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Hello, I have been browsing this site for a...


I have been browsing this site for a while. Found a great doctor (dr shifrin) and really love his work. He said that I need a full TT.

I am confident in his work. But my biggest fear is the pain. I also noticed that I have left over 60 comments asking the same questions (was the pain manageable, did you have exparel? Lol)
The over all majority think that TT is painful especially for the first 3 days. Exparel seems to be a miracle drug in reducing the pain level the first 3 days.
Dr shifrin said he would use it if I want it. During the consultation he didn't seem to be that big on exparel. I would rather have it and take the chance that it might work than not have it at all.
I am a whimp!! I did give birth naturally to a big baby. When the pain was getting too extreme, I was in active labor and was given an epidural which is a miracle drug. :)
Is the tummy tuck pain cramp/achy feeling (period like?) or is it as bad as child birth?
I have been following some of the ladies getting TT one is getting it with dr shifrin. However he didn't use exparel on her but something similar. She said the surgery was very rough. One minute I tell my self I should just do it and another minute I get all scared and say that I can hide this mommy pouch :(

how did you manage the pain with TT?
Did anyone have a surgery with dr shifrin and had exparel?

Over night stay?

Is the over night stay worth it?
I asked and its offered for an extra charge of $1200.
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