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I have never liked my nose even in junior high I...

I have never liked my nose even in junior high I begged my mom to take me to get it fixed. She always told me I'd "grow into" it. Well I've graduated college and gotten married and I don't think I've grown into it yet. Luckily I have found a PS who is going to make the corrections in late May. I'm so excited but really nervous too! I also found out I have a deviated septum so we are getting that taken care of too, I'm so worried about going back to work and everyone seeing me all bruised up. I took 8 days off I hope that's enough!

Every time I look in the mirror all I can see is...

Every time I look in the mirror all I can see is this huge nose. I have felt this way for so long it makes me wonder what I will feel when I get this done. For those of you who have had it done what did you feel afterwards? I never felt ugly but it did make me insecure. I guess I am worried I will start to gravitate to another part of me that I see as flawed. Did anyone feel like they started to pick themselves apart. That's my husbands biggest worry because I can be a little OCD about things lol. I just like some parts of my life a certain way. I am by no means a perfectionist, and I do not expect my nose to be perfect. I will never have a tiny cute nose, I will have my nose updated to suit my face better. I just really wonder how you guys felt once the swelling went down or even right after. Did you recognize yourself? Just starting to freak out the closer it gets =)

Well I got most of my stash today for the upcoming...

Well I got most of my stash today for the upcoming day. Arnica Montana pills to help prevent swelling and bruising. Arnica gel as well just in case. Dry Shampoo since I can't get my cast wet. Pepto just in case I get nauseous. Q tips to clean out the yuck. Organic cleaning cloths to make sure my face isn't oily. Peroxide to clean the inside after surgery. Sleeping pills so I can knock myself out and force some rest. Costal Scents Camouflage which I wore to work today since I naturally have dark circles under my eyes and can never find a concealer that has good coverage, looks natural and stays on all day. I finally found one! I love it you can pack it so you can make it as thick as you want but you can't even tell. I even tried it on one of my tattoos and you could barely tell it was there! Plus when I got home after 11hrs it was still on, that has never happened! Also it has a bunch of different shades so you can mix them to make your perfect color. I still need to pick up straws, hats, and a bunch of books and movies to keep me as busy as possible but I have a good start. Also I have a full grocery list of fruits and veggies and easy to consume foods that will help with the healing process.
I'm getting so excited to have this done. I really wish I could bump up my date and get this done tomorrow lol! I also have an apt to talk to my PS again and see if I can talk him into making the width of my nose a little smaller then the morph he did for me. I know he wants it to look really natural and I do too but I really want as small of a nose as we can do and still make it look good. We'll see how it goes. =)
What do you girls think am I missing anything?

Well I picked up some really cute hats to take the...

Well I picked up some really cute hats to take the place of my beloved sunglasses. I think I've gotten so attached to shades because they hid my nose to some extent. But hopefully in the future I will only use glasses to shade my eyes not to hide myself behind. Hurry up May 24th!!!

Well I've decided to talk to my PS a little more...

Well I've decided to talk to my PS a little more and see if I can get him to make my nose a little smaller then the pics he did for me at his office. When I met with him he asked me what I wanted done and I told him I wanted a more feminine nose. He showed me in a mirror what he wanted to do and then on the computer. I had a total blonde moment and forgot most of my questions lol (Luckily his staff is amazing they get back with me immediately, and trust me I've tested them at least once or twice a week for the past month. I just want to him to tell me if he can make it a little smaller without looking too fake or pinched. I'm not too worried because he specializes in facial plastics so I know I'm in good hands but I just want to make sure we're on the same page. What do you guys think? Did any of you question your before and after pics that your PS did for you? I hope I'm not being overly critical or OCD. I'm not expecting perfection I've just always dreamed of a cute nose =)

Well I received my order for lab work yesterday...

Well I received my order for lab work yesterday and have an apt for Thursday to get all the panels done. I'm so excited now It feels like it's finally getting close, only 16 days left! My insurance always covers lab work but does anyone know how much on average the Surgery Centers charge to process it? Or do I just pay the Diagnostic Center? Just wondering =) I also made an apt to have my hair washed and styled at my friends salon 5 days after surgery so I don't feel so gross lol! Luckily for me my hair is naturally curly so I could not wash it for a week and no one would be able to notice the ONLY perk to having natural curly hair =)

Dr. Shah went over my morphs on the computer and...

Dr. Shah went over my morphs on the computer and he can go a little smaller. That's what I wanted and still be able to remain natural looking. I LOVE the new morph my biggest issue with my nose other then the bump is how huge the width around my nostrils is. The new morph has it looking much smaller and cute. I also had my lab work done so that is all taken care of. All I need to do now is get my pain meds filled and pray May 24th comes as quickly as possible!

