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I have been wanting a TT since I had my son 15 yrs...

I have been wanting a TT since I had my son 15 yrs ago, he is the youngest of 3 and his pregnancy was the worst. I am 4' 11" and normally weighed between 130lbs-135lbs for my last pregnancy I weighed in at 175lbs. I was not a pretty site. For the past 15 yrs all I have been seeing is my stomach continue to get worst as the years pass by. In the past 5 yrs my weight has been pretty much steady between 150lb-155lb which I am ok with as I am a very petite women. I finally convinced my husband and he gave me his blessing along with my kids being very excited for me. They feel that I deserve to be happy. I am a bit nervous but excited to see the end results. I have post my current look, when I saw these picks it helped me in on how bad I want this surgery.

Time is ticking

I am finally down to 2 weeks before my surgery, having a bit of mixed feelings from nervous to excited. My surgery is scheduled for 3/22 @ 7:30 am. I haven't really shared with many people that I am having a TT just feel its all about me anyway no need to receive negative vibes. I have my pr-op on 3/14 but haven't had any lab work not sure if I should worry about that now. My biggest concern is the pain as I am allergic to Codeine but I have had surgeries before and the pain medication has worked and I do have a high tolerance for pain anyway. I have ordered my shower chair, walker and toilet sit as I have ready various times that these things will be needed I want to make sure I am comfortable during my recovery. I will keep posting along the way to share my personal experience through my journey to the flat side!


Received my call to confirm my pre-op appointment for Monday. Chatted bit with staff. She help set my nervous at ease a bit. I kind of feel a bit excited. I am creating my list of questions for my ps to assure that pain meds are taken care of due to me being allergic to Codiene... Feeling good and ready...

Count down has begun...

5 days until the day.....

Surgery eve

Boy am I having all types of crazy emotions right now. My surgery is @ 7:30 am tomorrow. Im feeling anxious, nervous, scared, excited! Im ready to get it over with as all this waiting to see what my experience is going to be like is just killing me. Is it normal to feel so emotional? Wow! Ive been meditating and praying for a good outcome... Ladies need some encouragement right now!

Day 2 post op

Day 2 post op, surgery went well. The pain was at a 3 when I left hospital by the time I got home it was at a 5-6, took 2 pain pills every 4 hrs. Spend the night vomiting had a bad vomitting moment but felt better after that. Been having really bad heart burn, Omg been having hickups and that is not pleasant. Today I am on just extra strength tylenol ever 3-4 hours, pain is at 0-2 very manageable.. Omg I can see the difference, my husnand n kids say I look as if I lost 20 lbs.. The only discomfort is the heartburn n hickups... Really sleepy today will post pics when I have the energy...

Day 3 post op

Today Im moving around better, my husband gave me the best towel bath Ive ever had, and he lotioned my whole body! Now I know how babies feel after a good bath. I was able to take off my binder a my husband snapped a few pics... I almost cried with my results... I did it!

Day 3 Post Op

Went for my 1st post op appointment.. I had my dressing removed and I got a good look at my results so far. Boy am I Impressed! Dr. T did an awesome job, I almost cried when I stood in front of the mirror.. Still have my draines felt better leaving them in a few more days. Had 2 bowel movements today and down to one narcotic pill at bed time, I spend the day on Extra Strength Tylenol. Tried pine apple juice which didnt work for me caused heartburn n triggered coughing( not good amigas) Drinking plenty of water, walking around more, head has been hurting but other than that feeling great. Im amazed on my rapid recovery but all I do is lay around have a great care team (husband n kids).

Day 4 post op

Took a shower n my daughter helped me shave my legs... I feel great! Only taking pain meds to sleep n tylenol 2 times a day. The only pain I feel is my lower back when I stand too long. Put on tshirt size large and guess what it was huge on me.. Feeling very numb but everything looks great even though its swollen..... Well we see how tomorrow goes... Happy day to all...

Day 5 Post Op

Well I believe I made the mistake many others have done.... I over did myself last night, went to my niece bautism, communion, confirmation and wedding ceremony @ a catholic church as I was her God mother for all... Boy the whole thing was 4 hrs long. Ugh! was I in pain n the swelling was very intense... I was very happy to get home n take meds for the first time. Woke up today feeling much better, I took a nice hot shower n changed dressing, had a snack I will be relaxing all day... Still have my drains, scheduled to have them removed tomorrow but if they are not ready Im ok with keeping them in longer ( I know sounds crazy). Over all I was able to tighten my binder another inch my husband couldn't believe it as it litterally on the side of my back... Think I need a smaller one.lol .. Well ladies enjoying my grandaughter opening her Easter Baskets... Lets see how tomorrow comes in...

6 Day Post Op

Went to see my ps had my drains removed, boy what an expierence, I think I broke poor Devi's lil hand (lol). Everything looks great dont have to go back for 30 days... Im standing at bout a 75% still get really stiff if I stay in one position too long... My pain level is at 1-5 more of my back hurting then actual surgery... Overall ready for the next stage of recovery...

