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Hi, I choose to have my surgery performed by Dr....

Hi, I choose to have my surgery performed by Dr. Gutowski. I can't wait.... Long awaited. Can't wait to wear my first EVER bikini. I'm having a Mommy Makeover which will includes body contouring of my flanks and back. A little fat transfer to dimples in my butt and switching out old 330cc implants for 600cc implants. Very nervous it's NEXT WEEK!!!

7 days before my surgery

Gained a lot of abdominal weight from steroids I was put on for my allergies . I'm very hippy. I wanted to keep my hips. Atleast for now.

It's getting real.....

Just picked up my meds

Omg!!! Can't believe it... 5 more days to go

Some more before pics.... Dr. Gutowski has his work cut out for him. I'm so nervous about the outcome but I think I'm in good hands.


My surgery was cancelled yesterday. I'm so sad but it was for the best. I went to my gynecologist, just to get my yearly exams , and I told her I thought I had a bladder infection. I'm not a big water drinker. Well comes to find out I did. I emailed Doctor Gutowski assistant Ellen just to make sure I could take the antibiotic I was given, and was told my surgery had to be cancelled due to the infection. It can cause complications with healing , especially with the implants. So, my surgery was rescheduled for May 31st. Totally messed up my off time, but I rather be safe than sorry.

My first bikini

I'm hoping I atleast get to lay on the beach if I'm not on someone's island for the 4th of July....

Some things I think I need

I have a high bed. Not sure if I'm going to be able to climb up . So hot the air mattress just in case

Two days post op

I love my boobs already. I can't wait til they drop. Dr G did a great job! I'm wearing a garment for a week do I can't see my stomach yet. But I will post pics next week when I can take it off. Drugs are making my loopy at times, just resting til I feel better.

3 days post op

Still a lot of swelling but I love what I see so far. My boobs are the perfect size. Big but not stripper like and easy to hide bin clothes when I'm working . I wanted a high profile but Dr. G suggested a moderate profile which likes great. I still have more stretch marks on my stomach than I wanted but it's flat so very happy. I haven't seen my poononi in years .... Lol

Post Follow Up Appointment

Today I had my first follow up appointment. I'm 6 days post today and it's been a lot of ups and downs. Sad to say mostly downs. I was naive in thinking I was going to spring back from this is a week. This no joke. I questioned was it worth it like day 4 after waking up in pain because I didn't stay on top of my meds. Which believe me you HAVE to stay on top of your meds and take even if your not in pain. I had a minor set back after taking and leaving my binder off to let my faja air dry. I swoll up like a sponge. I think because I had the no drain tummy tuck i was told not to take the faja off... To even shower in it. So I haven't taken any new pics because I'm so swollen but promise to take some soon as it starts subsiding. Even with the swelling I'm still very happy with Dr. Gutowski's work. He is very personable and you can tell he takes pride in his work. And I love that if I'm having an issue your able to call him and he answers his cell . Awesome Doc!!!

17 days PO

I'm feeling much better today. I haven't posted in a while the swelling was bad but nothing extreme. I go back to see Dr G in another week and a half and so far everthing is ok. (Saw him this past Monday) The swelling has gone down about 50% . I went to Victoria's Secret I couldn't wait and I had them measure and I'm right at where I wanted but Dr G says they might go down a little . I hope everyone is doing well.

Tattoo I'm getting to cover stretch marks

I love this .... Plus I can still feel comfortable in a bikini

New Things

I ordered another faja I wear my all the time because of the lipo and fat injections so I needed another one . And I saw some people order the lipo flat board so thought I would try also . Amazon is pretty cheap

Before and After

Still swollen but such a big difference.

4 weeks post op

I'm very happy with my results. I'm constantly in the mirror. I haven't been this flat in years. There is still swelling but I think very good for this point . I'm still getting used to my breast at this size I have to buy all new bras but it was very much worth it and such a boost in my self confidence.

9 Weeks Post Op & Extremely Happy!!

Dr G did an amazing job!!! Would definitely recommend him to everyone!!
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