35yrs old 2 Children & Husband, I'm Ready to Get Right - Chicago, IL

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I'm 35 yrs old with two beautiful children & an...

I'm 35 yrs old with two beautiful children & an awesome husband, I am so ready to get the body I never had lbvs. Ok wait let me explain, the last time I had a flat tummy I was 17yrs old with no hips then I got hips after my son birth but that wasn't all I got lol. 6yrs after my son comes my daughter but this time I had a c-section & I haven't been able to lose the pouch & even worst my skin hangs now & it's not pretty. I had my preop appointment with Dr. Shifrin yesterday paid my full balance for my surgery. I love this guy & I know he is great at what he does. Lipo on my back & abs then tummy tuck. I'm really excited. I work my butt off in the gym but of course that will never tighten the loose skin back up. Dr. Shifrin assured me that he can give me the results I'm looking for & I have faith in knowing he will.

Count down to being a Shifrin Doll

Good morning ladies it's really happening in 17days, I am so excited & ready to start the recovering process. I've done my research for over a year now so with that being said I know this isn't a easy road but so worth it. I'm getting my lab work done today & let me tell you all I hate needles OMG! But hey this is part of the process so I'll just have to be a big girl huh lol. Ok ladies that's it for now.

Lab work

Hey dolls I got my lab work back today & I'm all good to go. It's official now! 13 more days. Please Keep me in your prays.

Before Pictures coming soon!!!!

Hey ladies 8 days & a wake up for the big day..... Can't wait to get this surgery over with so the healing process can start lbvs. I've been cleaning my Hse getting ready for this some what of a long but well worth it Journey. I will be posting my before pics the night before surgery so stay tune..... Just want to take a sec & say I am so blessed to have the hubby I have as he has been preparing to take great care of me.... I love this man to death. Keep me in your prayers until next time ladies MUAH!

Surgery date change & before pics

Well ladies my surgery date has changed due to a long hiring process with law enforcement, I have my final interview on the 5th (pray for me) so my new date is the 8th which I'm still really excited about. I will post a few of my before pics now.... OMG! Did I mention I've NEVER WORE A 2 piece in my life, I will this summer though.

Tomorrows the big day ladies 2-8-16

I am so excited I can't began to explain lbvs. FLATTER TUMMY HERE I COME! I am by no means scared nor nervous as I'm ready to start the healing process. I can't wait to post my post op pics hopefully the same day if not for sure my 2nd day. Keep me in your prayers please, chat with you all soon as I'm sure I'll have a lot to tell you guys.


Thank God I made it to the other side..... Thank you all for the well wishes & kind words most of all the prayers. I don't know what drugs they have me but I feel good & I'm fully alert. Dr. Shifrin had me & the hubby laughing so hard when he was marking me up .... My hubby is the greatest he stayed there the entire time my appt was at 3pm & I'm just now making it home at 8. Ladies the only pain I'm experiencing is in my lower back & a little sting in the incision area but both manageable. On a scale of 1- 10 it's at a 2 right now. I'll post pics after my follow up in 2 days which is Wednesday 2/10/16. I feel so good right now ladies SO GOOD! My hubby said I look like I had surgery a wks ago, & walking pretty good but slow. Ok let me go try & relax a little. Thank you all again MUAH!!!!!!!


Here is one pic I managed to get in while sitting down :) I'm happy & results aren't even in yet LOL. Pain level at this point is 1 out of 10.

3 days post op

Ladies ladies ladies where do I start, ok pain level Was nothin to talk about until last night.... My back was hurting so bad I started to cry.... Then the pain wasn't so bad after the hubby placed a ice pack on my lower back but I continue to cry anyhow because I was on a emotional roller coaster for a few reasons. I got my period yesterday & I have a bad cold that came from God knows where. So add that to all of what I just went through & tell me what you come up with. My husband has been awesome with trying to make sure I have everything I need & keeping me comfortable, he just gave me a sponge bath before my post op visit which we are on our way to now. Ladies this isn't easy by no means, if you are going to go through with this procedure please have someone that will stay with you for a few days because this is really hard to handle on your own trust me. I'm much better today & the key is don't sit to long try and stay moving so that your muscles don't get stiff because it's no joke. Now understand when I say I would do it all over again in a heart beat because every time I look in the mirror I smile super hard looking at my really small waist that I never knew was possible. Ok talk to you all later.

4th night post op

Hey there my RS family thanks again for all the warm & well wishes. Ok let's talk recovery, so my 4th night has been good thanks to the pain meds doing what they do if you take them exactly on the dot lol. Ladies if you are planning on getting this procedure keep in mind ice packs ice pack ice pack because they make the world of difference for all the swelling... Swelling hurts! This definitely does get easier with time though. I have my next post op Wednesday with Dr. Shifrin and he's taken one of my drains out yay!!! I feel like life will be so much easier after the drains, these things are so annoying I can't stand them. RS has prepared me in so many ways & I want to say thank you all for posting your journey with the world. I hope I can be of some help to someone by sharing....... Hey how about I had an issue yesterday & it was so weird & I've yet to come across someone post mentioning what I'm about to tell y'all (hands over my face while saying this lol) ok so yesterday I got really! Like SUPER HORNY & wanted to cry because I knew it was nothin happening lol..... Let me tell you all that that isn't even my character first off & I was sitting there watching tv something boring as hell so I don't know wth happen but it lasted like 10/15mins & when I say my love box was hot! It was HOT! Lbvs oh did I mention I got my period while all this taking place OMG. Maybe the period played a part lol I just wanted to share that. Ok ladies have a good day.

