Traveling for BL, BA, Full Tummy Tuck, Lipo - Mexico

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I will be traveling to Mexico to Dr Luis Suarez...

I will be traveling to Mexico to Dr Luis Suarez soon. I have done a lot of research and am confident in my decision. So far his staff has be awesome in helping and answering all of my questions.

I am 28 years old... Have had 3 beautiful babies that left me with a less than desirable body!!

I am getting a breast lift, breast augmentation - I'm currently a saggy C cup. Hoping to be a full D. A full tummy tuck, lipo to my flanks/back, thighs.

I'm super nervous/excited/overwhelmed. I'll be updating as things progress!! Ahhhh!!


Can't wait to have my 'girls' back up where they belong... And my gut gone!!!

I'm in Mexico....

Had my labs drawn today. Everyone was very nice. The lab tech was very sanitary. (I'm a nurse... I was watching him like a hawk!) I'm now relaxing at the recovery house I will be staying out.... It's soooo beautiful and relaxing here! Consult tomorrow!!!

The clinic...

The clinic Is very nice and clean...


I'm sleepy... Surgery is done. When I'm more awake and not falling asleep typing I will make a real update.


Laying in bed

2 days post op

Saturday was my surgery. I was very very nervous flying to Mexico for such a huge surgery. I had to take some anti-anxiety medications.... Lol. Dr. Suarez is very kind... As soon as I met him I was more calm. All of the staff was very nice. The facility was very clean.

I ended up getting a full tummy tuck, lipo to my flanks/back/love handles, a pariareolar lift to one of my boobs and a breast augmentation. He wouldn't lipo the back of my arms or my thighs. He said my arms didn't have enough fat and it would leave scars/lines that would be visible forever. Boo!

The stay was great... Most of the staff spoke English.. The ones that didn't would get someone who did right away. My one major complaint was the lack of water. After surgery you can't eat or drink for several hours... But after that time period they should be bringing you a big jug of water!!!! They would bring in this tiny little plastic cup of water that I would finish in 2 drinks. I kept asking them to either bring in a big jug or bring in like 3 glasses of water. They never did. I was soooooo thirsty I just wanted water!!!! I pretty much begged for water all night.

Today my back is really sore. And bruised. My stomach doesn't hurt really bad... Only where the drains are at it hurts occasionally. My boobs don't hurt at all but they're very swollen.

I'm staying at a recovery house until I fly home Wednesday.

3 days post op

Very swollen all over. My stomach feels like it's full of air/gas. Not a lot of pain today. Flying home tomorrow.

9 days post op

Feeling better. Haven't had any pain Meds besides ibuprofen/Tylenol in 3 days. I'm still bruised. Trying to rest as much as possible to keep the swelling down.

9 days PO

More pics.

The only incision on my breasts is the right nipple from the lift. Implants were put in during the tummy tuck for minimal scaring/incisions.

Swollen and puffy today.

13 days post op...SO SWOLLEN!

Tomorrow I will be 2 weeks post op. Since yesterday I've been so swollen bellow my incision/my public bone area. I went to my family practice doctor because I was concerned about a seroma.
They did a CT scan at told me
I don't have a seroma. I Emailed my surgeon and they advised more rest and massage.

Anyone else have swelling INCREASE at two weeks? It's making me sad

3 weeks post op

Last weeks horrible swelling has gone down. My belly button was infected so I continued antibiotics and was making sure to keep it clean. It's clearing up and healing!! My tummy tuck incision is healing nicely... The sides by my hips are still a little bumpy but getting better... Those stitches are still visible. The stiches above my public area are gone and its closed very nicely... A thin scar line. I'm starting to get back to normal and less zombie like! Haven't had much pain.
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