1 week post op

Today has been a rough day. Im not feeling so good and cant quite explain what it is. Feeling emotional, back is hurting, walking hunched over, and have a lot of swelling. Im not sure if this is normal but I guess cant have good days all the time and surgery was just a week ago. I only take narc meds at bedtime but got real tempted to take one midday. After 4 extra strength tylenols and a 2 hour nap I feel better, still a bit emotional but the weird feeling is gone... Hope tomorrow is better...

Day 8 Post Op

Today was a better day, have finally learned my food intake, smaller portions, healthier foods, work out great for me dont get that bloated feeling after... I stepped out with my daughter, Guess what I drove today! YAY! Updated my cg to an adjustable vest which made a huge difference, Im alternating with my binder to avoid discomforts. Walked around the mall n then came home and cooked dinner. Only issue is my poompa is very swollen had to use ice pak. I can say today a good day! Added some new pics!

I slept in my bed

I slept in my bed for the 2nd night was even able to sleep on my side (WOW!) Today I woke up feeling much better, the swelling on my poompa has gone down a lil making it easier to walk. Im wearing very tight undies to control swelling and I apply ice pak. My back is still hurting, my husband gives me back massage and boy oh boy that makes a difference. I massage my belly and sides after every shower which helps for some reason. Hope this helps...
Oh! Before I forget I am standing up at maybe 80%...

15 day post op

Ok ladies, today is day 2 of back to work and 15 day post op. What and how am I feeling? I am feeling great, haven't had any complication so far. Still experience back aches which of course are normal, walking at 90% straight, get very stiff if I sit too long or lay too long. Since I return to work I have began taking one pain pill at bed time boy is swelling an issue at the end of the day, medication helps start the next day off. My evening routine is get home have dinner, shower and massage my back and my stomach this really helps and just relax. I wear my binder at all time only remove it for showers. I weighed myself today, I started at 158 lbs I am currently at 152 lbs.. Woohoo! Still eating small healthy meals. When returning to work ladies PLEASE! wear comfortable clothes stay away from zippers, buckles and buttons they are not your friends! Overall I am very surprised that my recovery has been complication free so far, but not letting my guard done just yet. Well that is all for not until next time ladies, good luck and happy healing to all.

Rough day 16 post op

2nd at work was rough! Doesnt help that I have had a full schedule both days Nd rest of week dont look good either! I was so swollen last night I was in pain. Today I woke up feeling exhausted, switched my cg to vest style from binder hoping for more support. I was able to snap some pics this morning before the madness begins. Lol!

20 day post op

Today I woke up feeling very tight and snatched, snatched, did everyone hear me SNATCHED! I have been allowing myself to breath without my binder for 30mins three times a day cause I have to say it gets very annoying after awhile. I am experiencing itching in my incision, and on my sides. My bb looks great Im very pleased. Im still not standing or walking @ 100% I pray Im better for my husbands bday in 2 wks want to show off my new look and at least celebrate with him. Other than that all is well... Resting today as Tomorrow is another full week of work...

20 day post op pics

Before and After

Put together this before and after collage. Omg! Am I amazed... Loving my results!

Long healing time (week 4 post op!

Today I make 4 weeks post op! Let see what have I been going through?
Incision is healing great barely can see it, itches like heck. I am still having swelling at the end, been back to work 3 weeks already. I am ok until I eat lunch or by 3:30 pm-4:30 pm then I begin to swell like a balloon. I am sleeping good on all sides I haven't tried sleeping or laying on my stomach yet. I am still struggling with standing straight but researched and found some stretching exercises to assist with stretching my skin and muscle slowly and gently which have been really helping its has been 2 days of trying and I am already feeling better and standing straighter. My incision is itching really bad from the inside out, my poompa is still swelling like hell. I have been having issues finding a comfortable garment that fits good, my surgical binder has developed dents and causing a lot of marks on my stomach, I tried a vest which makes me sweat too much, bought a binder at Walgreens in their medical department it too causes marks on my stomach WHAT CAN I DO? (suggestions are welcomed) I have an office job and sitting long periods cause for the binder to dig into my hips and to fold in the middle part of my stomach causing dents. Today I put on a spandex full short garment with a waist spandex garment on top to double the support to see if I can remain comfortable through out the day. The healing process has turned out to be very long and difficult but I am a troop and I am very pleased with the outcome. I have finally realized that all my clothes are big on me and soon will be time to go shopping for the summer.

Swelling Hell

Today I feel like a ballon! Long day at Work sat too long! I posted a pick to share what Im experiencing.

5 week post Op

So I went for my 5 week post op yesterday it was good to see my ps and Devi (of course). I had a good positive visit, everything is going well. My incision is healing and my belly button looks very pretty. (lol). I am still having swelling at the end of the day but I have noticed every week it becomes less and less uncomfortable. I alternate between binder and spandex. When I know its going to be a busy day at work I wear my binder on easy days I will wear my spandex. I am short torso and found the surgical binder to be uncomfortable, I was able to find a smaller on at Walgreen that fits great they carry small, med and large for women or men. I don't have pics as nothing has really change but will posting some soon. Oh almost forgot I did get the ok to return to gym for light cardio workout (can't wait) still eating small healthy meals even realize that I am not eating things I though I couldn't live without. I have lost 10 lbs since my surgery(YAY!)

