32 Yo, 2 Kids, Muscle Repair/TT/lipo/Bunionectomy ! What a Journey but Thanking God Through It All!

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Wow! I've been a member for years and FINALLY now...

Wow! I've been a member for years and FINALLY now I can share my journey! I've suffered from stretch marks and raisin belly since my 1st child, 7 years ago. It devastated me because my body is my temple and my passion is dance. I felt I had no chance against any female competition with a stomach or FEET like mine! It was embarrassing.

I was born with a bunion on both feet (This is the bravest I've felt in a LONG TIME: to finally say that to the world, WOOHSA!) and the more I wore heels the worse they got they got. I went to fashion school where I studied fashion design and heels are our life!! But i completely regret that mindset bc my bunion got so bad they became painful And it ruined all my shoes???? I didn't let that stop me from Dancing tho! Hell nobody had to see my feet, Lol! I danced my as off and was good at it. UNTIL I got pregnant..(damn it is what I thought - I knew I had to slow down).

After having my beautiful 8lb baby boy my life changed! I became a mom and my passion to dance had to sit on the back burner.

That was 7 years ago; Another kid later (who is 2) I feel like it's time for mommy to get her groove back!

*Just some photos of my family in 2012*

Patience is Wearing Thin! Exercise/healthy Eating/waist Training Isn't HELPING!

I went hard in the gym every week. Losing weight and eating cleaner but my pouch was not going anywhere. My back was getting worse bc of the DR. I never used to have pain in my lower back and; because I had no support in my lower abdomen from the front, whenever I bent down for too long it would get painful.

I would lay flat on the floor hoping and praying the gap in my ab muscles were closer and I was disappointed every time. SMH So I started to wear a waist trainer, use 'It Works' wraps to help pull my pouch in but they were just temporary fixes. I needed a TT and I need it now!

The Stretch Marks and Raisin Belly is Real!

Fast forward! I finally had surgery on my left foot to remove the bunion last year. What a change in my life that made. I went from the exercising machine to a splint, then cast, then boot, then surgical show for 12 weeks! It slowed me all the way down, but i was ecstatic to have one foot looking normal. The hardest part was trying to keep up with my 2 boys on one foot. Thank God for a supporting husband.

Slowly but surely momma was going to get her groove back for sure. Just had to be patient..those were my thoughts. Pics below of my before and after left foot [(OMG)] and my wrinkly raisin like belly.

So I went in for my last post op appointment and...

So I went in for my last post op appointment and overall I felt much better about staff and most importantly, Dr. Turkle. I can't lie when I saw the price I was like DAMN that's a lot of money! I've had a few friends go out the country and get the same procedure and it cost way less. I know I know, the risk of going out of country and that's why I decided not to

But damn it's much less expensive. Anyway, the price went up because I decided to do Lipo as well AND the facility charge/anaesthesia was more because of the additional time it will take for the Lipo. Does anybody else feel like the facility charge is EXCESSIVE!?? The facility/anaesthesia charge is half price of the procedure. I think it's ridiculous and it pissed me off. But hey that's the price to pay to get your cosmetic surgery done in America. :)

The Beating our body takes

2 Days Till Flat Side!

My goodness I've waited sooo long for this moment and my nerves are shot. I cant sleep. Ive had the dream about bad results...its Just ugh. I've caught attitudes with my husband and my patience is short. Today i went shopping for a few items that I thought I might need . I've started also setting up my things on a shoe rack that we don't use much. I can place the shoe stand right next to the couch...its easily accessible. I also want to still buy a heating and cold pack or electric blanket for warmth. I have not brought any medical gauze or anything bc I figured they would supply those items to redress all scars, hopefully so. I went to see my podiatrist and he is comfortable with me wearing my surgical boot but Im still NO WEIGHT BARING. I thought I would have to push my surgery out bc of the bones and my foot are still fusing from my bunionectomy. Pray for me somebody please. I'll have my tummy tuck while still only being able to walk only on my left foot. Currently I'm pushing around on my knee walker. I plan on keeping my butt on the cushions of my couch for 7 days straight. God willing I'll have the help. I'm so nervous.

Omg! I'm less than 8 hours away..

