Full Face Lift , Neck Forehead Upper and Lower Eye - Jilin, China

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I will be 53 come december and I have been...

I will be 53 come december and I have been thinking about getting this procedure since I was 45. I was the one you saw at the beach tanning all the time knowing it was bad for my skin but not caring. As time went on i can see the wrinkles around my eyes to begin with nobody ever beleived my age to begin with they always thought i was 10 years younger but i knew my age but felt 35 inside and wanted to look how i felt. I did this or ME. If anyone out there is thinking about this, make sure you are doing it for YOURSELF and not a man or anyone else.

i have been back and forth to china the past 2 years at least 3 times and this time ( I am still here) i had an accident where i bit into an ice cream and lost my front cap. I was devastated and was rushed to the dentist. low and behold the facitly was a fully staffed and certified by china gov as one of the top plastic surgeon facility. So after i had my cap done which only cost me 10.00 american dollars and was even better the the one I had, I spoke to the director of the facility which was a tiny but firm looking woman in her 50.;s who has been doing these procedures for the past 24 years, I then had 3 consultations ( of course my chinese friends were translatiing and the directors son also translated ( he is a dentist)

finally after going thru everything I had the blood test and then the surgery.

I have not felt such pain in my entire life!! I was in the hospital for 7 days and could not belive the swelling. Also I am not a back sleeper and the chin strap made me feel as if I were choking.

Today i still havr stiches that have to be removed but as the swelling is going down I can see the big deep line that was in the middle of my forehead almost gone. i would like to put a before picture and some pictures as how i look now but I dont see where I can upload. If someone can help me do that I would love to share with you.

I came onto this site the day before i was to go into surgery. I was so scared and just browsing on the internet to see if i could find women like myself who were about to have the procedure. The site has helped me alot and one members post prepared me for the pain, but the pain was really bad since i have low tolerance to pain and high tolerance to any pain killers.

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I had my suregery in jilin city china and it cost me 2400.00 that is alot of money to them since 100usd is 700 yuan. the place was really comfortable and I would recommend my suregeon to anyone. i will post some after pictures as soon as i load them I do have after pictures but they are only 2 days after

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