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I am a mother of three boys and been chunky my...

I am a mother of three boys and been chunky my whole life. The last two years, along with my husband, I have really transformed my body from a size 14 to a 6. Its sad because no matter how long I work out or modify my diet I am left with a belly. Well I am finally going to have the tummy tuck done!!! I plan on doing lower eyelid surgery as well.

This is really big for me. This next couple of weeks are going to be interesting and I look forward to what I will be by this summer.

11/26/11 - I am getting excited. Went shopping on...

11/26/11 - I am getting excited. Went shopping on Black Friday and decided that I will not purchase any more clothes until after my 6 week post op.
Last night I went to a high school reunion get together. Everyone remarked on how much weight I lost and how good I looked. All I could think about was "wait until this summer"!

12/12/11 Time is approaching and Im not nervous....

Time is approaching and Im not nervous. I have my preop appt on 12/21. I have not told my friends and only one of my five sisters is aware of my upcoming surgery. I did not tell my boss either. This is going to be interesting when I arrive back to work with no more bags under my eyes or belly.

Ok I am putting up my before pics... These are so...

Ok I am putting up my before pics... These are so sad but makes me feel so comfortable about my decision.

I have two days to go and I am getting a bit ansy....

I have two days to go and I am getting a bit ansy. I am not nervous about the surgery but the healing process makes me nervous. Just counted my days and I am blessed to start my period on Saturday (if my schedule is correct) and that should make this even more interesting :(. I pay the surgical center tomorrow and then it is real. I am going to church on Wednesday evening after working a full day.

Right now I am trying to get over a cold and my nose and eye are running but nothing will get me down!!! I will get up tomorrow, do bootcamp and act as if my day is normal.

I still wonder which friends and family members I should tell. My mom, husband and one sister are aware of the surgery but everyone else is in the dark. (my sister n law was my inspiration so she is aware of the surgery as well).. Ok Im rambling so I will stop and the next time you should hear from me will be after surgery.

1/8/2012 alright this was harder than I thought....

1/8/2012 alright this was harder than I thought. Been sleeping in a chair and that was already. But just took my first shower and that was just crazy. My husband was helping me but he wasn't as gentle as I needed him to be. Not quite sure how I feel about my stomach. I looked at it for the first time today and again I am not sure how I feel. I have watched so much tv that my brain is fried as well.

Had my first bm today and it was like night and day. I was in so much pain for three days and then after the bm all was well.

Hope for pics soon.

1/10/12 I go for my second post op appt tomorrow....

1/10/12 I go for my second post op appt tomorrow. I wanted to out at least one pic up with my drains in. I noticed that one side looks irritated so I will address it with him.

This is my first week out. It's been challenging...

This is my first week out. It's been challenging and after my follow up yesterday it looks like I will go a couple more days with my drains. Pulled my pain pump out last Saturday and now I am just sitting here waiting to get better. My back and flanks are still uncomfortable and my thighs are swollen. I was a size 6 before surgery and now I can't fit into any of my clothes :(. My doc says that I am going to look great once the swelling goes down. The swelling - the swelling is killing me. I have another week at home and then back to work.

I enjoy reading everyone's post cause I need that motivation and inspiration.

1/18/12 Today I got my drains out. Yea! The...

Today I got my drains out. Yea! The swelling is still there but not as bad as the first day. I am sleeping through the night but still in a chair. I feel so much better and slowly I am walking straighter. Now I am going to purchase some garments to help shape my body. Don't know why but I want to be cheap and get the knock off version of spanks but after doing all this work I guess another 50 won't hurt.

My husband has been great helping me but it will be nice to take a shower without his help.

my body - I am not real happy yet. I am getting use to my bb and my stomach isn't totally flat. lastly my swelling is still there so I know I need to be patient. Oh well here are my latest pics.

1/20/12 Today I shopped but didnt really buy...

1/20/12 Today I shopped but didnt really buy anything. All I could think about was how nice I will look in low riders when this thing is all over.

On Wednesday I purchased a CG from Target and some other spanxs from Nordstrom. I can see a difference after one evening with it on. I mean my garment before was a one piece that was loose after one week. I dont think it was holding it all in like it should have. But this CG is the BOMB.. and it was under 20 bucks. My stomach is starting to look flat. Now my abs are still swollen so I know I have a ways to go with that one.

Monday I am back to work and I will update at that time. (it is going to be interesting)

1/27/12 Today I have completed a full week of...

Today I have completed a full week of working outside of the home. I had to meet with my team on Thursday and everyone commented that I look like I lost weight (I havent) or did I do something with my hair? They just couldnt put their finger on it. I had to laugh cause as I got hugs I tried to pull away so they wouldnt feel the binder and spanxs I had on.

It was hard in the beginning but as the week progessed it became easier. I have learned that if I have to use the bathroom then I must go immediately or I will start to hunch over and feel it right in my belly.

Today I was walking in the grocery store and knew I had to use the bathroom but I thought I could hold it. OH NO - my stomach tightened up and my paced slowed down and I started to hunch. As much as I didnt want to use the public toliet - I had to go immedately. Then that pep in my step returned!

I have a lump in my inner thigh that I will address with my PS on monday during my post op. Due to the suggestion of some wonderful women on this site I have been massaging the area. Knowing that others have the same issue helped to calm my inital fears.

I will give pics this weekend cause my swelling has went down and I am now starting to see the shape.

1/31/12 This is the end of the month and so...

This is the end of the month and so different than how I started this month and year. Yesterday my PS took off the tape and I was able to see my "scar". Its barely there. I mean he used some gel and tape instead of stitches and boy I can see how this is going to heal and you will never know I had my body cut off from hip to hip..
I will take pics once I get all the glue off so you can see a true pic of it.

I still have days of wondering WHY... but I know that once the swelling has left then all will be GREAT!

2/11/12 I am past my five week mark. I purchased...

I am past my five week mark. I purchased a full body spank that I alternate with my cg with compression tights.
I know that my "gut" is gone but I still want to be smaller. I have started to run again and was so happy to actually get past that 10min mile today. I am doing 30 mins on the treadmill. I can only hope to be back to my old time by April.

2/20 Today was my follow up with my PS. I still...

Today was my follow up with my PS. I still have some belly fat on my upper abs and I was so sure it was just fluid and a quick fix. Well no he informs me that its fat. That I might have to get lipo to get it out. Then his assistant suggests that I can just stay away from whites and that fat will fall off. Six weeks until my follow up again and I dont know my thoughts on doing lipo again.

I think I will try to make a effort to get rid of this on my own but I will not hesistate if its still pronounced. Heck I dont have to pay for it (or wait the pain can cost just as bad as money).

Otherwise I love my lower abs and my legs.. Heck I love my flanks as well. Its only my upper belly thats just not flat!

He makes you feel as if you known him for a long time. I visited many different PS and he was the only one that made me feel as if he could do this job with no issues. The staff (especially Josie) are great.

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