Less than 8 hours away! For some odd reason I'm CALM! I haven't been able to sleep for the last week and probably won't sleep tonight. I've read and watched as many stories and videos I could possibly watch, I JUST WANT TO GET IT OVER WITH ALREADY. You know how you can read yourself out of something? I was almost there; and With that IM READY ladies! That's not to say I'm not scared of the unknown or nervous. I'll probably have to go into surgery at the surgery center alone. The scheduler has me 1st and I have kids to get off to school but I really had no choice. I made it known 2 weeks before my surgery date that the time was to early and 48hrs before surgery I'm told the time couldn't be changed. I was disappointed. I mean who wants to be alone? Plus I told y'all that that wasnt a good time and I was told in response that I'll get a different time. *truly disappointed* SOOO, anyway, my backbone (my husband) will have to stay home to take care of the kids and about time I wake up from surgery he'll be there. Its sad...bc I wanted him there WAITING but I HAVE TO PUT A S ON MY CHEST AND STICK IT UP. It's not fun being alone going into something like this. I'm sad about it. As I digress, i should really be sleep. Ima try. Talk to y'all soon. Thanks for listening

Checked in!

Checked in at the surgery center in Carmel! Dear God, please guide the hands that will work on me today. Bless the surgeon with precision and accuracy and most of all safety. My Lord allow me to come out of surgery with a speedy recovery. Guide my thoughts and my heart to be at ease and trust in you. You are my father and I love you. In Jesus name, Amen.

Somebody help me!

Please somebody tell me why I don't feel so bad after this tt/lipo/muscle repair?? I'm sore but not unbearable. I'm scared I'm going to eat my words tomorrow or the next day! Was this your experience? Gosh I'm So anxious to see how I look. This binder is tight as hell! I will never regret buying a waist trainer bcuz its prepared me for this. My experience at the surgery center was good although the wait was over a hour! When entering the room, I was given my gown,footies and leg compressors. I watched Animal planet while I waited. PS came in and marked me up. Anesthesiologists came in to introduce himself and drugged me up and I was out instantly! Next thing I know I woke up in the recovery room. The staff was so nice and helpful. Thank you later for being kind.

24 hours later..

Soreness is a muthafreaker! Had an episode last night, I gotta share. I couldn't get off the recliner in the middle of the night and I had to use the bathroom so bad...i took a urine cup and let it flow. My abdominal muscles felt even tighter bc I was holding my bladder so tight so I had to. No one talks about those moments.
Lol. When you are woke up by your bladder screaming and everyone is sound asleep and your bladder is weak! Whew! You gotta do what you gotta do ladies. Hey it worked, I had my wipes and I was cool after. I did it a few times after too - I could get used to it. Lol

Discomfort and soreness Day 2

I think I'm pushing the days to go by faster just so this soreness can go away! I wouldn't describe my recovery as painful but more like I got a beaten with sticks all around my abdomen for hours. Surgery happened yesterday and today I removed my binder to clean myself and much to my surprise there was no leakage, no blood or drainage at all! Bandages were clean. Scar is clean. My husband was so surprised. He thought he was going to see something disgusting but no. I received Lipo on flanks , muscle repair along with tt and I have no drainage from either incision site. Should I be worried? Has anybody have this happen to them? I'm worried bc I don't know what that means exactly. I go see the ps Tuesday for My post op app. I have a lot of questions. Like I have bandaids down close to my butt, did she Lipo there too? When I took my binder off I felt ripples going across the top of my abdomen close to my ta-tas. Why and what is that? I'm thinking is that what the Lipo board is for? To straighten out those ripples..hmm. Do you know? I glanced at my stomach and it's flat I think. I was sitting. It was painful to do it standing. I still saw stretch marks and a little wrinkly skin and that immediately made me wale up with tears. My husband saw my face and started to compliment my new stomach and told me just give it time. And he hugged me. I kind of knew I wouldn't get rid of all My stretch marks but I WAS PRAYED it woulld. I called a few friends and they gave me some words of encouragement. They said you can get a tatoo over them or try the stretch marks removal procedure or creams etc. I was just hoping for a regular looking belly after this. The pic I took wasn't the best but I'll post anyway. Pray for me y'all feeling a little down.

