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I've had 2 consults regarding a...

I've had 2 consults regarding a septoplasty/rhinoplasty with 2 different physicians over this last year. I saw Dr. Dean Toriumi last year and just saw Dr. Anil Shah yesterday. After meeting Dr. Shah and going over before and after pictures and seeing his amazing work, I knew right then and there that he was the one I wanted doing my surgery. His staff is equally amazing.

11 days until my surgery!

I'm so nervous and it's still 11 days away until surgery. I sure hope my results turn out as good as everyone elses. :)

Last consultation before surgery.

I had my last consultation yesterday to go over the final details of my surgery, which is scheduled for Feb 19th. Dr. Shah is so nice and put my feelings at ease. I'm the type to have high anxiety and he was so honest in saying that the expectation is not to have a perfect nose, but a better version of what I have. I don't expect it to be perfect, I just want it even and to balance with my face. I don't want to look completely different than before surgery, I just want the same nose, but even. He said my case is complex and tip revision is the hardest to get right. I'm putting all my faith in this man, in hopes that he can give me what I envision. His staff has been really great, too.

3 days until my surgery!

I am SO nervous about my up coming surgery. I have times when I'm OK, then it hits me that I'm really going through with this. I'm sure with my pulse so high, I'm burning calories. ;). It's a win win.

Tomorrow is my surgery!

I am SO nervous about tomorrow. I keep having those reality moments and can't believe I'm actually going through with this. I just really hope it turns out the way I want it. I hope I don't look better before than after because I can't go back. I'm sure everyone feels the same way before surgery.

It's 6:30am and I'm up getting ready.

I have to be in Chicago at 10am for surgery at 11am. I'm nervous, but not as bad as I was over the weekend. Dr Shah called me twice yesterday, once to discuss the procedure and details and the other phone call was to see how I was holding up and to give me reassurance. I mean seriously, what Dr does that? He did put my mind at ease and I got a somewhat good nights sleep. I just can't wait until its all over with and I can rest assured. I'll update when it's over.

I had my surgery yesterday.

My surgery was yesterday and lasted about 3 1/2 hours. It was more in depth than what he thought. He had to put cartilage in the rim of my nostrils to try and make them even. They're still crooked but I'm hoping some of it's swelling. I can handle some crookedness but we'll see after the cast gets taken off on Tuesday how bad it really is. He had to cut one nostril in a downward fashion because that one is lower and wider. The septum is straight from what I can see, so I'm all good with that.

The process was smooth for the most part. Everyone at the surgical center was really nice. I was so nervous and they tried to devert my attention off of the procedure by joking. It worked to a degree. They wanted to give me some Versed but couldn't because I had to be "with it" when I talked to Dr Shah to go over the pics and procedure one last time and he was running late.

The Anesthesiologist was totally hot! He was such a Kricket guy. ;). That took my mind off of things for a little bit. Once I had talked to Dr Shah, the Anesthesiologist gave me some Versed and I asked him what his first name was but because the drug is a hypnotic, I forgot what he told me. He took good care of me and it was over before I knew it.

Recovery was quick, only because I don't remember all of it. The middle of my nose to the nostrils hurt pretty bad but by the time I was discharged, it was tolerable. I had no nausea or vomiting. To say the least, it all went really well.


Here's a pic of how I look today. Nothing's more attractive than a mustache dressing. ;). I really don't think I'll need it after tomorrow. Now, if only I was getting this cast off tomorrow. ;).

Day 2

My nose is crazy swollen along with my checks. My upper lip is a little stiff, but not bad. I've been sitting and sleeping straight up which isn't too bad in a recliner. My nose has pretty much stopped dripping. The fist day is the worst and it just tapers off, so I'm leaving the mustache dressing off for awhile and see how it goes. It really does just feel like a bad sinus infection because both nostrils are quite stuffy which causes head congestion, other than that, it's really not been bad at all. It hasn't even hurt where he manipulated the bones on each side. This whole experience is going better than expected.

I'm the opposite of everyone. I don't want to really get my cast off and the more swollen, the better. I'd rather move slowly into what my nose will look like than see it right away, the way it will look in the end. I guess because for starters, the fact that its straight is a big adjustment to me. I've lived with a crooked nose for 35 years and that's all I really know. LOL. I'm sure Dr. Shah will be shocked when I say, "The more swollen, the better". I've been taking Xanax (Dr Shah only gave me 5 pills) throuout this whole experience and I called to ask for a refill and he gives me 5 more. Apparently, he doesn't know I'm off my chain with anxiety, especially with not knowing what these results will be. I'll call my regular doc and get a full prescription. The less stress I have, the better healing I think I will also have. So far, I've been doing great.

