DrShifrinDoll 45 years old and getting my sexy back!- Chicago, IL

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My surgery is coming up in November. I am looking...

My surgery is coming up in November. I am looking forwarded to a new me! I am tried of looking 5 months pregnant. I want to be a better April. I am not looking to be snatched. I am looking forward to wearing beautiful dresses with the rolls and back bra line rolls. I am Thanking God in advance for my new Tummy????

Before pictures

Can't wait until it is GONE!

It's getting closer

3days before my pre op appointment???????? getting closer to joining the FLATSIDE!

Ready Ready!!

While trying to relax my Yorkie thinks I am his fluffy pillow...lol

Pre Op pictures

Dr. Shifrin made me feel great today. He said "I know you feel FAT, but it's just SKIN" he just don't know how that made me feel inside. I look forward to ALL this SKIN being removed soon????

4days post op

I'm on the FLATSIDE!

1drain down 1 more to go????????

I seen my doctor yesterday and everything is looking great. He took out 1 drain and it didn't hurt at all.

12 days post op

First time driving. NO MORE STOMACH hanging over the seat belt. I went to the Vitamin Shoppe. Arnicare works!

17 days post op

Feeling better! Yesterday I got my last drain removed.

A new compression garment

Loving the SLOW process????


Swelling from HELL...I had a busy day today. But I love my incision it's so thin, I could care less about all the stretch mark. I think once I full heal it will be extremely hard to see my scare.

5.5 weeks post op

Changes are happening even with the swelling!

No clothes

I have donated and gave some of my clothes to my sister. I can't wait to go shopping!


What a difference 1 week makes. I am 6wpo and my BB has gotta flatter


Dr. Shifrin did that...lol

Chin Lipo

Picture ready

First new dress

Feeling good in the navy dress.


Looking forward to going shopping!

5 Months Post Op Today

I can finally go shopping.

6 mos post op

No regrets!

2 piece swim wear

My first time in a 2piece

I have been following Dr. Shifrin since 'March 2016. I finally got my nerves up to have a consultation with him. I love his staff and even though it was an hour wait. I understand why Dr. Shifrin does not rush you. I had 2 pages of questions and he answered each one. I real appreciate his bedside manners.

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