Nobody talks about the challenge with breathing after muscle repair

Hey ladies just a quick update on my recovery. I've been taking it easy..real easy. My husband is taking care of everything while I recline back and forth in thr chair with ice packs on my abdomen, of course covered with a towel. It's the 1 thing that makes me feel better. My scar stings just a little with movement but not a lot. My Lipo areas are extremely sore. I don't move much except to get up and scroll around the living room then back to the chair. I Dont like to feel pain so if a certain move hurts me than I try not to move that area again lol. Lifting off the couch is painful. We use our freaking abdomen for everything, lol. I Can't avoid an uncomfortable position! Come on day 5 already. In good news I've been fed some delicious food...i can't eat much but I'm trying. Much protein with fruit and veggies. No BM just yet but I'm not looking forward to it either lol. I don't want to put any pressure down there at ALL! NOW THE BREATHING IS a challenge at times. I avoid any yelling, my husband likes that part and any coughing or laughing is not happening. ItIt's s Way to painful. Take small breaths and try to avoid deep inhaling. What a challenge huh? Lol anyway took another pic while reclined back what y'all think?


Day by day I'm feeling better and better. Today my husband goes back to work and im supposed to have help but something has come up, go figure! I wanted to mention along this journey how I've had to inject myself in the thigh with Lovenox. Its a anticoagulant drug. It thins the blood and alters the body's normal clotting process so they take longer to form. It reduces the risk of developing DVT blood clots, which may lead to PE (pulmonary embolism). There's very little mention about the risk of clotting discussion on this site regarding getting a TT. Unfortunately some women don't know the risks, side effects or safety information to be proactive against blood clots. So I have to inject myself daily for 10 days. Warning signs of a DVT blood clot (clot in leg) may include: pain or tenderness in leg, swelling, discoloration in leg, warmth of the leg. Anyone that have this surgery is at risk so remember these things. And the risk doesn't go away in a few days.Just because you're looking good on the outside doesn't mean anything about what's going on in the inside. Be informed ladies!

Post Op Appt

Went to see my PS yesterday, boah it felt good to get out the house! I almost went in a robe, lol. I'm at the point where I'm not taking pain meds as frequent. I did take one before the appointment though. She removed the stitches, told me I was looking good and see me soon. It was quick and easy. I had questions but I thought to myself, you are 5 days post Op don't start complaining about what you look like, YOU ARE SWOLLEN! So I kept my questions to myself. She did mention, no scar creams or anything on bb either.. just soap and water. I'll be back to see her in a couple weeks!

Trust the process! Pic update

Still taking it easy! Wearing my compression garment everyday, all day. I only remove it to wash my body that's it. My bb is dark and crusted with dry skin, but I'm not rushing the healing bc that's when things go left. Only soap and water. I have swell around my scar area and back area and that's about it. I'm sore. I walk around on my knee walker and I think it's an advantage! I got to lean forward and rest on it. Limitations are real, lol, but baby In a few weeks I'll be back like I never left! I'm excited about my transition. You gotta trust the process ladies. Happy days ahead.

My ass is flat and my foot is peeling

Hey dolls! I'm moving right along. Yesterday I finally went out to have lunch with the Hubby. It wasn't too bad but boy was my swelling pouch showing through the compression garment. I felt like I was going to bust like a balloon, lol. I wasn't born with a lot of ass (thx to my no ass having mother, no shade mommy) but I started to build it up before surgery through weight lifting and protein but I have been sitting on it now for weeks ALL DAY EVERYDAY IM AFRAID OF WHAT I MIGHT SEE WHEN I AM ABLE TO TURN AROUND TO LOOK. I cant wait to start some leg lifts or something. That's my anxiety right about now. Other than that, the soreness from my right back side has yet to go away. And whenever I sit still for too long it gets stiff and really sore. So I need to keep it moving but that's easier said than done. I'm STILL only weight bearing on 1 leg.

I saw my podiatrist yesterday and my scar is healed and I can now begin to treat it with oil, creams and wash it. The peeling of the dead skin is bizarre and its messy! I will start Physical therapy soon on my foot to work through the scar tissue that has built up. I know what to expect since I did this on the left foot already. I'm going to post pics!

As far as my TT, I'm still not sure if it is all worth it or not. I'll leave that as to be determined...

