Verifil Implants Failed Replacing With Permalip Implants. Chicago, IL

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Just starting this journey. I had verifil saline...

Just starting this journey. I had verifil saline lip implants done in 2007. I have a small mouth and very thin lips naturally. So even though they were not as large as I wanted I was still happy after the work was done. About 5 years ago I started wondering about injections to increase the volume but came to the sad realization that I couldn't without risking a leak! Then a few months ago I realized that my upper lip was actually bigger than my lower lip. I think at this point the bottom implant sprang a leak and emptied out.

Before photos

After Verifil implants

Investigating Alternatives

Since I believe the bottom lip implant has deflated I am now looking at what my alternatives are. Prior to having the implants I had fat injections in my lips. The fat got absorbed almost immediately :( so that is a non starter. I made an appointment with a facial plastic surgeon with a really good reputation. I contacted her through realself and got a really quick response. Yes she does do removal and replacement so that is one hurdle down. When I talked to her assistant a few days later, she said that this procedure would normally cost $3,000 but since I went through realself she would do the procedure for $2,500. My appointment is for this coming Wednesday. I want to do some thermatight on my neck and jowls and thermasmooth on my eyes when I do the implants so I'll find out about that at the same time! I did a laser procedure last time I did the lips and it worked out well so I would like to do the same this time and fully utilize the down time.


Went for a consult with the doctor I thought would be perfect. Now not so sure on whether I should go with the permalips or with a fat graft. Fat graft failed before but that was 9 years ago and we only did one session. There is another doctor in Scottsdale that does the fat graft and he has lots of pictures that are really impressive. Time for another consult!

Lip Lift???

I saw someone that did permalips with a long space between the nose and lip. The result is not what I want. After reading about lip lifts and seeing the results (and pulling my skin up) I realized the real problem is that space. Plus the outside corners of my upper lip droop. The first plastic surgeon said the Verafil on the top lip had not failed. After I pulled the skin up it repositioned that implant back up and looked great. But I think the bottom lip needs a new implant. My new plan is upper and corner lip lift and replace the bottom implant with a Permalip implant.

I've been doing a lot of reading here and on the doctors websites. Seems like the doctors around here don't have as much experience with this as some other parts of the country. I'm seeing one more doctor here then I'm going to try a consult with Dr. Rodriguez in Baltimore.

Aging is hard on features that you are already dissatisfied with!!!
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