44 Yrs Old, 2 Kids Finally Got the Nerves to Do It - Chino Hills, CA

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First off I went to say that I had originally...

First off I went to say that I had originally selected another doctor for my TT. Yesterday I went for my pre-op and was very uncomfortable asking questions. He was annoyed and guarded every time I asked a question related to procedure. His answers were short and "I don't know why that happens I cant control that" I know he is a skilled doctor but he made me feel bad asking questions. I shouldn't have to feel bad for asking questions. Im curious and I like to understand things and if I cant ask questions without making a dr defensive then I had to accept that it was time to move on. For this reason the next day which is today, I requested a refund of my deposit and went straight to Dr. Farzaneh to book my date. and now I feel so excited. Finally after 8yrs of wanting to do this procedure I'm actually going to do it. One reason I took so long to decide was because I had been so scared of getting an ugly belly button result. For me the belly button is the main reason I want to get a TT aside get rid of the excess skin because I actually want to flaunt it. I became a mom at 20 yrs old and never got to enjoy being young and sexy. I had plenty of sex appeal on the outside but not on underneath my clothes because of my ugly skin. So to me belly button results is of utmost importance. Both Farzaneh and this other doctor (lets call him Dr. Moody, lol) were my top 2 picks. Once I decided to move forward with TT I delayed in making an appnt because I couldn't decide which of the 2 to go with. A family member did hers with Dr. Moody and decided I would go with him for his meticulous attention to details and excellent work in belly button with NO visible scar tissue. Little did I know it was not going to work because of his personality. Its all good. I took it as a sign that he was the wrong doctor and Farzaneh was the right doctor all along. Things happened for a reason I believe. I will post my before pic soon and describe everything I'm experiencing as the date gets closer. I want to do this to help others learn and understand about the procedure incase they are considering this procedure or this doctor. I became a real self member at least 2yrs ago and reading everyone's comments and experiences has helped me better understand what its all about and what to expect or not expect. What to do, or not to do. I've learned so much and now its my turn to give back. Follow me on my journey. I will be posting at least once a week until my surgery date (April 11th) then I will try to post daily or every other day after my surgery. If you have any questions feel free to message me or ask. If your now trying to decide my advice is to please to research on your doctor. Consult with at least 3 before making a decision and try to see in person at least one or 2 former patients. If you still like what you see then book it with that doctor. Yes, I did this. It wasn't easy because not all patients are open to it. But keep trying. Don't book an appnt without seeing a patient in person. Don't rely on pictures. My tip for now. Until next time:)

Today marks one week prior to my surgery!