My throat still hurts the worse from the intubation tube from surgery. The nose is a piece of cake, just a little sore at the tip. My appetite is back. Dr Shah's office has been calling to check on me. Karen and Mia are the best! I feel like we're old friends and they're so easy to talk to and joke around and have been a big part of all of this. And for that, I want to say "Thank You!.

I talked to Dr Shah yesterday on the phone. I know he's busy and even though the phone call felt rushed, it was reassuring. That's how all Dr's are. If every Dr sat and talked to patients for 45 minutes or longer, they'd hardly see any patients, so I get that. I don't hold that against him at all.

I'm staying put in the house until Tuesday until I go and get the cast off and stitches out. I'm not a brave one to venture out, plus the weather is crappy. I'm just going to relax and take it easy and post day to day about my experience, in hopes that it helps someone else. So far, I'm glad I did it. :))).

Some sutures have come out of my incision on the columella.

Be careful when using a Q-tip and Neosporin on your sutures. A few of mine have disappeared and I'm nervous now that it's not going to heal as nicely as I wanted it to. This just adds to my anxiety. If your applying it, just put a thin strip from the type on it and NOT use the Q-tips. I'm sad about this.

Day 3

I'm up early and slept a little better than last night, only because I ditched the mustache dressing. My nose isn't bleeding. If anything, it will occasionally drain a quick clear drainage and I make sure I have Kleenex around for that. My throat is starting to feel a little better too, from when I was intubated. It's just a little sore. I keep a lip balm on my lips at all times because they get so dry. I still have to sleep propped up and today I might be able to breath a tad bit through my nose but it's still super stuffy. I just can't wait until I can get all these stitches out and cast off Tuesday, so I don't have to worry about stitches coming out, etc. I've been a wreck over that. The last thing I want is any more scaring than usual.

Day 3 in the afternoon.

I really wish the office was open now so that I could go up there an have Dr. Shah look at these sutures that came out. It was the strangest thing, the suture ends just caught on the end of the Q-tip and pulled it out as I was gently spreading and dabbing Neosprin on the incision. I have a small V area open on my columella and that's what worries me is that it will leave a scar when the other spots with sututes are perfect. I'm so distraught right now. Dr. Shah thinks it's no big deal when I called him Friday night, but it's a BIG deal to me. My nostrils are still crooked and that just adds fuel to the fire, I guess. I feel like I'm going to have more problems now than before I had surgery. Maybe everyone was right and I shouldn't have done it. I just feel like I'm on my own dealing with this, especially since it's the weekend. I suppose if he could've replaced the missing sutures on Friday, at least that would've made me feel better, or maybe it was just too late to do that. It's just a somber day for me right now. I'm stuffy, have a scar, my nostrils are crooked and I don't think it's from swelling because I really don't have much swelling. Besides that, I'm afraid to even take the cast off. I think I'd rather leave it on for a whole year. LOL This just isn't going at all how I had planned. I researched a lot, did as I should've and it just upsets me. I will say though. I'm ALWAYS the 1%, if somethings going to happen, it's going to happen to me. Co-workers and friends warned me before I went in. ;) Maybe tomorrow will be a better day, right now I'm going to take my mind off of it for the time being.

Day 4

I had a melt down on day 4 and went through a range of feelings and emotions. I didn't really feel like posting anything, let alone looking in the mirror or taking pics. I just needed some reassurance, but it was Sunday and no one from the office was obviously in, so I took some meds and went to bed early.

Day 5

I've been feeling better today since I talked to Mia from Dr. Shah's office. He has the best office staff and I just can't say enough great things about them. My nose is still pretty stuffy and all I want to do is blow my nose, but I can't. I'm being patient and applying ointment as I should be. Hopefully, the the cast and stitches removal won't be too bad.

I get the cast and stitches out tomorrow and also a little early. I must say, I'm a little freaked out. I just can't wait until its done and I can see the final results.

Day 5 pic

Day 6 tomorrow and I'll show final pics after the stitches and cast is removed.

After tomorrow, I feel my journey is complete. I'll see my results, post pics and rate Dr. Shah, so that all of you contemplating going to him can make an informed decision based on my story. I hope my story has helped some people. Anyone can inbox me at anytime and I'd be glad to help you with any questions you may have. Good luck to all of you that are getting ready to do it and good luck to those who are in the waiting process of the full year for results. I wish you all the best. :)

Cast and sutures out!

The sutures hurt coming out, I'm not gonna sugar coat that but here it is! It's swollen but I'll take it like it is compared to what it was before. :).