Before & after pics

Day 5 Post-op

Made it to day 5 & nothin really to report other than I can't wait until the swelling goes down lol

11 Days post-op

Hello ladies just want to update you all on my progress at 11 days. I stopped taking my pain meds on the 6th day & haven't taken anything since. Although I was having lower back pains I still decided to stop pain meds. I am now standing about 90% and I have to say that feels really good & not so much pressure on the lower back. Today will be my 1st day driving so I'll let you all know how that goes. Ummmmmm The hardest time for me is sleeping because I never sleep on my back & now I have to it's really annoying & not to mention somewhat painful due to your back getting stiff while sleeping. Stiffness is major in this healing process & I advice you to move as much as possible the 1st 2wks. LADIES! IF YOU ARE HAVING A TT YOU MAY WANT TO PURCHASE A WALKER OR RENT ONE ( Bury your egos ), I wish I would have & by the time it came to mind it was to late so I'm sharing this with you all because trust and believe me when I say trying to walk hunched over is the worst thing ever on your lower back (super painful) OMG! I'm posting a pic of me in my hooters shirt :) I will post more pics when my other drain comes out, oh wait I didn't tell you all I had one taken out Wednesday today is Friday, it wasn't bad at all just a pulling feelin until the end of it comes out then there's a sting for about 5mins so nothin to talk about; however looking at a hole in you is a bit disturbing lbvs. That's it for now dolls.

2 weeks Post-op

Hey my dolls today (2-22-16) mark my 2wks post op yay! I drove the other day & it felt really weird but not to bad, I'm standing 95% now, & I can now sleep on my side & it feels really good to not sleep on my back all night long ;( Let me tell you all if you are considering a tummy tuck.... it may sound scary but it really isn't & it is so worth it :) RS has helped me make my decision even quicker to have it done, I can't thank RS enough for all the info everyone has shared. I feel like this procedure has changed my life already.... I put my yoga pants on with a fitted top the other day & not to see that pouch hanging in the front felt so good & I felt SUPER SEXY! Ladies you know what I'm taking about because our confidence is everything to us. I've been shopping shopping & shopping???? I've been a Victoria secrets & Pink shopping fool lbvs ladies I feel good & you would to if you're doing this for you. If you all have any questions just inbox me & I'll get back to you as soon as possible Take care until next time MUAH

Size small shirt fitting loose in the mid section

Drains free

Heeeeeeeeeeeey my dolls I got my last drain out today & man oh man doesn't it feel good :) as I mention last wk not that bad just a pulling you'll feel as its coming out then a string once it's out for a second. I will take pics tomorrow but if anyone wants to see what the drain look like once it comes out inbox me & I'll send it to you. Chat tomorrow ladies MUAH!!!!

Pics drain free

Playing dress-up now that the drains are out.... Hey ladies today is a great day for me, I slept so hard last night lbvs I just can't wait until all the swellen is gone. I've been eating semi clean so my results should be amazing once the swellen goes down :)

3 weeks post-op

Hey my honey buns it's been 3wks already :) ok so let me just get straight to the point lol I am cooking, cleaning, washing & driving again. Since having the drains removed I've experienced light pinching in different areas on my back & in the abdominal area, it's annoying at times but this was part of the deal lbvs my swelling is better but this abdominal tightness feel like a never ending deal I am still only standing at about 98% it's so funny because I just can't get that other 2%. Whenever I force myself to stand straight I could feel a knot at the top in the middle of my stomach that it's pretty much saying "HEY HUNCH BACK OVER" lmao I pray by the 4th wk which will be Monday I'll be standing at 100%. My back still get stiff while sleeping so I've been trying to sleep on my stomach but I can't for a long period so I'm on my side most of the night. Ladies all of what I just mention isn't a big deal I just want you all to know what you could possibly face. I'll post a pic tomorrow MUAH!

3wks Post-op Pic

Here's a 3wk pic :) so happy with my results & I'm still swollen. Oh btw my belly button isn't pierced I placed it in there lmao because it isn't completely healed so I'm hiding it lbvs DON'T JUDGE ME LOL here's a before & after pic to remind you all of what is no more lol

Measurements are in

I just took my measurements & man!!!! I'm to happy & hope my waist get smaller lbvs
Brest 38D
Waist 29
Hips 45 here's a pic ladies

9 weeks post- op TT (2 months)

Just wanted to come on for a quick update. I'm 9wks tomorrow & I've never felt better. My measurements are now 38D, 28 waist & 44 hips :) I swell mostly in the late evenings but it's nothin to talk about. I am so happy with my new mid section which gave me the body I've been imagining for the longest time :) I'm in the gym going so hard it's crazy. I started light ab work at the 6wk mark but now I'm going full force without any issues. I'll post new pics at the 3 month mark. I hope everyone is doing well MUAH!!!!
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Shifrin made me feel really comfortable from the time I walked in, he listened & answered all of my million questions I had with patients and assured me I won't be disappointed. He's so down to earth & sweet. His staff is outstanding and Ms. Adrian is God sent, she is the most sweetest & patient person I've ever met. I am honored to have him perform my surgery and I can't wait to send my family & friends his way. Chicago's greatest plastic surgeon hands down! Oh free consultations.... What do you have to lose. Make an appointment just to interview him & see what I'm talking about.