Its finally around the corner. I went to my pre op which is to consult with my surgeon about what's going to happen and what I want out of the surgery. I asked about the belly button because I noticed that both of my friends who recently had their TT done, dont have a button anymore. The good thing is that both have an "inny" so you cant see it missing anyways. I told him I want mine (button) visible because I think it can give a more natural result. Unlike Dr. Moody, he took no offense to my question and said he cant guarantee how its going to look but he is going to do his best to give me great results. He said I will never worry as much as he will worry about my results and I should leave the worrying to him. Basically telling me I have nothing to worry about. What a difference in personality between him and Dr. Moody. Atleast I feel at peace knowing Im in the best of care. Ok next topic, my doc thought I might have a small hernia underneath bellybutton. Being that the surgery is just around the corner he sent me to get an ultrasound immediately. He had to pull a couple of strings to get it done the same day without an appointment. Nevertheless, it got done and turns out he was right. I have a small hernia. I had to make another appointment to meet with another surgeon who will be removing it at the same time I get the TT. However, I had to pay an additional $800 out of pocket. I figured, it was best. It was not required to get it removed because it is so small but it was advised to do so because it can potentially grow. Fortunately I met with the surgeon in the same office so I didnt have to travel to a different location. He said my hernia is very small and will not need to remove it. Instead he will reconstruct it. Meaning he is going to push it back in its place, clean it up, and suture in place. I forgot to ask if I will be in additional pain because of it?? I will be recovering from the TT and from the hernia reconstruction. I can only guess I will be in additional pain. double ouch! oh well. Changing the subject again, this past weekend I felt some pain on the right side of where the hernia is located. I called today to bring it up to my surgeon and now just waiting to hear what happens. I hope its not another hernia or something concerning that will effect the surgery. Keeping my fingers crossed on this. I also went to see my PCP today to get the medical clearance for the surgery. That was pretty much a breeze. Fortunately, the required EKG was done in the office. I also mentioned the pain on the right side of the hernia and she had me lie down to examine me. She said she can feel the small hernia on the bellybutton but can not feel anything in he area I felt the pain. she was not concerned about it. Then my PCP sent me to a lab to get my urine tested and blood drawn. I asked what they are looking for and said they are checking my blood cells to make sure I have no infections incase something goes wrong my body is able to fight it off or worst case scenario I'm unable to go through the surgery based on restults. To my knowledge I have nothing to worry about. I work out, watch what I eat and get good amount of sleep and don't take any prescription meds other than vitamins and supplements. I do suffer from joint pain similar to arthritis but it is irrelevant to surgery or my PCP or surgeon would have said something. I find out the lab results on Wed no later than Thursday. For now I will wait to hear back from my surgeon regarding the pain Ive been feeling on the right side of the hernia. Althouth my PCP did not seem concerned I figured I should let my surgeon know any ways since he may have a different opinion about it. I prefer to be safe than sorry. I don't want something so small to end up being something big that could have been prevented had I just said something to my surgeon. You never know. I'm not sure if the ultrasound only took images of the belly button excluding the area around it. I hope they did get some images around the belly button so Dr. can refer to it because my pain is approx 2 inches away from belly button on my right side. My guess is that they did NOT get any images around the belly button. In other words the ultra sound images were taken only of the bellybutton since that's where the hernia was felt. I will have to wait on this but hopefully I can get some answers prior to surgery. I Know I haven't posted any pics but I will do it BEFORE the surgery. Just waiting for a moment I can do it where there is no one around and I have time to do it. MY next post will be with pictures.

Ok here are pics.

I finally got a moment to myself to take pic. Looking at them I can't believe how bad I look. Why do we women have to look so ugly after giving something so beutiful? Well, I guess we will never know. It is what it is and grateful for modern medicine and technology for doctors to try to give us back our bodies in the best possible way. Getting anxiuous but a little worried about the pain. Looks like I will go through the surgery without further examination. Hope nothing goes wrong.

Tokay is the day!! Wish me luck!

Today is the day & the nerves finally kicked in. Im sooooo nervous! Sat I went for the markings seen in pic. Not all doctors do this in advance. But mine likes to get it out of the way so he can solely focus on surgery. Also when I went in for markings he said there's a possibility my belly button can die! He never said this before. So now I'm more nervous. I gotta go it's a 30 min drive I need to be there at 7. If anyone reads this please pray for me that all goes well. I hope to post updated pics with the new me soon and hopefully with great results.

I'm alive out of surgery!

Surgery went well. Today is 5 days post op. Let me just say the first 3 days were HELL! I honestly had no idea the magnitude of pain I would endure. And to be frank, had I known I'm not sure i would have proceeded. The pain was so severe it even hurt to breath. My ribs were tender and soar and back was also painful from the long hours of just sitting. My girdle was so tight it felt like my ribs were literally getting crushed. And every time I breathed it felt like the stitches in my upper stomach muscles were piercing through my muscle tissue causing severe pain just to breath or even move slightly. I could not move. I can only take small short breaths because regular breathing was too painful. Words can't describe the full amount of pain I felt. I thought to myself why in the world did I do this? I thought I must be crazy. I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have not fully seen results and can only hope and pray when I do I will have a different opinion. wish to say more but I'm getting sleepy. All i do is sleep and walk to bathroom and dr appnts i get tired easy. Today feeling 20% better. Just wanted to follow up. I will post again within a week hopefully with pics.

