Chicago 51 Year Old Mother of Two Adult Children.. I Have Decided to Get my SEXY BACK. Chicago, IL

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I have followed Dr Shifrin for about a year and...

I have followed Dr Shifrin for about a year and after having multiple consultations with different Drs I finally got in to see him. Finally met him on 11/2/15 and scheduled my surgery TT with lipo to chest, flanks, thighs & full back. (Scary) on 2/11/16....I never really had a issue with weight until I hit about 48... The weight gain came with hot flashes, night sweats and abdominal /midsection fullness. I know this surgery won't stop menopause but it will make me feel better while doing it!! I am about 3 weeks from my surgery date I will keep you guys updated on my journey

Pre op pictures

Attached are a few pre op photos that I posted back in October 2015 and Dr Shifrin actually responded to my post with two different surgery options. I worked out hard last year and dropped about 20 pounds. But no matter what I did including hiring a personal trainer I couldn't get rid of my stomach I could only make it smaller. But it continued to restrict my clothing choices. And my thighs have become a storage place for my body to store food!! I'm looking forward to getting these issues resolved permeantly!!!

2 weeks to surgery

My surgery is two weeks from today and I am extremely excited!!! I'm ready for my new body! But scared of the pain..I'm praying I'm not dissapointed with the results...

8 days until surgery!!!

I'm really getting excited! I feel like i should be doing something ( I don't know what) to get ready for surgery? I have been taking iron pills prescribed by Dr Shifrin and they will be gone by Friday. I have been getting negative feedback from friends who think I'm "doing too much" in there opinion I don't need surgery... But I live in this body alone which makes this decision mine!! I appreciate all the positive energy you guys have shown me and I'm excited to be sharing this journey with like minded people. ???????? Btw I was also prescribed antibiotics but I haven't been instructed to take them yet...

5 days to surgery!!

Thanks to everyone for all the positive support! I really do appreciate it and the positive responses to the negative comments from family and friends really helped me. I'm sooooo excited about having this done..I'm not taking the easy way out.. I have been working out my entire life..but it's maintenance TIME!!! I can't continue to run 5 days a week!! And still not be Completely satisfied with my physical self!!! IM 51 and I refuse to give up on me!. I'm attaching a few pictures ....IM EXCITED FOR THE NEXT PHASE of life!!! See you on the FLAT SIDE


2 days to Surgery!! TT lipo of chest, flanks, full back and thighs

Today is 2 days before surgery! I'm very excited about my transformation! I must be honest and tell you guys I have not been to the gym in 3-4 months! ????????I'm really mad at myself???? For losing my mojo!! I am going to surgery at an embarrassing weight of 189 at 5'5. I'm praying that this surgery is my motivation to get back in the gym to maintain what I pray Dr Shifrin will give me back..l have attached a few updated pics before surgery. I excitedely await to hear from Adrian or the surgery center for pre op instructions.

No contact form surgery center

Ok ladies today is the day before surgery and I have been waiting to hear from the river north surgical center all day it's 10pm and the call NEVER came. I called Adrian Dr Shifrins assistant twice today and she assured me that the surgery center would be in contact with me today regarding tomorrow schedule..the call NEVER came!!! I really have no idea if my surgery is happening tomorrow!! I'm frustrated and confused and angry . My husband and children have taken off work to be with me and i really expected This team to be more detailed oriented!!! WTF HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO!??

Surgery went as planned

I called the surgery center this morning and Dr Shifrin was waiting on me... He made a very upsetting situation less tense. I arrived at the surgery center at 9am i went to surgery at 12 and the surgery took 4.5 hrs..the pain from the lipo on my thighs is more painful than childbirth!!!

drainage tubes

9 days Post Op

Ok so I have to admit that the swelling that I am experiencing is nothing like I expected... Imagine a balloon that has been blown up to its limit..and just one more drop of air will make it pop!! My skin is the balloon!! I wasn't mentally prepared for this. The primary swelling is my thighs..(lipo area).. Which makes it difficult to walk.. They are HUGE and bruised and sitting ontop of each other when I walk...I'm not sure how much fat was removed but nothing is visible at this time. I developed huge blisters on my thighs 2 or 3 days post op. The dr said to remove the wrap and let the blisters pop on there own. He also left the wraps off at 5 days post op appt. however without the wraps the swelling will never subside and the pain is excruciating... I have allowed the blisters to pop and treated them with neosporin and covered them with gauze and rewrapped the thighs just not too tight. I have been walking around my house and icing for at least 3 hours a night. I see the dr again in 4 days. In the Tummy tuck area I got one drain removed at 5 days post op. The swelling and pain are exactly what I expected.

2 weeks post op / 14 days

The last drainage tube was removed today!!! Yea!! And I was snatched, hooked and zip into my full body compression suit. It's actually got holes in key places for you to go to the washroom without removing the suit. The suit is actually uncomfortable but it makes me feel secure at the tummy tuck incision area. Dr Shifrin explained that the thighs where Lipo for the gods!! He says I am severely swollen and will not see the full results for 90 days...I'm going to live my life in this garment and follow up with him in 6 weeks. I will continue to post my progression photos as they occur.

3 weeks post op

Ok ladies it seems to be taking my body longer to recover? I'm thinking maybe it's my age? So I'm still very very swollen and my lower abdominal is pronounced and not flat. I know dr shifrin is the best so I'm wearing the garment and being patient with my body. I looked at pics online of a seroma to make sure that wasn't happening to me and I don't think it is. I also have to remember that I had full body lipo and a TT ..ladies the lipo is NO JOKE... My back no longer has fat rows and my waist is snatched for the GODS!! My thighs are still swollen and the dr says it could take 90 days before I see the real benefit of the lipo there. Upper abdominal FLAT! Lower abdominal swollen and pronounced. I'm standing up about 75% straight but I still have a slight bend and I still take a pain pill once or twice a day. I have to say that my body naturally retains water and I do take blood pressure pills with a diaretic daily (again my age) but I can already tell that this surgery has changed the SHAPE of my body and it's RIDICULOUS!!! I can't wait for the final results.

4 weeks post op

Ok so I'm standing up about 98% straight and my lower abdominal swelling is still there but the swelling has subsided greatly. I do swell a lot at night and when performing errands during the day. My inner thighs can be sore to the touch sometimes but I can see and feel the change in them. My back is still sore but tolerable. I'm down 10 pounds since surgery and I'm trying to lose an additional 10 pounds during the next 30 days of recovery.

7 weeks post op

I went for my 6 week check up last week. I'm standing at 100% !! driving and getting use to my new shape. I can finally see the change in my thighs and my waist is small!! My stomach is flat but I swell in the lower abdomen a lot? Feels like I swell about 15 min after I get up in the morning? The dr has given me permission to return to the gym for some light cardio and I'm excited about that. I have started shopping and I swear I have purchased about 20 sexy club dresses... Lol!!! I have No idea when or where I'm going to wear them! Lol

7.5 weeks post op pics

I wanted to add a few current post op pics ...feeling GREAT at 51!!!

Trying to load updated photos again

I'm feeling FANTASTIC at 51!! ????????

Trying to load pics again

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