5 weeks

Had my daughter take some pics of my incision. I finally removed my surgical tape (I kept replacing It when It came time). I am very pleased with the results..

Finally went shopping!

So I finally gave in a went and bought an outfit. I stepped out for drinks with my husband last night.... My current situation is a size 5 in jeans and Medium top... Before my tt surgery I was wearing a 9/10 and Xlarge top... Here are some pics!


When I went for my 5 week post op my PS took some pics a sent me the before and after... Omg! Dr. T Did an amazing Job. I don't regret my decision one bit... This has been my best investment I've ever made..

Week 8 post op

What has been going on lately? Hmmm! Here is a list:
1. Swelling has subsided a bit
2. The prickly pain on my sides n top abs have been increasing
3. Back has been hurting! Bad! Not sure is its due to weather!
4. Have been experiencing lower ab pains
5. Emotionally been on a roller coaster! Ups n Downs!
6. My incision is looking great.
7. I'm down to a size 5 pants n small tops have lost almost 12lbs.
8. Appetite has increased
9. Energy level varies
10. I will do it all again...

10 weeks post op

Just made 10 weeks! What has been going on?
1. Swelling is getting less every week.
2. The prickly pain on my upper abs and straight down the middle of my stomach are still there.
3. Back is better
4. Experiencing some mild pain in my muscle wall (think its due to muscle wall stretching).
5. Emotionally I have been better
6. Incision is almost unnoticeable.
7. I am officially a size 5 my weight has stalled and I am still short of losing my last 9lbs to reach my ideal weight.
8. Appetite is back to normal
9. Energy level still varies
10. I do not regret ever doing this for myself! DEF WILL DO IT AGAIN! Love my results!

Overall; I love the way I look, it is still some getting use to and changing my way of dressing as I still struggle with wearing more fitting clothes. I'm reminded every day how great I look by my husband, I really thing he is happier then I am about my results he always tells me that it has been his best investment. lol! I was told it is time to go shopping for a 2 piece bathing suit which will be a first for me. I'm a little nervous but can't wait to see what things will look like. I go for my 3 month post op appointment at the end of this month, my healing has been very quick and simple with no complications.

2 piece heaven!

I finally gave in and went shopping for my first 2 piece swim suite. I was a bit nervous but my husband is my biggest fan! I have a few quick photos!

Before and After side by side

5 months post op

I can't believe its been 5 months since I croases over to the flat side. I am still numb and working on street hung my core. I just began doing yoga as I have noticed my up per abs getting a bit puffy! I have also taken up running... We will see the outcome. I don't regret my decision, iI am loving me today and have to say feel much more confident about myself. Everything I wear looks great and my husband is enjoying It also! Lol! I have uploaded a few pics...

7 months Post OP

Well were do I start? Here I am 7 months post op and still can't believe I did it. I have continued to loose inches remained in a size 5 from a 9/10. I lost a total of 15 pounds and have kept them off. I have been doing a little bit of yoga to stretch my core as it still feels tight. Still experience some swelling at the end of the day and numbness is still there. My incision has healed beautifully can't complained. I am going back to the gym after stopping for a bit due to my husband complaining I was loosing too much weight now just need to tone a few areas. I am very pleased with my results I think some would say I made this process look very easy. Making the decision to cross over to the flat side has given me great results.
1. Higher self-esteem
2. Everything fits better
3. My husband loves to hug my waist line again
4. Children are pleased with how I look
5. Overall I feel great!!!!
If anyone is having doubts or experiencing fear, anxiety or even double guessing yourself DON'T this is the best decision I have made, inform yourself, research your doctor, and make sure your doing it for yourself. I will be posting pics soon....

11 months post op..

Wow! Cant believe its been 11 months since i made the decision of crosding over... I am feeling great, just got back into the gym again after a break as I was loosing too much weight. I am currently at a weight im confortable with and working on toning things up. I am still pretty much numb in the area of my lower abs found a bit of inbalance with my upper abs but since i began toning up it is falling into place some of us are just built certain ways.. I dont regret my decision what so ever and i would it again. Dr. T has always listen to my concerns and he delivered the quality of work I expected. My advice to others is to keep an open mind when setting expectations on your results, I may not look like barbie but I sure feel and look great. My confidence has returned and the compliments just continue to come. Oh and my husband can not keep his hands off me....

I was very nervous waking into the office of Dr. T but once I arrived I was greeted by a very pleasant staff, every one was so nice and welcoming. I felt at ease from the beginning, I was brought into an examining room and was met by the patient Coordinator Devi. I had originally had set in mind for a TT BBL, but was informed that both procedures were not done together. My first impression of Dr. T was OMG! he looks so young, upon hearing what my expectations were he was very attentive to what I was saying and quickly shared with me his vision. Dr. T bedside manner was excellent not only was I pleased but my husband was impressed as well. Overall I am very comfortable with saying that after reviewing all his educational background and reviews along with witnessing things for myself I am happy to have him doing my procedure.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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