelift has tightened my neck and jawline and my favourite part is my direct eyebrow lift ;although the scar is still noticeable without makeup , it isn't noticable with a little bit of foundation but it has really opened up my eyes again, I am still numb on the sides of my face and my neck my only worry now is I. Don't want it to fall anymore as I love the way everything looks now it's just as I wanted it . Dr lev is truly amazing I would 100 % recommend him . I loved Verdeza as well it is scrupiously clean so you don't have to worry about infection and the food was fine your bound to find something you like to eat there's a Walmart nearby and a Starbucks even nearer about three minutes away I loved Costa Rica I thought I would hate it but I loved it and I am definitely going back in the future. To explore it , I didn't want to leave it had everything I wanted I have posted some recent pics will keep you posted
Dr Lev

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