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Im in Chicago and will be going to ATL 2-7-14, Dr...

Im in Chicago and will be going to ATL 2-7-14, Dr JCurves. Im 220lbs workout faithfully for the last , 8yrs.
im solid and ready to get some of this meat off me. I was advised to loose 20lbs, good luck with that s***. I've been pretty nervous lately. I I was told that I can have my surgery probably sooner, but I got scared.

these are the 1st photos I put up

Im trying to loose 2lbs a week, pray for me.

stalking RS

I have 39 days before I'm in ATL with Dr Jcurves! !!

medical clearance

By God's grace, I finally got my medical clearance. I did my blood work and they did 2 ekg's and the doctor left for the day. I was nervous as hell. I had to wait the entire weekend before I could find out if I was all good. I did ask for xanax to calm me down a little. I'm like 20 days before going to Djcurves. Keep me your prayers. STAY BLESSED!!!!!!!


I got 10 days and a wake up before Djcurves! !!!!!

I'm in ATL!!!

It's Thursday morning, on my way to Dr Jcurves office for my consultation. I'm OK , but getting a little nervous. Just ready to get it over with! !!!

Today is my surgery date! !!!

On my way to DrJ office, nerves are not to bad

It's done

need more a××

Drj said my skin was tight. He gave me curves, something I never had. My butt started off big, but it's shrinking. I'm trying not to get upset about it.. During surgery my BP was high. So when I go home I need to see about that

Today garment off, washing up

1 week later, drains removed

Still loving my buttocks

tummy still swollen



3 weeks after tt revision


Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

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