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I'm 5' 3" with 4 adorable kids. My...

I'm 5' 3" with 4 adorable kids. My last 2 kids were about 8 pounds. I joined the gym, got a trainer and did INSANITY. They all put in me in good shape ... except my stomach. I have a recti diastasis at least three fingers wide. I wanted to get a TT last year but my PS adviced me to get my BP under control first. Now that is done I'm ready. I'm SO excited!

My pre-op appt is on Friday (three days from...

My pre-op appt is on Friday (three days from today). So far the staff there has been outstanding! I hope that experience continues throughout. I saw my PS twice and I feel at ease with him. I'm trusting his experience especially with Black skin. My biggest concern is scarring which we African-Americans can be prone to but he said with proper scar management, everything should be fine.

Pray for me on this journey!

Tomorrow, I go in for my pre-op. I'm actually...

Tomorrow, I go in for my pre-op. I'm actually felling very calm and brave right now. Probably because I've waited for so long. My husband will be coming with me also. I'm thinking the pain will be comparable to the same one I had when I had a fibroid removed a decade ago. I have read a lot of folks saying they were given a clear liquid diet. I guess I'll find out tomorrow if I need to be on one.

I have been wondering and I hope this TT will resolve my bloated stomach during periods. At least I hope it won't be as huge. It just sticks out so much, people ask when I'm due. Anyway, tomorrow can't come fast enough!

My pre-op appointment was great. The nurse...

My pre-op appointment was great. The nurse answered all my questions. Everyone just seems excited for you over there. Unfortunately, my surgery has been postponed to 5/23 (two days later) due to the NATO summit. Sucks! I'm so ready to ben the flat side :-) I was given a list of medication to get (antibiotics, vicodin, stool softener, and relaxant). I have to stay away from alcohol, salt, etc. I can eat up till midnight of the night before the surgery. My surgery will be at 8am but I need tea to get there by 6:30am. No jewelry, nail polish, perfumes, etc. All natural. I expressed again my scarring fears (I'm prone to keloids) and the nurse suggested something for me to help two weeks after the operation. I'll post names of medications here in few.

Another concern, my period will start the day after the surgery. Major inconvenience, I'm sure.

Tomorrow is the day. Picked up my medication...

Tomorrow is the day.

Picked up my medication yesterday. Celebrex, Vicodin and OTC Colace (stool softener). Will be picking up the antibiotics today. Monitoring my blood pressure and everything looks normal. Did a lot of cooking on Sunday with help of my babies. They are so awesome and excited to help mommy out. I explained to them how my mobility will be limited for a while. I found out that the train by my house operates at 4:30am so I'll be going there today to see the set up and to get a ticket. My hubby has to get the kids off to school before he can come join me. He should be there before i wake up. My surgery is at 8am.

I don't feel nervous but I've been waking up early (3am) and just reading blogs of other RS tummy tuckers. So helpful.

I'm going call my PS office today and ask about ab lipo. I'm scheduled for full Tt and Flank lipo. But I've read a few people having the exact same procedures as me who had to go back for a revision and do an abdominal TT.

Will keep you posted. Your prayers and wishes are so needed and very much appreciated!

It's beautiful morning!!!!! My dear RS peeps,...

It's beautiful morning!!!!!

My dear RS peeps, I'm so happy to report that I'm now officially on the flat side. I'm less than 24hr post-op. Yay!!!

Everything went well yesterday. I was a bit anxious yesterday morning. I had a bad dream but that was my mind wondering. I was just praying about coming back home and seeing my kids again. We prayed and prayed. So yesterday went something like this:

3am - took a shower and got ready. I wore an old maxi dress so I would be comfortable with the surgical binder underneath.

4:15am - I took my HBP medication as well as 2 Celebrex. My husband took me to train station - my first in over a decade :-)

4:50am - on the train. Did more praying & thought of how my kids would like to just take train anywhere. Will do that!

6:15am - arrived at my final train destination. Took a cab. Rough driver! He apologies profusely for CRAZY abrupt stops! Gave him a tip anyway because I was happy to arrive at the surgical center safely. Didn't want any negative feelings.

6:30am - I have arrived and I was told to sit and wait while the finish with the current person. The administrator wasn't the nicest but she wasn't rude either. I met a nurse with big dimples. She smiled so big and nicely. I took that as a good luck sign.

7:00am - nurse comes in to ask me some health question and who would be picking up. I needed to pee. I asked them if I could give the pee sample now as I couldn't old much longer.

7:15am - Yet another nurse comes in to confirm what procedure I'm having done. Looks like they only have TT in the paperwork. No lipo of flanks. So a bit of worry creeps in. They need to resolve right away, I said. They said they would look into it.
7:30am - Anesthesiologist Doctor comes in. Discusses my history. Worried about me throwing up afterwards. I said yep! She contemplates the best course of action for me. Seems quite nice.

