5 mos PO from TT and 3wks PO from lipo and fat transfer new pics 2012

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I am 34 years of age and mother of 2 beautiful...

I am 34 years of age and mother of 2 beautiful kids both by C-section. This year I have been extra depressed about the way my stomach looks. I'm pretty much slim and short in height but I've been tired of everyone asking if I'm "pregnant" and when I go out I can't hold my tummy in for pictures so its been a real bother to me lately. Yesterday I visited a PS for the first time by recommendation and he has also done work on Wendy Williams and been on her show and mentioned in her book so I feel confident. He advised I need a tummy tuck for best result and lipo for the love handles.

My husband is against it well he was a few months ago as it was in all laughs and fun however we will have a SERIOUS conversation about it TODAY as I plan to have the surgery in January or March 17, 2012. We are going to Hawaii in December 2012 and I want to look good and FINALLY be able to wear a 2pc and wear my jeans and tops nicely to a good fit. Now if I was a flabby flat person in the abdominal area I would NOT consider this but the FACT that I'm soooo round as if I'm 6 months pregnant is really starting to bother me and thats why I'm opting for the surgery.

This will definetly NOT be an ongoing thing, I'm happy with the rest of my body and myself its just that no matter how much I exercise or "diet" I'm NOT loosing the weight in the abdominal area. The PS told me that no matter how much I diet and exercise my muscles are too weakened and loose and Tummy Tuck is the only way to get rid of it. I am sooooooo NERVOUS and SCARED but I want to look good and feel confident in my clothes, body, etc.Updated on 7 Nov 2011:TODAY I FINALLY SCHEDULED MY SURGERY AND AFTER ALMOST 8 DOCTORS I FOUND THE ONE FOR ME IN PLAINFIELD, IL. I AM SCHEDULED FOR DECEMBER 2, 2011 AT 7AM!! SOOOO NERVOUS, I'M GETTING LIPO AS WELL. I TOOK TWO WEEKS OFF WORK WITHOUT PAY HOPE I CAN BE BACK DURING THAT TIME AS WELL TO TAKE CARE OF MY 4YR AND 9YR OLD!! PRAY FOR ME FAMILY AS I'LL BE PRAYING FOR YOU! I KEEP SECOND GUESSING MYSELF, AND NOW AS I GET OUT SHOWER I SAY" MMM I DON'T NEED A TUMMY TUCK" HAS ANYONE ELSE FELT THIS WAY? GUESS ITS THE NERVES lolUpdated on 14 Nov 2011:2 WEEKS to a NEW ME!!! PRE-OP is this Thursday!! Excited and nervious all at the same time!!!!Updated on 19 Nov 2011:I had my Post OP last Thursday and I've decided to have my fat transferred to my buttocks for that perfect lift and a lil more hmpf!!! LOL!! now this is a gift for hubby he is an ass man! I figure you got me out and under gone and do me right cause I ain't coming back!!! LBVVS!!!
I'm soooo nervous now my butt and stomach will be hurting!!!

What has everyone been eating after surgery? Has anyone been able to go back to work after 2 weeks or do you think I need more than 2wks off?

