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I just had a nose job by Dr. Anil Shah -Chicago.....

I just had a nose job by Dr. Anil Shah -Chicago.. Even tho is only been 2 weeks I hate it !! All I wanted was to get the hump removed and that's it .. Well he took the hump off but reshape my noes and now I have a dip on my noes .. When I had my cast removed I started crying he said it was because I was swollen that it looked like that to wait a few days for the swelling to go down well it's been more then a week and nothing has changed !!!! I hate looking at my self now even more then before.. I'm so disappointed in the outcome.. I don't want to go out even back to work all j want to do is stay in my room and cry .. Even though it's still fresh and I need time to heal I know I won't see it changing for the best .. I will update if anything changes

13 day post op

287days post op

Starting to be ok with my results , not 100% satisfied ..

Front view

Front view for those who asked .

2.5 months post op .. Still not happy ..

Still not happy still think my top is to pointy my nose looks to long I still have big bump inside my nostrils... Why ? Is this normal n them on top of this there is an indentation on each side of my nose.. ????????????????

Pics of 2.5 months

I love my nose after all -8 months

My nose is still changing but I loving it now. The first few months where rough as my nose didn't look anything as I expected but with time is has changed a lot .

1 Year update on my rhinoplasty

Ok, its been more then 1 year since i got my nose done. I have to say it looks a lot better then before and i don't regret doing it but i'm still not 100% satisfied its a bit too pointy at the tip for my liking but it doesn't bother me to the point i would go threw it again to get a revision.

1yr update

It's been a bit over a year, and although it looks much much more then before I'm still not 100% satisfied it's a bit too pointy at the tip but it doesn't bother me enough to put myself through it again and get a revision.
Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon

Unhappy- I feel I was very very specific of what I wanted and got the opposite.

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