Binder/ compression garment/ body shaper

SOOO let's talk about the garments the ps recommend or supply to us. Is there anyone that is completely satisfied with theirs? I mean I have seen some that looks like out functions better than mine. I don't like that it connects underneath because when i lay down it bunch up. The zippers are uncomfortable as well. The picture is like day 2. I stayed on the recliner and only moved to go to the bathroom. Does anyone have a Garnett similar to this one I have on? Have anyone ever asked for a different garment because they didn't like the one that was given? I think I'm going to ask my ps for a different garment. What is it that differentiates these garments from one another? Is there a top garment I should look into? Any suggestions would help! Thx

Mixed Emotions/Sex or lack there of/Patience

Hey ladies, how's everything? Hoping all is well. I've been having some opinions to share but didn't have any pic updates so I didn't share my opinion. Lol I'm a visual person so I like to see pics with the story. Anyways.. tomorrow is my 2nd post Op visit and I'm not sure what's happening when I get there. The swelling is real (so I don't expect anything less) and I'm still taking it easy. I'm taking my daily one a day vitamin, magnesium, zinc and calcium supplement & turmeric. These supplements, I can tell, has helped tremendously with muscle and tissue repair. Immediately after taking them daily I could flex my abdominal muscles without excruciating pain. I'm bending and stretching much better. Have anyone experienced the body natural stretch? It's more like when your laying down.. It's a battle against you and the stretch..lol. Your body is telling your mind to stretch from head to toe and your mind is like YOUR SCAR COULD COME APART! BE careful. Lol Yeah, it's a trip. Lol Nevertheless, I feel good once i do.

Another thing, I've read some reviews and there are women in the mirror daily expecting a major change. The truth is, is it's NOT GOING TO be what you're expecting just YET. This here takes time and patience. If only they could sell PATIENCE in the pharmacy. I, myself, reminds myself every time I roll past the mirror that it's a process. Lol Im looking like hunch back of NOTRE DAME. My hair looking crazy. I'm in a pink Rob..whew! I just look at my husband like.."Aww bae you really love me, don't you" haha haha. Let's be honest we are not looking attractive during this time and our husbands are doing all they can! Lol (I tried to give him a 'Thank you for feeding me and taking care of the boys' bookie, AND OH LAWD it was awkward, uncomfortable and i think i ruined it by being talking too much. Bwahahahahaha Needless to say, it was NOT successful... for him. :) That Tully didn't make me happy bc i wanted to help him release some built up tension.

As I digress, lol..i know we all have a funny story.

Lastly, laughing is still hard to do. I hold in a sneeze and a cough. No way will I let it out. Hell no! It hurts. The Lipo areas still are sore and the feeling is coming back to those Lipo areas. I have two stitches that I'm guessing my ps left out for a reason??? Hmm,lol.

Alright I got pics check them out. I also have some wish pics.

I'm Thankful for my flat tummy!

Hey RS peeps :) What are you thankful for?! Well of course my family andddd my flat tummy! It's been 3 weeks exactly today and I removed my strips from my scar. Yuk! The bonding glue is caked up in places, so what can remove it? I put scar cream, scar serum, lol, fade cream AND TEA TREE OIL! Hopefully it will lift. Anyways the family getting together had my face sore from laughing and my stitches feeling so tight! I had to count to stop from laughing.

Anyways bow movement is back on a daily schedule THANK GOODNESS. I wouldn't wish CONSTIPATION on my worse enemy :(. Shits painful (no pun intended)

Lastly, my appointment was coo. I was told I can do lite cardio, begin massages and scar care. She also told me I could wear my waist trainer - As long as, it covers my scar. So I put it On and it's definitely helping with compression. So now I'm wearing a spanx and waist trainer. The spanx covers the scar even when the trainer rides up. Still not sleeping in the bed. Have not yet slept comfortably on my side and that sucks!

That's it. That's all. Pics included :) of course when I removed the waist trainer I snapped a pic. Body wasn't looking half bad being that I've been down since my foot surgery Oct 12th. Peace and blessings.

At a stand STILL!

Hey dolls! Wishing all is well. Prayers for any of you who live in Tennessee or have family there. Our prayers are with you!