One more pic

4 days after cast and stitches out

My nose isn't swollen like most, but I'm sure it's still swollen. I'm happy with the way it's turning out though. I see Dr. Shah on March 18th and I'll know more then. :)


If I had it to do all over again, I would've had him do the osteotomies. I was too scared that it would turn out super skinny, but I think it would've turned out perfect. I'm the conservative type and was scared to do it. We'll see what he says at my next visit.

Felling a little better

I finally put some makeup on and tried to cover the bruise. It's barely there and going away. I still have a little nostril assymatry, but that was discussed before surgery that he'd do his best to fix it. It's not bad. I'm not sure if I'll even get it fixed at the 6 month mark, or whenever you can do that I'll see how it progresses.

I almost wish I would've had him turn up my tip a bit because the injury made it looked turned up and I guess I was used to it that way. It's weird seeing it the way it would've been. I guess it's just a matter if getting used to it. All in all, I'm pleased with the results so far and it's only been 2 weeks.

All is healing well.

I'm healing well and although I have a small, thin skinned nose, I do feel that the swelling changes the look of my nose every day. I'm happy with the results so far. I did get a cold shortly after the procedure that I've been fighting and I feel that just makes things worse, as far as the breathing issue goes. Dr. Shah is a great doctor and I'm glad I chose him. I also love his office staff. :) I go back on April 1st and we'll see what he says about how things are progressing.

Almost good as new.

I'm feeling great besides having a sinus infection on top of everything. Ughhh. My nose seems to change shape almost every day. At times, it tingles and feels like it's shrinking. I'm sure that's the nerve endings coming back together. I have such a small nose that I don't even know if I have swelling or not. I guess I'll find out on April 1. That will be a month and a half from surgery. I feel great, have more confidence, but I'm stuffy still. I hope that goes away soon. I'm happy with the results. Anything is better than what I lived with for most of my life.

Not quite 2 months post op

It hasn't quite been 2 months yet sine my surgery and my nose changes every day. It's getting more defined and less swollen. Some days I wake up and it's swollen more than others. I'm still stuffy and that fluctuates, too. I'm proud of myself for being OK with the slow transformation. I'm usually one to want the slightest imperfection fixed right now. No wonder I have anxiety. LOL. I just know this is a long road and things do change slowly over time. I'm seeing the slow changes and I like what I see. Dr Shah has transformed my life. He doesn't know how positively he's impacted my life and I will forever be grateful to him for that. My nose isn't perfect, but it's a better version of what I had. That's all I wanted and actually, it came out better than I had expected. Each day it gets better and better. The itching inside my nose gets intense sometimes. I just tap on the outside of my nose and that usually makes it go away. It all just means its healing.

I went to see Dr Shah on April 1st and got Botox. I figured I might as well do something to take my mind off my nose while its healing. I was SO scared to get it again. I had it done 2 years ago by a different Dr and my eyebrows drooped. It was AWFUL! But Dr Shah assured me that it wouldn't happen if he did it. It's been a week now and I LOVE the results. I got an eyebrow lift and the lines on my forehead are less. I don't have the frozen look, nor is my forehead numb. This was a great experience for me and unlike last time, I'm enjoying these results. :))) I'll try and update my pics, too. Overall, I'm a happy girl. :)))

A little over 2 years later.

I've been very patient with the healing process (which isn't like me and I'm the one holding out on doing too much) but just recently I had Dr. Shah rasp the sides of my nose and do whatever he does with the turbinates. They grew back from the first time he did it. My breathing is even better than before and so is the shape of my nose. I'm really glad I chose to go through with it. I did it in the OR because I'm a "Sally". I'm not even ashamed to admit it! LOL. Even though it would've been free in the office, doing it there just isn't for me. Every visit I've had has been free, as well as all of the injections for swelling. I'm taking baby steps throughout this whole process. I go back in 8 months for a check up and may do a steroid injection for my tip swelling. I love how it looks now and don't want to do to much and regret it later. So, I'll just see how I feel in 8 months about it. Dr. Shah is great about just "waiting it out" as well. That's what I love about him. Too many changes at once isn't good for me. So, I'll check back in 8 months and let you all know if I received an injection or if it's the final result. Stay tuned! One final thing...I'm so glad I chose him as my Dr. He knows exactly what I'm going for and won't stop until I feel it's perfect for me. He's more of a perfectionist than I am and I don't know how that can be humanly possible, but it's true. ???? He really is the best ! ??

Late update!

It's been almost 3 years and my nose is still changing. It was tweaked a little bit last year. I had some rasping done on the sides of my nose along with some work on my turbinates. I've had a few steroid injections, but waited until after a year to get those done, per my request. I'm very conservative and so is Dr. Shah. I've learned that with having a rhinoplasty, you have to be patient and for me, it's not about perfection, it's about just making it better than what it was...and it is.
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