Talk to everyone soon. I will post pics of my butt so you can see the progress!!!Updated on 29 Nov 2011:Well its 3 DAYS before the big day, so many mixed emotions. Wondering if I should reschedule because to MY SURPRISE I was served with Divorce papers on Sunday. No argument or NOTHING from the husband, we were in a GOOD place So I thought and I just feel so lifeless, just in sane. I'm trying hard to focus on Friday but its EXTREMELY hard to do so. I've decided to move to Atlanta, GA when the kids are out of school we were moving anyways but not until the beginning of 2013 becuase I was waiting for his job assignment to end but there is NO NEED TO WAIT NOW is there??!!! SMH!!! Please hold me up in your prayers!!! I truly need to get OVER this HURT but its sooo hard we would have been married 7 years Dec 7, but oh well I do know God has me I just feel numb and want this to all be over!!!Updated on 3 Dec 2011:can u say ass and tummy hurts!!! i was sooooo scared and nervous worst feeling was waking up from anesthesia and having to get up from bed to go home i was sooooooooooooooooooooooo nauseaus and dizzy thght i was going to die car ride home was hell but after a good nights rest propped up on a zillion pillows i feel much better still tired and very much soar jus eating a lil but lots of liquid and rest not much draining pray they come out monday sleepy and tired will update later. hardwst part is sleeping on my side ps says cant sit on butt for 10 days wowUpdated on 10 Dec 2011:11 days Post-Op and I'm sooooo ready to get this other drain OUT!!!! Finally showered, nevver knew a shower could feel so good. Finally had a bowel movement today thanks to Popeyes chicken and biscuit!!! drinking plenty of water been off my meds since Monday still have dressings over my scars (lipo and tummy tuck) I go back to see my PS Monday to get drain out and some of my dressings off or at least changed. Still feel tired and soar soooo very ready for my strength to come back so I can cook and clean and be INDEPENDENT. I was to stay off my butt for 10 days but I just had to drive up the street to walgreens to get some detergent, etc. so I was out for about 30min. My mom has been helpful and my kids OMG the BEST although I know I have overworked them. My mom leaves tomorrow and my dad will take me to Dr. Monday and prayerfully I feel better to get some laundry done. Getting back to work is coming quicker than expected hope im ready.

really have not seen a change in my tummy, or buttocks but moms says buttocks is big tummy don't appear as flat as I want so i'm depressed about that. can't wait til after new years to take this girdle thing off!!!!

eating habits have not changed need to work out to maintain all this money i've spent!! my PS is great calls me and I calls her LOL

Has anyone else experienced this depression? divorce is still proceeding and so is my move to ATL (alpharetta or surrounding area)

back to resting now111Updated on 13 Dec 2011:Ok so I think I OVER DID it with the cleaning went to Dr on Monday and NO MORE DRAINS!!! taking it out was a MOTHER SUCKA oooooohhhh weeeee OUCH. Girdle was getting very loose so Dr recommended I get a half length one instead of full body suit, Nurse measured me and OMG had I known they had a girdle that would stop my blood circulation there was no need for the TT!! LMBO!!! however this thing is super super tight. I can't wait til I dn't have to wear it anymore.

Do anyone remember how long to keep the girdle on?

Staying in bed all day today and tomorrow last night so much pain with new girdle I was having flu like symptoms with the chills at 3am I had to unhook this thing to breathe and relax!!! SMH!!
some of the lil lipo holes are very soar and hurt like hell! Got my scar cream at Dr. yesterday pray no keyloids and all just heals perfectly fine.

Someone mentioned ordering the cooling gel, has anyone used this for scar treatment?

Still depressed but I'm managing, hoping my hair stylist give me a house call so I can look and feel better about self. So much going on with move and divorce.

Anywho I'm soooo not ready to return to work on Monday thinking I should ask for another week off but I need the $$$$$$!!!!!

well going to take a nap now after I catch up on some of yall reviews and updates!!

Happy Healing everyone!!!Updated on 14 Dec 2011:feeling much better today still tired and don't know how I'm going to make it to work at 8am next week!! Lord give me STRENGTH!!! Here are just a few pics my son took with my phone I will post more next week when I'm at work as I need a new camera.Updated on 14 Dec 2011:okay I guess this depression thing is back and forth. Is anyone else experiencing this? I feel like my tummy is getting bigger or more swollen just when yesterday I thought it was going down. I'm extremely constipated now been taking stool softner but not working and I'm soooooo frustrated!!!

So glad my hair stylist is coming tomorrow for a house call as I need my hair done BAAD!!!

I'm not sure if its the way I'm getting up but I feel a bulge or a knot on my right side, anyone else experiencing this?

Also I have a lot of sticky gooey stuff I'm assuming from the gauzes and tapes on my back and sides and I keep scrubbing and some off but not all and some of the spots are extremely SOAR!!!

anyone have lipo? I have a lot of the holes and bruises and the lil holes have these strings coming out will they dissolve? should I pull them out?