7:45am - My PS comes in and asks if I have any final questions. He wasn't as smiley as he was during my last visit. This must be his game face, I thought. He marked me front and back. I asked if lipo is not included. He said yes. I asked if "flanks" included the folds under the shoulder blade. I said I thought it was part of love handle. He said that was upper back and it's a separate area. He marked it anyway but said he would send his nurse in to clarify what we discussed.

8:05am - PS nurse comes in. The additional part would be $1000. I only had $500 to spare. That won't work she said. Hatwas fine anyway. I usually have great result with that area when I work out anyway. And I was worried about loose skin over there anyway. I decided to pass. Let's stick to lipo of flanks/love handles.

8:15am - surgery nurse explains the procedure. We need to get you sterilized. So we will bath you lower body in iodine. She will be back she said. I continue to read the story of the Ohio wild animal keeper that killed himself and let all his exotic animals loose. So sad! But it distracted me.

8:30am - she comes and takes me to the surgical room. Very cold. Anesthesia doctor follows. She rubs me with the iodine looking stuff and asks me to lay on my back. I'm shivering. She covers me with warm blanket. And thats all I remember.....

I wake up to tightness in my abdomen. Smiled a bit because I know what that means. I ask the time. About 12:00noon. Wow!!!

I ask for my husband. So drowsy! So happy! Can I sleep a bit? Threw up a couple of times. Ate crackers with ginger ale. I had a great appetite caused I think I ate 16 saltine crackers. I need to pee! I peed and felt less pressure on my abs. Threw up again. Anesthesiologist orders a motion sickness patch for me. After a while I was feeling good enough to go home. Went over my post-op instructions and we were on our way. Felt more pressure than pain.

Got home and had vegetable omelette - courtesy of my amazing husband. He emptied my tube bulbs. Gave me the various medication and went to get gauze from the drugstore to replace the ones at the lipo site which was now soggy and drippy. He bought me Dove bars too :-) kids were just so helpful. I'm truly blessed

My PS called to see how I was doing. He said the survey went well. Took out about 700cc from lipo and about another 700cc from the tummy tuck. About 3 lbs total. He said it would make me look like I lost about 10-15 lbs! Yay! I didnt ask about the skin that was cut off. I'll ask next week.

Today, I feel sore. Sore back and sore abs. Where's that pain medication? In all, I feel elated. Can't wait to see the results next week at 7 days post-op.

God bless you all for your support and prayers. You guys sooooo rock!

Watched Seinfeld and Monk. Went to sleep sitting up on the couch. My hubby slept on the floor next to me. Just in case.


7:00am - I was checked in, everything signed and put in my room. Nurse leaves me to get undress. Forgot to take of my wedding rings at home. Oh well! I put it in my bag and in the cabinet in the room.

The days go so slowwwww..... I have finished...

The days go so slowwwww..... I have finished watching all my Seinfeld & Monk!

Passed my first BM today. I think I was...

Passed my first BM today. I think I was constipated due to the antibiotics. I was taking Colace ( stool softener) and it seemed to help. Not too much effect on my part.

5 days post up! Took of my binder for a few as...

5 days post up! Took of my binder for a few as it's itchy as HECK!!!

One of the drains is not as fluid as the other one. The one on the left one is beginning to fade to lighter red and is still watery. But the left one has been thicker and and remains dark red. I did call the doctor to let him know and he said it's nothing to worry about and it's normal. I had to clear out the opening once since it seemed clogged but it still is not moving as the left one. In addition, my right side seems more swollen than the left. Hope a seroma is not forming there.

PS office was not open today (Monday) and my post-op appt is in two days (Wednesday). But I think I might go in on Tuesday if I can. Feeling a little pressure on the right.

Some five days post-op pictures below!

7 days post-op: Stitches are out now! YAY!!! I...

7 days post-op: Stitches are out now! YAY!!! I think it looks really good. I still have some swelling but considering it's only been a week, I'll say things are moving along fine. My drains were not removed. Hopefully in a few days, they will no longer be needed. One of the drains has very dark red fluid. PS says it's normal. Unfortunately, the side with the dark red fluid is getting hard also and more swollen than the other side. I have been gently massaging it. Hopefuly it will resolve soon.

I have added photos from 7 days post-op!
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

As far as I can tell, this doctor is quiet. First time I went to see him, he seemed tired. But there was something very approachable and humble about him. I saw him again a few months later and he was more smiley and again answered all my questions. I chose to go with him because I liked his before and after pictures of African-American patients than all the other doctors. His staff is just very friendly and nice. You don't feel they are being pretentious or forced. His nurse is very knowledgeable and encourages you not to hold back and questions for the PS. Never had to wait too long for an appt. Payment process was easy... In person or online. I have paged the PS twice after surgery to ask questions and he calls back right away. Waiting to see how the post-op appt will go.

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