IPL & V-Beam for Keratosis Pilaris Rubra Facei - IPL Caused Rosacea

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My regular redness subsided, but i now have...

My regular redness subsided, but i now have rosacea inflammation that i have never experienced before, i originally had it done to remove redness from kprf.

My first treatment i did both an ipl and v beam back to back. The second treatment I did only a v beam. I was doing the treatments to remove permanent redness from keratosis pilaris rubra facei which is different from rosacea. After the second treatment i started to develop rosacea. My derm tells me that its not possible that the laser caused my imflammation. But my entire life my redness has always looked the same, same blotchy rash but it wouldn't extend for anything. Now my face is extremely sensitive. My doctor wants to put me on antibiotics and metrogel. I've been to many derms over the years and none of them have said to do this as I didn't have rosacea. But now all of a sudden i do, but it's not from the lasers says my derm he says kprf and rosacea are similar and as i got older i would've started to see the rosacea take over. what do you guys think?
Dr. Kovak

he messed up

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