Dr Suporn Chonburi, Thailand

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For those who are wondering how my journey is...

For those who are wondering how my journey is going, well let's say I have about 4 more days from this post and I go back to my lovely villa with my hubby and puppy. But I can say this journey is such difficult one.

Dr Suporn / And his staff are so much welcoming and nice they are here 24hrs a day whenever you need them. They also take u to his private beach house once a week to visit to have a bit of RNR with all the girls going along with the journey with you, and also create new friendships while your at the beach house u also get free Thai massages. I say amazing and well money spent.

I would have thought yes I'm mentally ready, and I can physically and finally get my pussy, I was wrong. There is so much struggle, depression, and you begin to question your journey but that all subsides because in the end I knew what I wanted and it's going to be a lo journey until I'm finally free of the pain and struggle. But I can say this journey is one that's most definitely worthed to fulfilling my final transition.

March April 16th

For those of you wondering on how my SRS transition is going so far here in Thailand with Dr Suporn, well let's just say it's been a bumpy roller coaster ride. So I'm off home back to my little villa abode in Greece in 5 days but I also have a 2 day layover in Dubai for shopping and spoiled treatment for going through some crazy madness the past week.

So all last week I felt like wonder women walking around thinking I can do everything and anything, and one thing Dr Suporn told me was to rest lay down and don't bother my new equipment downstairs. So on Thursday I went to the mall and came back to the hotel sat down and had dinner, and about 10 minutes after dinner I felt a pop sensation and felt like I was peeing and I felt my pad filling up so I touch myself down there to find blood. So I immediately took my cousin upstairs, laid down pads down on my bed, and immediately stayed calmed applied pressure as they say if anything happens until the nurse comes.

So I was admitted into the ER Thursday evening last week for this issue and unfortunately Dr Suporn was away on vacay, so I had another plastic surgeon who came to examine the issue, and it came down to going into the operating room to suture the ruptured wound that guested open. So I was mentally, emotionally keep my mindset strong and not focusing on how much blood I was losing, until the doctor was trying to touch me open without any anesthesia and thats when it hit me that what was happening but kept strong to stop my body to hyperventilating.

Long story short I sat too long and it bothered a stitched wound which in glad happened here and not at home cause I would've probably died in Greece. But now I'm good and ready to leave in 5 days and now hopefully everything is good down there which Dr Suporn Checked when he came back Monday. Thanks for your time reading and hope this doesn't make you decide not to get srs but remind you what can happen if you don't listen to your body and doctor.

4 Months Post Op

It's Been 4 months since my SRS surgery in Thailand, and the swelling has gone down slightly a big and so far I can say I love how it's starting to look!!!

Dr Suporn is a wonderful surgeon and being under his care has exceeded my expectations from any surgeons anywhere. His post op care and team are amazing and are there for you 24hrs a day during your stay.

No more complications, no more pain while dilating, just experiencing a lot of tightness which is completely normal until 5 1/2 post op. I have a little issue not too big of a deal with extra urethral tissue which is part of swelling but will go away within the 6 month mark.

I can say I'm very happy with the surgery out come and can't wait till after a year of swelling has gone down ????

One Year and 4 Months GRS Post Op Dr Suporn

Hey everyone

So I can easily and happily say I'm finished with recovery !!! But not quite ... I'm at an exact 6inchea depth which in quite happy with, down to dilating once a day every other day, sex is amazing, climaxing is amazing only a few problems I have but totally fixable I'm due for a revision visit to Thailand with dr suporn next year in March.

A few problems I have is the extra urethral tissue I have that needs to be removed, I also have some of my labia attached to the vulva near the clitoris, and about my clitoris it seems my healing on the top on my labia minora has healed over it. I still have sensation where the clitoris is located but is totally not visible.

Dr suporn assured me it was all fixable and I need to get back to Thailand for a revision, and a few other enhancements Mayen once in there. I'll update on my second visit next year March 2017 :)
Dr Suporn

He's amazing!! He's quick and he knows exactly what he is doing. Every time I have a check up with him while I'm in Thailand he amazes me every time with his knowledge and precautions to take while the healing process. Very prompt and organized and doing SRS for 20 years. Hes definitely the Picasso for any post operative vaginas

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