Question: For those of you with children or who want to have children do you worry about your kids inheriting the nose you disliked your entire life? One of my friends asked me what I would do I laughed and said maybe I should start a nose job fund just in case =) But seriously are you worried they will be unhappy or insecure or God forbid teased about it?

Well I'm down to 3 days until surgery. It still...

Well I'm down to 3 days until surgery. It still doesn't seem real to me. I feel as if something is going to wake me up and it will all be a dream. (I've had that one before) Last night my husband and I went and got all my food for the week. Most of it I found from suggestions girls on Realself said worked well for them and doctor recommended food that helps with the healing process. I'll post a list of everything once I'm home from surgery. I also picked up some magazines, books, and movies so I'm not too bored. I started using my Arnica pills too, so hopefully it will reduce the bruising and swelling a little, and I picked up straws so I can drink all the pineapple juice we got lol. That's about it, I'll post pics after the surgery so you can see the process.

Well in 36 hours, we are down to hours now, I will...

Well in 36 hours, we are down to hours now, I will be under the knife. WOW! I am finally getting nervous and it's hard to keep my hands steady. I picked up my Vicodin and antibiotics and some Vitamin C that my mommy recommended. She asked if I was ready and I told her I wish I was coming out of the anesthesia instead of waiting the coming hours. I know she said. =) She was the one growing up I confided in about how much I hated my nose. She would tell me all the Irish women in our family have it, Ugghh they can have it! Lol and soon i will not have that family characteristic anymore.

With surgery getting this close it's become so hard to think straight if I thought my coworkers could handle my case load for another day I'd happily give it to them right now and take tomorrow off to relax. But I'd probably drive myself crazy I suppose. I'm not even sure what I'm nervous about, I've had surgery before and anesthesia doesn't scare me. I've been in a couple of bad accidents that resulted in a lot more pain then a rhinoplasty will cause. So why am I so nervous?

The surgery went perfect today. Dr Shah said...

The surgery went perfect today. Dr Shah said everything went as expected and there were no surprises. =) I had to be at the surgical center at 6am and my surgery was at 7am (he most be a morning person). I did the urine test and they had me change into my lovely gown and slippers lol. Then we locked up my personals in a private locker and I got to relax with my husband in my room. They checked my heart rate and blood pressure and once it looked good I got some nausea tablets because I was worried about throwing up with my sensitive stomach. They also gave me some antibiotics and some more nausea meds through an IV. Then they took me to the room gave me some anesthesia and I was OUT! The only thing I remember was that my doctor was listening to Kanye West before I went under lol. When I work up they had ice on my eyes and the only pain I had was a serious sore throat. I couldn't feel any pain in my nose and now after almost 12 hrs I still have no pain in my nose only a little congestion. I also was not nauseous thankfully. They quickly gave me some water and put some chapstick on me and some paid meeds. I took a while to really be ready to go I was very groggy. But once I came to they wheeled me to my car after they got me dressed and I was headed home.
This was WAY easier and less painful then I thought it would be. I can already see my cute little tip when I change the drip pad and the length is way shorter! I'm so excited to see how it turns out. I have very little swelling so maybe that Arnica is really helping. This was totally worth it for me I know it's going to be a big improvement!!

Okay today is Day 2 post op. A lot has changed...

Okay today is Day 2 post op. A lot has changed since I got home I now have two black eyes (very sexy) and a lot of swelling. But I'm really in no pain so I don't mind looking crazy for a week =) I know i made the right decision and would have regretted not doing this for myself. The hubby has been making me yummy smoothies with foods that have healing properties like pineapple, bananas, and blueberries. Yum. I'm really bad at icing which is why I'm probably so swollen but doing it every 20min is seriously annoying. I can finally drink out of a glass without a straw which is nice and I can eat solid food but I really have zero appetite so the husband has been forcing me to eat. Broccoli and spinach are supposed to be good healing foods so I'll try and do a salad latter so I can get some more nutrition in me. One bad thing though my doggies have been starring at me like they are freaked out by my looks lol I thought they were supposed to be impartial =)

Day 3 Post op. Well they said day 2 and 3 were...

