Not Worth It - May Have Made It Worse

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I've had spider veins since I was a teenager....

I've had spider veins since I was a teenager. Sadly, they probably are just inherited (I've never been overweight or pregnant)- my mom has them and my father had them. I wanted to treat just the topical small spider veins as the medium blue veins' appearance didn't really bother me. I felt like the spider veins aged my legs significantly and the blue veins were just a fact of fair skin & not varicose. Well, the vein treatment center said the blue feeder veins needed to be treated or it was pointless.

It was painful and then after about the third treatment I noticed a significant increase in redness and spider veins in my legs - also an increase in additional blue veins. The increase in new spider veins and blue veins was within the course of treatment, so not something that I can chalk up to "maintenance". I stopped treatment because I didn't want to risk ending up with legs worse than I started with.

I regret doing it and my vanity. My once relatively beautiful toned legs (with a few veins) are ruined and look old now. I'm embarrassed now to wear shorts and a tan really still doesn't cover them. Don't do it. If you think about it - if you shut down one vein - another will take over.

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The doctor really was never active in any of the treatment. In fact all procedures were performed by a nurse (newly graduated) and my progress never monitored by the physician until I complained about the results.

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