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I am getting married in September so I wanted to...

I am getting married in September so I wanted to have nice pearly whites for my big day. I went to my dentist after work and got it done in an hour. When I arrived the assistant offered me some water and two advils, she mentioned it would help with the sensitivity. Then the dentist explained to me how the procedure would be done and what I could expect from it, she did a quick cleaning and polishing of the teeth and started the procedure.

First, she put some oil on my lips to help with the stretching for the mouth piece. She made sure all other areas were covered to prevent burning and irritation. The procedure is broken into four 15 minute sessions. I watched tv the whole entire time but by the third session I could feel my teeth starting to become very sensitive, like the nerves were being pinched or something. The fourth session was probably the one that was harder to endure. However my doctor told me if it was too painful I did not have to finish the last session but I did it anyway. When she finished they rinsed off the gel residue from my teeth and showed my new pearls! Love them!

I drove home and on my way I started to feel a little sensitivity pain. Two hours later, holy hell! It hurts! Took 2 vicodins and went to bed. Woke up around 3 AM because of the pain. Went back to bed and woke up for work at 7. Pain still there, took 2 aleves and went to work. I'm hoping the pain will go away soon, tho the doctor mentioned the first 24-48 hours my teeth would be real sensitive.

Here is a pic of my after (5 days later) sorry I...

Here is a pic of my after (5 days later) sorry I did not take a before pic.
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