one week TT post op

So Im at one week post op. Well, one week and one day to be exact. progression is slow. Im about 30% better. It no longer hurts to breath, I can still the tightness and stitches from the stomach muscles making it still very uncomfortable to stand straight because you feel everything pulling inside. Ive already taken a shower twice. Last night was the second shower. It is very challenging. I used my walker to stand in the shower and tilted my head forward which is easy to do since Im already in that hunched position. My husband washed my hair, then sponged bathed my body. It felt so good. the girdle the doctor gave me is crotch less because he does not want me to take it off. Pretty gross. But when I shower my husband throws it in the washer. I was super swollen the first 4-5 days but yesterday I can already see the swelling subsiding.
On another note, I saw my incision yesterday and was disappointed to see excess skin healing on the left side of my hip. I am going to ask the doctor about this. Also,, my doc had to make a small vertical incision because apparently I did not have enough skin to pull all the way down. Unfortunately, the vertical incision has turned black which means there was not enough blood supply in the verticle incision. Im not happy about this either. But I guess its why they make you sign all those paper work before the surgery agreeing that I undertand the results are always a risk and can not guarantee I will get what I want. ON the positive side, my belly so far looks good which was the most important to me to begin with. Also, I'm lucky my doctor also has laser equipment and told me he can laser the black scar tissue on the vertical incision to diminish the scar tissue. However, I need to ask him about my left hip scar tissue. Soon as I can I will post a pic. ITs still very hard for me to stand and even take off girdle without help. any questions, feel free to ask.

12 weeks post no pics

ok, for the past hour or so Ive been trying upload pictures but for whatever reason its just not happening. Looks like its a tech issue on realself because everywhere else I can download. So I figured any update is better than no update since I know its been a while. I apologize for the lack of pics, I will try again later hopefully it will get resolved. Well, let me jus say its been a long journey. Although my surgery date was April 11th, Monday july 4th will be 12 weeks post op. Im a little disappointed with results because my belly button looks weird and my skin still has some lose saggy tissue near the incision. to make matters worse, my hernia may be the result of belly button result. I wish I can post pic to show but basically the small button I had on the inside of my belly is now bigger and obvious. Dr. thinks hernia may be back. He wrote me a referral to get an ultra sound for closer look. Kinda bumbed but thankful at the same time that he at least cares and wants to help. He said he will have to re-do belly button because even he does not like how it looks. Not sure if the loose skin is a common thing or skin just wasn't pulled down enough. You cant tell unless I bend down causing stomach to tuck in is when skin gets a little saggy and crinkly like before surgery. But only above incisions. On a positive note, does it look better than before? absolutely. Im still happy I chose him because of his excellent bedside manners I know he will continue to work with me to make improvements. He already said he is going to laser the scar tissue to minimize its appearance which most doctors will not do. Plus, he is sending me to do an ultra sound to see why belly button looks the way it does and says he's going to fix it. Again, most doctors wouldn't do this. My friend got her sugery in Arizona and also had a hernia but her doc didn't say anything about it where I was able to take care of it during the surgery. Now she may face having to do surgery for the hernia if it grows or begins to bother her after spending so much pain and money on her TT. Additionally, her belly button is swollen, red and big. Her doc didn't offer her to make any improvements. So I when I compare stories like this, I know Im in good hands and made the right decision. Anyhow, as I was saying, Im content with my results and hope my dr will be able to make improvements. Very likely, the improvments may have to wait a while like in January 2017 because Im going to Cancun in December and don't want to be recovering while on vacation. I prefer to wait. For now, Im still recovering because I still feel some pain and discomfort. I was very active doing zumba 5 days a week and some weight lifting. I cant do that yet. Which brings me to my next comment. Ive been gaining weight! I feel horrible. Since all I do is eat and not exercise ive been gaining. But I started taking walks to atleast burn some calories and also started counting my calories making sure I don't go over. Im hoping this can help for now. Dr said I can return to working out at 3 months but I don't feel ready since I feel the pain in my stomach still. Well, that's it for now. I hope to show some pics soon. I may have to contact realself to inquire about technical issue im having downloading my pics. thanks for reading.
Dr. Farzaneh

Dr. Farzaneh is a very nice man. He has won numerous "Patient Choice awards" for his excellent bedside manners. He gives you his cell phone number and tells you to call him directly incase of emergency even if its late at night. He is awesome and I cant wait to go on this journey with him as my doctor.

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