Wanting to Re Define my Jawline and Neck

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I've been to various hospitals and clinics in...

I've been to various hospitals and clinics in Bangkok and Singapore. I felt the best talking to Bamrungrad Int. Hospital, PAI, Kamol Cosmetic Hosp, Bangkok Hospital and gone to a couple of doctors in Mount Elizabeth Hospital and Novena. I was first advised on a full facelift to contour my neck line and jawline. I then learned from Kamol that liposuction and the removal of excess skin and tightening of the neck muscle with a mini facelift was best. This advice made the most sense to me. Anyone in Singapore have any doctor to recommend?

my experience with Doctor. PAI in Bangkok very unprofessional and unresponsive in their emails.

Take caution in selecting PAI - good luck.
The consultations are in regards in defining my jaw line and neck.
Neck Lift
Liposuction - Minimal
Cervicoplasty to remove excess skin
Platymaplasty to tighten loose neck muscle
Mini facelift with incision along the front of ear.

Bumrungrad in Bangkok cost is 130,000 to 150,000 batt = $3600 to $4300 USA$
This is an estimated cost of the surgery under local anesthesia with intravenous sedation and as an out-patient basis is approximately 130,000-150,000 Baht* (for the procedure only.)
The above estimated costs do not include:
The estimated doctor’s consultation fee may range from 500 – 2,000 Baht / doctor / OPD visit, although in some cases depending on various factors, the fee might vary from the estimate range.
Any expenses not related to the procedure.
Costs arising from complications, such as additional medical conditions that may require special treatment during or after the procedure.
Any follow up costs.
Take-home medication and medical supplies

Kamol Hospital in Bangkok includes all PO visits by doc, medication and 2 night hospital stay
>> 1. Mini face lift 150,000 THB
>> 2. Neck tuck 100,000 THB
>> 3. Liposuction at under chin and jawline 100,000 THB
>> Total cost 350,000 THB
>> Total cost with special discount 300,000 THB
This is $8500 USA$ I believe they will reduced that price a lot.
I'm currently consulting with doctors in Singapore but they are not as forthcoming with pricing unless you talk to doctor directly which they then ask for a fee between $100 to 250. Not happening. They are very greedy here. I will update any costs I get. I also find it extremely hard to find reviews of the doctors outside their own self promotions.Dr Wong Chin Ho in Mt. Elizabeth Novena offers a composite facelift for over $26,000 sing. wow. thats just the procedure only.

Consulted with doctors in Singapore

Neck Lift

 Liposuction  -  Minimal under chin and along jawline
Cervicoplasty to remove excess skin
Platymaplasty to tighten loose neck muscle
Mini facelift with incision along the front of ear. 

I have talked to the nurses of dr. Wong Chin Ho in Novena. They quoted me around $28,000 to 34,000 Wow.
Dr Colin Than in Luck Plaza off orchard Neck lift $15,000 and Mini Facelift - $5000 anesthesia or any hospital fees seperate.
Dr Leo Kah Woon - $22,000 to $22,000 procedure onlyDr Shenthilkumar Naidu - $$28,000 to $34,000
I could not find any individual reviews of these doctors other than their own self promotions. Their credentials are very good and comparable to that of the dr.'s in Bumrungrad and Kamol Hospital in Bangkok. The prices are much higher than that of USA despite the exchange rate. I was really shocked.
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I did enjoy talking to all the above clinics and doctors but PIA was the most unprofessional one with Dr. Sutin. I made an appointment with Dr. Sutin on June 23 two weeks in advance. I made a special flight just to finalize my consultation with him and when I called the day before to confirm I learned he couldn't meet with me. There were no apologies and his administrator Jessie made little attempts to fix the meeting. I completely lost interest in them and at dismay that their careless attitude also reflected a careless doctor. A simple apology or consultation with another doctor in their clinic would of been good enough of an accommodation but instead found myself going to Bangkok requesting new appointments with other clinics or hospitals.

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