I just wanted to drop off a pic! I have some good news and bad news, which do you want to hear 1st? (Bad news ok) Well the bad news is that my swelling is at a STAND STILL 4REAL! GRRRRR but be patient my child..lol. I plan to start my 1st massage this weekend. Hopefully it helps. Plus I ordered those bromelain pills EVERYBODY SWEARS BY ON HERE. #noshade #iwannabedown #thatswhyiordered

In good news I'm off my knee walker! Yasss thank goodness! I went to CINCINNATI ZOO to see 'The Festival of Lights' and it wasn't the best idea for my situation. So I rented the motorized scooter, smart right! Yeah mfkan right, the mfka went out on me clearrrrr across the damn zoo..AWAY from the rental place. SmH. I was cold and mad as hell. Everyone took turns pushing me. Even strangers. My 65yo grandmother was even pushing. That ruined it for me. Needless to say I got a refund for the rental. I wish they could give back my damn time!

Anyway I'm on my size 32 waist trainer. I was in it before the surgery so it's no different lol. Well without the raisin belly. :) Any tips on how to keep the swelling down besides the pills,massage and sodium intake? Thx in advance!

Good day dolls.

Before and After

Merry Christmas/Happy Kwanza/Happy NY

Hello there! How's it going?! I hope is well. I can finally say I'm loving my results but I still get swelling which prohibits me for wearing anything showing my new tummy. I mean that I'm hating at this point. I'm back in my groove but can't quite roll my body like before just yet. With it being the NEW YEAR and Xmas time, the parties are going down and I can't get down like a stripper like usually, LOL.

I try to roll my body and when i get to my stomach it doesn't really move fluently. It's weird feeling. So I'm working on my body roll.

Coughing still hurts. My back where I had Lipo still is sore! That's crazy. It swells as well. Overall, I'm not exactly happy with my Lipo results. I feel like I should not have slim to no fat back there and I do! I mean she only took 500cc. I mean that's not a freaking enough! My love handlhandle area has always been a problem area for me and I added the Lipo on in the end bc I thought it would help. It cost 1500 and Im not happy with the results there. I thought about calling and seeing what can be done bc ask any doc 500cc is NOT A LOT.

ANYWHO! I'm done ranting. I hope all is well loved. Pics!

Just a few more

Compression garment/body garment

Okay. I brought this and I love how it fits my waist bc my waist is about 2 inches smaller than my hips. Plus I bought it online and it's Too SMALL! It fits no where else lol! So it rides up EVERY WHERE!! So tight on the whoo ha and my butt. Gives great compression tho. It was only 30 dollars and i can't remember the name od the website so I'll get that later!

Before and after pics. (6 week post)

I took selfies before surgery and 6 weeks after surgery on doc office.

Love my waist line! So little!

Body shaper info

Sammy 2in1 bodyshaper


Still numb and still swells

It's been a minute, so I decided to update . I'm still sore in my back flank area around the scar area. It's not like painful, but definitely an ouch if it's touched. And on my goodness!! The swelling. Grrr it truly gets on my nerves. In my flank area it gets big from swelling and in my stomach area it feels worse than it actually looks. I can feel the bulge from swelling and sometimes it gets so tight from the swelling? that I begin to hunch over. I hate that part. The only time that I can go without swelling period, is when I have on my compression garment. I can't wear it with everything, plus I want to show my belly but it's not cute when your stomach gets to swelling. Super uncomfortable.

My scar is dark and I want it to be lighter but I guess I gotta just wait it out. I keep coco butter and shea butter on it daily. I massage it as well bc I feel like on one side the scar is a little lifted versus the other side. One thing I'm liking is my belly button. At first it looked surgically enhanced but now it seems like it's opening up more. It's looking more natural.

I've also noticed when I sit down I see the sagging of extra skin. It's not a lot but it's wrinkle too. Bums me out a little. I just think about wearing bikinis in the dinner time and once I sit down it'll show. I just want it to be flat tight and smooth.

Anyway, I will continue to workout 5 days a week and eating clean. I'm working on my body and I want it to be tight and right! It's late and I'll update more later. I'm sleepy and I got body pump in the morning. Pics for y'all to see!
Dr. Turkle

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