Day 3 Post op. Well they said day 2 and 3 were going to be the worst and if this is as bad as it gets then this recovery is going to be a cake walk. I really thought it would be more painful. Even when my husbands cleans the incisions and applies the ointment there is zero pain. Pretty much I just feel like I have a cold. My swelling has really gone down so my eyes don't look as goofy and the bruising seems to be slowly going away too. I am soooo bored though I think I am going to go for a walk latter and hope none of my neighbors see me =) I feel like a caged animal, this has to be the worst part. I can't believe I was so nervous to do this, if I knew it was going to be like this I would have gotten this done after high school.

Day 4 Post Op. Not much has changed I woke up...

Day 4 Post Op.
Not much has changed I woke up with very little pain, I usually just take an Extra Strength Tylenol if I need something. I lathered up my face with Arnica gel and I see my bruises are more yellow today so that's good. My nose is Very swollen it feels like its going to pop my splint off lol, (I would not be upset)! My mom is stopping by for a visit, people must think this was a much bigger deal then I do =) My appetite is still not back and I'd rather drink smoothies then anything else but my husband forced me to eat stuffed peppers and mashed potatoes last night. I did get to go out for the first time yesterday. I wore my huge floppy straw hat but I could tell people were looking. Oh well. I got some ice cream and finally got to enjoy this amazing weather!! Oh and I can breath out of my nose so that's amazing! I was wondering when the septoplasty results would start to show up. So crazy to be able to use only my nose, that hasn't happened since before my accident and that was years and years ago!

Post Op day 5 I'm finally getting nervous over my...

Post Op day 5
I'm finally getting nervous over my results. I can see the bump is gone and the length is shorter but the width looks huge! I really hope this is swelling. Did anyone else notice the width looked bigger then normal before their splint came off? I really want to put some Arnica gel on it because it worked with my eyes, but I don't want to get the tape wet. I will have to talk to Dr Shah on Thursday and make sure that's what it is when he removes the splint. Also my skin is getting so dry right now in some places and in other places it's oily, come one now ughh. I'm going to get my hair done at my friends salon today so maybe that'll make me feel better. Right now I just feel gross =(

Day of splint removal Today was the best day yet...

Day of splint removal
Today was the best day yet. I had Dr Shah take out my stitches and remove the splint (finally)! He also had to give me a steroid shot because my nose is apparently way more swollen the the average person's nose after splint removal. The stitches being taken out and the shot did hurt a little and made my eyes water but was totally worth it. My nose is super fat and swollen but the bump is gone except where the skin still sticks up from the old bump, but when I push down on it it's soft and goes right down so he said that would go away. My pig nose will also go down a little as the swelling goes away but I'm so happy already. My tip and the width by my nostrils had the most work and take the longest to heal so that'll be another couple months before we can really see much change but I'm so happy already I don't have the old witch nose and I can breathe really well!! One thing that was a huge pain my skin is going crazy I ran my hand over my face and it was peeling off like a snake (nasty) I had to wash my face twice and use about 5 rounds of hard core moisturizer but I finally was able to get it normal enough to get my bruises covered with a little concealer.

Dr Shah said I can't blow my nose for 6 weeks
No salty food for a week
no glasses for 2 months
no direct sun for 6 months
I can exercise lightly but not run for another month
I have to tape every night until the swelling is 100% gone
No blood thinners for a week

But I was able to have alcohol again and sex is okay to go back to lol ! Those two and the exercise were my big questions =) Well I think that's it. I'm posting a pic of me after the splint came off, still very swollen but I can see how amazing it's going to look so I'm happy!

Well I'm two weeks post op today. I wish it could...

Well I'm two weeks post op today. I wish it could have been a better day then it was. My jerk face puppy decided to head butt me in my nose and it looks awful right now. I'm so worried he ruined it. The bridge is sooo red and it looks like there is a bump again. The tip is really swollen and it feels like it's going to float off my face right now. I'll show you guys the profile and let me know what you think. I'm going to ice it and pray it's just swelling and not damaged. Looks like I'll be back on my pain meeds tonight. I'm so upset right now I don't even want to look at myself it just makes me want to cry!

I had never liked my nose it didn't matched the...

I had never liked my nose it didn't matched the rest of my features. Dr Shah made it feminine and cute and now I am so happy and confident with it!

Hi all just wanted to update everyone. I will get...

Hi all just wanted to update everyone. I will get more pics once I'm not pregnant and my face is no longer swollen. 4 more weeks and I'll be back to normal lol! I still really love my nose my profile is my favorite which is funny because I use to hide it and pose so no one noticed my old witch nose! I also love the way the tip is more defined and smaller. The best part is how natural it looks, I'm really happy about how it turned out and once my little one is here I'll show you some pics of my no longer fat pregnant face =)
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