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I wanted to post this Wednesday when I was exactly...

I wanted to post this Wednesday when I was exactly at the 30 day PRE surgery mark, but the app didn't cooperate. I tried twice with no luck so this almost didn't manifest.

I'm not new to RS. I used it to chronicle a procedure and revision some years ago (think before the app circa). I toiled with the idea of creating a post for my journey to, through and with the Gastric Sleeve. I'm older now, and my patience is short. I can see from reading the reviews from others and I recall from previous experience that people can been somewhat demanding and intrusive with wanting pictures and updates. That and unsolicited advice is a huge turn off to me. However, I am going to think positive and do my best to see this through as I would like to look back a six months from now and so on to reflect on my progress. Okay, on to what's important.

My story for desired weightless is really not too different from most of yours. I've struggled with my weight for years...scratch that...defeats the purpose for already saying that the differences aren't plentiful, right?! I'll just say that the most notable difference is that my insurance approval was rather swift. I went to a seminar August 17th, had an approval some time mid October and was given choices of surgery dates November 4th. I actually could have selected December 13th or 16th, but opted for the 23rd because it works well for my work schedule. Basically, the requirements were minimal. The doctor has more requirements that my insurance does. No diet phase other than what's already been documented through my primary care doctor. My BMI is such that I qualify. I also have sleep apnea, but my BMI already took care of the approval.

I had an initial visit with a group of about 25 candidates who were all in various stages of the process in mid November. It was about a 2 hour session with the PSY intern and dietician. I return in two weeks for my pre surgery/consent day December 10th. I officially start my pre-opt diet on December 9th and to my surprise it is not all liquid. I'm allowed to eat solids: high protein/low carb diet (70-100 grams of protein per day and 15-30 grams of carbs per meal). However, I am going to ease into my pre-opt diet on December 1st. I really want to increase my pre-opt weight (I weigh 285 lbs and I am 5'4' and just turned 40 year old) loss as much as possible, as well as simply start transferring the mental preparation to the physical implementation.

Another way my story mildly differs from what I've read is that I have volunteered to participate in a research study as a result of me having the procedure. I am having my procedure done at a research hospital and the bariatric team are some of the doctors who are directing the research. The study is being done to examine how bariatric surgery can affects the metabolic response of fat cells' response to insulin. Surprisingly, there is little to nothing known about this and I am happy that gain this tool will also serves others in the future. I'll be the first to say that it's a bit involved though. It requires a stay in the research lab for four days prior to surgery and when released they take you to the operating room. That's a part that I won't be able to do. With advanced notice and planning I probably could have done that part but I'm happy to do the other parts that I can do (which includes three small fat biopsies).

At this point, I am working on acquiring the things I'll need to have access to immediately after surgery. This past week I bought some premier protein shakes in chocolate and banana cream from Walmart, and they are a go so I'm going to order some from the company (I hope they are still having free shipping from their Black Friday sale). I really want to try the Isopure that's been highly recommended. I'll have to see about that though. I don't know anyone with a GNC membership and there member's price seems to offer the biggest bang for the buck.

I think I am going to do store bought broths or have my mother make some, and when its time for pureed foods, I am going to simply eat baby food. I just can't bring myself to putting much of what I eat in a blender and I have a vitamix so it'll pulverize most of anything, but I just don't want to do it. I applaud those who have and will do it.

I've gotten some bio-oil to use on my skin, particularly in my abdomen area, once I am able to. I also want to get some skin firming lotion too. I know that Nordstrom Rack carries the Fat Girl Bliss. I'll also look for it a TJ Maxx and Marshalls but I know that it's hit or miss at those stores.

Its getting cold where I live. Perhaps if I had engaged this process earlier this year I could have had the procedure during the summer while I exhausted a great deal time off work, that way I could have taken advantage of the warm weather for my out door exercise. I have seriously given thought to buying a treadmill or something to put in my office. There is a gym right across from where I work, and I have a membership that I have no problem using. But using it consistently, especially during the winter months, has been one of my more serious dilemmas with working to lose weight. When its 10 degrees or more below zero, dark and after 5:00 p.m. I have not had the inclination to want to work out. I'm sure a treadmill will be over kill, but I want to make getting in some exercise easy and manageable. My goal this week will be to walk over at least twice "for lunch" to see if that's something that'll be feasible.

I keep wondering if I've said everything. But now the thought just occurred to me that its okay not to say it all in one post, lol...gotta have a reason to come back here right?

Oh well, I'll wrap up the rambling I've been doing. I have read many, many of the stories here and they have been a tremendous help in getting me prepared. I am truly excited for the surgery and the improvement in my health, my level of fitness and activity, and my appearance which in turn will increase my self-confidence.
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