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My only son past away almost 20 years ago. I was...

My only son past away almost 20 years ago. I was only 21 when he became our angel. Needless to say I had many years of ups and downs as I processed my grif. It effected every part of me both phischally and mentally . My weight fluctuated so much over the years. Regardless of my efforts I needed a little help. I am now 3 weeks post op of my Mommy Makeover and recovery seems slower then I thought. This has been a learning experience for me to be able to let go and have others help me.

I am sore everywhere, lol! I know this part will be worth it. I still have goals to reach once I am able to workout again. I feel like this is part of a much bigger recovery process in my life!! Always Strong !

3 weeks Post Po - Sore

My Mommy Makeover was done in Chihuahua City, Mx. I know very little Spanish but it is my husband first language. He was my translator for almost everything. I had a Brest lift , implants , tummy tuck, lipo on my flanks , hips and bottom. I was very nervous leading up to the surgery which was done on Dec. 23rd, 2015. Even though my husband was with me I had none of my family around and I had never been to Chihuahua. A lot of women in the area we live in had recommended Dr. Contreras and he did make me feel comfortable even though he didn't not speak English. He can understand it, just not speak it. I am very grateful to this site because it helped me answer a lot of questions.

My preop went well. I felt like the doctor had a good eye for knowing what needed to be done. Last minute I did decided to go down a size in implants and so far I am happy with my decision.

Post op was hard for me. I was in a lot of pain and really uncomfortable. I was told there was going to be nurses who known English, but none of them did. It made my night even longer . I was glad to leave the next and get comfy in my hotel room. From there on, Google Translate was my best friend because my husband had business to attend to. It was hard for me to sleep through the night. I didn't want to eat much of anything. By the following Monday I was eating a long little more. That Tuseday we headed back home to Texas. My husband hired a women to help me for the next 2 weeks. I am every grateful for her !!! She left this past Saturday, which makes me sad. I am getting along ok, it is just a slow process. My ankles and feet are so swollen when ever I sit to long. I'm sure I could be drinking more water, but that means going to the bathroom more, which means getting up and down. I just need to bite the bullet and get more water in me! I look forward for this part to be over with!!

4 month Post Op Mommy Makeover.. Long recovery

I have not posted much of my journey. It has taken much longer to recover then I thought. First, I had my surgery done in Chihuahua City. My doctor did a great job with the surgery. The only thing I am disappointed in, Is his lack of follow up. Once I was back home (1 week after surgery) I never heard from his office. He has a traveling nurse , but she wasn't any better. He just doesn't have enough help. He is a very sought after docotor and is always busy. But , I would think he would have someone to follow up with all is patients. I experienced a lot of swelling and had problems with seroma fluid in lower abdomen. I think naturally my body holds a lot of fluid, duh, that's why I am always bloated. Never thought to ask how that could effect my recoery. Right around 4 weeks my drain tube come out and I was still draining quite a bit. We called the doctor and his nurse said everything would be fine. My drain hole healed within a day and within the next 2 days my tummy had swollen so much and I was in a lot of pain and generally uncomfortable. My picture attached it when I had lots of fluid. Thankfully I was referred to another nurse that had worked with my doctor in the past. He came to see me the night we called. He had to drain a lot of fluid from me. It was pretty scary for me. After that he would come to see me for the next 3 weeks and had to continue draining me. To my luck, he also does body contouring messages which also helped with the fluid. Towards the end of the 3 weeks I wore a flat board thing under my compression garment. That helped for extra compression and my abdomin started to go down. It was a lot to go through. I never expected that would have been part of my experience. It was scary, even more so because my doctor is in another country. I now have no fluid, unless there is a hidden pocket of it somewhere.

I remember reading somewhere, every women is different and heals at different speeds. I always remind myself of that and that helps me get through my days.
Tomorrow I will post an updated picture. I have come a long way.

4 month post op Update.

I am trying to keep positive. But I feel bloated and comfortable. I keep faith and believe what I have been told and read on here, I am just still swollen. And will be for sometime. But I can't help but to worry about the hard lump in my my,lowe abdominal. Unfortunately, I am being watch by other as they judge what I look like and just feel round and flabby. Didn't help my grandson said I looked fat today. Gotta love 4 year old. ??
I hope my bodies ability to stretch and move with grace will return some day. I will just keep pushing, walking everyday ( thank god for my firbit) and stretch as much as I can. I am nervous I will have to have surgery again. Be Strong! Be positive!

Rest well n good luck

4 month post op Mommy Makeover Contour Massage

Still have my good and days. Today is a good day. My wonderful nurse came this afternoon. I got a much needed contour massage! I sore but I in a good way. The massages I feel really do help. Me being more active and working has helped. It makes me feel sore but I know I'm getting stronger. I don't like how large by butt is. My booty was already big, I didn't want bigger, just tightened up/shaped. I feel better about it after the massage. I just have to stay focused on my diet and workout. Gotta keep my steps #Fitbit keeps me moving. I think its best to wait a whole year before seeing what revision I will need. Really feel comfortable with what I need done. Work in progress!!

6.5 Months Post Op Mommy Makeover

I am pretty happy overall. For me the most difficult part is my doctor being in Chihuahua City, Mexico.. So far away. I never thought I would have any kind of complications and would need a little more follow up. Plus he does not stay in touch much so that makes it even more difficult. Makes me appreciate this site even more! I get a little in my head and worried about the results. Being able to ask doctors questions is so helpful and appreciated!! Very Garetful ?

9 months Post Op Mommy Makeover

Man what a journey this has been! I own what my choices and don't hide what I have done. But I feel like people judge you a little hard once they know you have had work done. Tummy Tuck, lipo and BBL is not for weightloss!!! I have not lost a lost of weight! I didn't get lipo in my upper legs or my arms. So they didn't change at all!! In fact some days I don't feel like I look much different. I have learned your diet is EVERYTHING!!! Working out is EVERYTHING!! I workout harder then I did before!! I do my best to eat clean. Becuase when I don't I am so uncomfortable!! I have strange lumps in my tummy if I eat too much and I blow up like a huge blow fish!! No Banuo!!! So, I have to keep myself in check. I don't mind. I know its best for me anyway. I didn't lose the weight before my surgery,,so now I am faced with the task. And I Am Up For The Challenge!! I must drop this weight to make the pain worth it. You just feel like you are on display for the critics. That is the part I hate. I don't think people realize the work that we must put in after the surgery. It is No Joke. But I have shown myself my own strength!
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