Can't believe I did it!

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So I can't believe I'm actually going to do this!...

So I can't believe I'm actually going to do this! About me - 36 years old, two kids 3 & 7, c-section, I'm 5'3", 173 lbs. like others, pregnancy and children have put on and kept on the weight. I'm doing this for me and for my kids, so I can take them to the pool, actually swim, and not hide on the side in a wrap. I'm super nervous about the recovery and the risks of surgery, so I try not to even think about it!

So my big question is - do I postpone the TT so I can try to lose weight or just go for it? What would happen if I lost 30 or so pounds? I've always liked my "curves" so I wouldn't really ever see myself below 130. Please share your experiences!

So here's my experience so far as I just was...

So here's my experience so far as I just was released from surgery 24hours ago! My pain is tolerable so far, I've been keeping up with the pain meds and I think that makes all the difference. Actually, the thing that hurts the worst is my throat! It's probably from the tubes during surgery. I feel like I'm having more menstrual cramps than anything. I've also been hiccuping a lot and burping too. This then makes me nauseous and I did throw up last night after taking a pain pill, but I'm pretty sure it was in my stomach long enough to work.
I'm staying at my mom's house and she is taking wonderful care of me. She has a mechanical bed which is a God send. I have a walker too, I probably don't need it, but does make me feel more secure. I have a catheter because I couldn't pee after surgery. It's still in and I can take it out this afternoon but I may end up keeping it in longer. So nice not to have to get up in the middle of the night. I do get up to walk every hour while I'm awake, and then walk every three hours during the night - I set an alarm in the night so I could keep up with my pain pills and just take a little stroll at that time. I do have to eat something with my pills. I eat a little then take my pill and then eat a little more, so it's kind of sandwiched between food. I think that helps with the nausea. Plus I drink a ton of water. I've always been a water drinker so it's not hard for me to down 16oz at once.
So far, so good! I hear that either the first 48hrs are the worst or days 3&4 are the worst. Since I've been good up until now, I'll just have to wait and see about days 3&4....
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