Restylane for Thin Lips - Worth It!!

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I have always had a thin upper lip, at 38 years...

I have always had a thin upper lip, at 38 years old, it has basically disappeared. When I smile, it completely goes away.

I went yesterday and had Restylane injected in my upper and lower lip. After reading the reviews on here I was panic stricken, and thought I would chicken out. I had a dental block done first, I HIGHLY recommend this. I thought the pain would be unbearable and it wasn't. In fact the only injection I felt was the first one. It felt like someone was pinching my upper lip, It wasn't painful, just felt like a quick pinch. After that I felt nothing.

I am more swollen today then yesterday (which I expected). But I can see a major difference and am so far very happy.

Chicago Skin Solutions/Dr. Bradley Hulten

My Dr. took his time and explained each injection and why he was putting restylane in that spot. His assistant Jackie had a vibrating sound machine she used which I thought was great to take my mind off the injection and silence in the room during the procedure.

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