Skin is very dry, praying this scar cream works they gave me at dr. anyone using anything else?Updated on 16 Dec 2011:I had the WORSE DAY Yesterday with CONSTIPATION!! I went to Walgreens twice for suppistories, drinking stuff, enema and all good lawd and FINALLY FINALLY PAINFULLY like GREEN GOBBLINS I RELEASED!!! YES TMI But JESUS I don't wish this on the devil himself!!!! after all the strainging and pushing i started to bleed on my inner thigh and come to find out I bust the stitch where the last drainage was IMMEDIATELY called my PS and she said not to worry its jus the protein and to wash it with soap and water and it will heal itself!! WTH!! I said okay but between that and my ass hurting I got back on my meds yesterday but I slept like a baby ONLY to wake up this morning go pee and all this blood I damn near DIED then I said oh wait I still get a PERIOD (menstrual cycle) LMAO!!! I have really over worked myself now these cramps are kicking my ASS and my back hurts like hell!! SMH!!

OAN my hairstylist came this morning and I'm looking great about to eat this salad and take a nap as my daughter has her a hair appt at 5pm and so does my son a haircut so got some running around to do this evening cause my kids have hip hop performance tomorrow at 5pm.

I can't believe I have to work ALREADY on MONDAY Wish me LUCK praying I feel better by Monday!!!

Now nap time!!!!Updated on 18 Dec 2011:Well yesterday was a loooooong day at my kids Hip Hop performance for xmas because of all the standing I found myself walking more hunched over, just an exhausting day.

Today much better did some laundry and took dinner to my mom in law (do I even still call her that LOL) for her B-day with balloons, cards and the tape from the performance, she really enjoyed our company tonight and I'm glad we were able to brighten her day/evening seeing noone else came by or called SMH!! she turned 72yrs old! GOD IS GOOD!

Now last night I kept feeling this tingling sensation my tummy is still numb and I think its trying to come back alive or to life LOL!! very funny feeling!!

Well tomorrow will be my first day back at work the thought of the alarm going off at 6am and getting the kids ready is OVERWHELMING and I'm soooo NOT looking forward to it, I could go for another week or 2 LBVVS!!!

Anywho I've posted more pics today talk with you all soon and keep you posted about my first day back at work with jogging pants and blouse as I'm not comfortable wearing my work clothes yet I need to be comfortable!!!Updated on 20 Dec 2011:First day back at work yesterday was ok. Now the alarm sounding off at 6am - 6;30am (cause I was tooo damn tired to get up LOL) was a NIGHTMARE! me and my daughter bathed the night before so that morning just a quick wash up and I actually made it to work on time with my pillows and all. a little bent over but I made it through.

Today is day two much better I need to get in the habbit of taking my vitamins and working out at least walking until I can do more cause I ain't spend this type of money to be RIGHT BACK WHERE I STARTED, if so I'ma just die!! LITERALLY!!!!

I can not wait to throw this garment away altho I believe its supporting me but hell this is why I had the surgery to STOP wearing GIRDLES/GARMENTS!!!!!

One day I think I'm small next day I see a lil bulge is anyone else experiencing this?

Yesterday was the first day I felt good in a...

Yesterday was the first day I felt good in a looooong time. My daughters birthday was yesterday 5 years old, got soooo many compliments and when I reviewed the pics from the party I had to say DAMN is that me??? so when me and my lil one went to Chilis for Dinner I asked the waitress to take my pic and yes I'm ready for the SUMMER!! Now today I feel bloated guess it has it ups and down but I am COMPLETELY HAPPY AND SATISFIED!!! BEST INVESTMENT EVER!!!!

I had the "dog ears" removed and decided to get...

I had the "dog ears" removed and decided to get more lipo and fat injected into the buttocks. Now my butt feels like a ton of bricks or cement on them Looks huge hope it stays this way. Same dr. that did my TT in December did my lipo. This time she says she took out 2ltrs of fat and injected 300cc's in each cheek. I'm ABSOLUTELY DONE no more surgery for me. THought about breast implants but I'll stick with buying Victoria Secrets bra's LOL I am soar but better today and prayer to be even better tomorrow so I can go home!! My BFF has been very helpful and I apprciate her! Well meds are kicking in I"m sleepy will send pics before week is out. This time no drains HALLELUJAH!!!! :-)



Just had lipo of flanks and bra rollls yesterday...

just had lipo of flanks and bra rollls yesterday February 8, 2013. i am very soar hope i'm better by monday for work
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