Choose Your Electrolysist with Care

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Electrolysis for Brows, Chin and Upper Lip...

Electrolysis for Brows, Chin and Upper Lip Area

Pros: I looked great for thirteen years!

Cons: After encountering an inexperienced electrolysist I was left scarred.

Con: Unless the electrolysist uses a Weiss microscope, the frequency of treatments could drag on for years in that they are unable to destroy the hair permanently unless it is at its finest. In improving visibility, it also reduces scabbing.

After years of successful electrolysis I went to an electrolysist who left me with deep scabs, on my upper lip area, that lasted about a month. The scabs turned to red dots and by the end of the summer they turned into dark dots which looked like a mustache. In addition, within a two week time frame in the fourth month, I developed the sudden appearance of wrinkles in the same area. I have no other wrinkles.

HBS Laser and Electrolysis

The electrolysis treatments that I'd been so satisfied with in the past were done by electrolysists who came recommended either by a plastic surgery clinic or a friend who'd been to them. Also, they used a Weiss microscope which enabled them to permanently destroy the hair at a much faster rate. By the time I met with the electrolysist who scarred me, I had only a tiny bit of barely visible upper lip hair for which I required an annual treatment. The lemon I encountered for what would have been one of my last anual treatments, was not recommended by anyone. I went to her because she was in the area.

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