Rhinoplasty/Chin Implant Experience. Chicago, IL

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Day 1: Going into surgery I was terrified to say...

Day 1: Going into surgery I was terrified to say the least. I had never had surgery before. Just getting my blood drawn for testing pre-surgery was terrifying to me. (I'm a wuss, I know.) However, the nurses were very kind and helped me feel as comfortable as possible. After my surgery, I felt a million times better than I thought I would. Aside from feeling shame for some things I said to the nurse while incoherent, that is... My throat was a bit sore/hoarse due to the tube that was in my throat and my chin was sore. My nose didn't hurt at all. When I got home, I had way more energy than I thought. However, I am chalking that up to nerves. I don't know where that energy came from. I had a cramp in my left leg and they told me to watch it for inflammation and heat as that could se a sign of a blood clot, which run in my family. When I got home, I didn't take any of the Norco that I was prescribed. (I am weird about taking medications when I don't have to) I stuck to extra strength Tylenol and felt okay. It was difficult to eat because I couldn't open my mouth very wide. While they told me I could resume a normal diet, I stuck to smoothies and protein shakes. I slept better than I thought that night. Sleeping on my back and propped up by two pillows was uncomfortable but I think my body was so drained by the end of the night that it didn't pose a problem.
Day 2: The morning after surgery, my body was in awful pain. My nose didn't hurt all and my chin was a little sore. I still had blood and nasal discharge but no real pain. However, I was concerned about my body. It felt like I had done an intense upper body workout and was extremely. Naturally, I researched and found out it was a side effect the the anesthesia and would go away by the next day. I stuck to smoothies and protein shakes all day as it was difficult to open my mouth comfortably. I took the Tylenol for the discomfort which only helped my chin, not my body which progressively got worse through the day. Aside from the body pain, my bottom lip was numb and so was my chin. Looking at my chin all taped up, it looks a little like it is off to the left a little by that could be thicker tape in that area, swelling, etc.
Day 3: Body pain miraculously subsided almost completely. Still had some blood/nasal discharge. Aside from that, no complaints of pain. Typically, I am an active person. I think with all the laying around, my body wasn't used to such a quick motion so when I woke up, I got up pretty fast to get to the bathroom to change my dressing/clean my stitches and got extremely lightheaded. Could have been a mixture of the quick get up, as well as the cleaning of the stitches. (Remember, I'm a wuss when it comes to any of this stuff.) My lip/chin we're still numb and my body slowly got less and less sore throughout the day. I also lead a very busy lifestyle so boredom set in hardcore this day.
Day 4: No more blood in my nasal dressing. Just a yellowish discharge and snot. (Gross) My nose is totally clogged and my lips are very dry. Sleeping is not horrible just uncomfortable and my mouth gets dry quickly which is uncomfortable. I have had no real pain in my nose/chin really. Randomly, I would get a shooting pain in my chin although they weren't very strong. My leg however, still has that cramp but only when I flex my foot. I'm assuming at this point (considering there is no heat or inflammation) that it is due to the leg massagers they had on during surgery. The anesthesiologist himself told me that could be a possibility. Since I haven't moved a whole lot, I haven't really been able to stretch it out.
Days 5 & 6 (today): These last days have been super easy. I've been very bored but I have no pain whatsoever. I haven't taken any Tylenol. Just the antibiotics they prescribed me from the beginning. Leg cramp still there. Tonight I took the top layer of tape off my chin as it was saturated from being spilled in from my lip being numb. My chin looks crooked. It is off to the left and doesn't look symmetrical. I had a minor freak out session and was reminded by many that I am only 5 days post op and could still have swelling. I'm praying that this is the case because I would hate for this to have to be redone. It makes me nervous to get to cast off my nose! Which, by the way, is so itchy underneath. I can't wait to get this thing off in two days. Friday cannot come soon enough. I am very nervous however, that I see that the chin implant looks crooked/jutted out a little more on the left. My lip is still numb and today I was eating normal, solid food since I can open my mouth a little wider, and I bit my lip without realizing to the point where it bled a little. Oops! Good thing I can't feel it. I can't smile normally and I am hoping this will go away. It feels very tight and can't stretch all the way.

Will continue to update and post pictures!

Update! Cast off!

Yesterday I had my cast and stitches removed! Yay!!
Taking the cast off did not hurt at all. It was just pressure and the slightest bit of discomfort. The stitches on my chin didn't hurt whatsoever. (Probably because my chin is numb.) The stitches on my nose felt like tiny little pinches and were very easy to deal with.
After all was removed, you could see that everything was pretty swollen but even in its swollen nature it was still such an improvement. My skin normally is very oily so once the cast was removed my skin could finally breath and started producing so much oil! It was pretty gross but I expected that. I have some flakiness on and around my nose but I used my Clarisonic last night for the first time in a week so I'm hoping that helped.
My nose is still very congested but gets better each day. I use a saline solution a few times a day to help get everything out of there. I have to tape my nose at night until I see Dr Shah again in 6 weeks.
The picture I'm posting was taken right after the removal but I was so excited I couldn't wait! I will post better ones today probably. It's a profile shot as well so you can't see the crookedness of my chin like you can when viewed from straight on.
My chin is still crooked. But Dr. Shah said that it was all lined up when he was in there and that if it was crooked it's still too early to tell. He told me it's more than likely just swelling so fingers crossed that's the case! Bottom lip and chin are still numb as well. When I asked the nurse about that she said its normal and should come back BUT it could possibly take up to 6-9 months! Yikes! Oh well, drinking from straws isn't that bad and as long as someone tells you right away that you have food on your numb face, you're good...

Update 10 Days Post Op

The healing of nose nose is going well I think. It's very swollen and looks very much like a Squidward nose because of that. Hoping that that will go away in due time. I am still very congested which is pretty annoying.
My chin is concerning me however. It is very tight and still numb. My bottom lip is numb on the right side as well. I am unable to smile normally right now and that scares the hell out of me. I cannot clench my jaw and smile exposing my bottom teeth like I used to. I am really hoping that I will be able to smile like normal again. I am also still talking with a slight lisp sometimes. It is difficult for me to make the mouth position to make the "s" sound without feeling like I am jutting out my lower lip. It feels very tight. Occasionally, I feel some tingling in my bottom lip/which I am hoping is the nerves trying to regenerate. It is difficult to talk for a long time because my bottom lip/chin feel stiff after a while. When I went to my 7 day post op I asked Dr. Shah about this and my asymmetry and he quickly cut me off and said "too early to tell." I just really want to be able to speak and smile normally! Will post pics later today!

16 Days Post Op w/pictures

Today I am 16 days post op! In my opinion, it has been a lot easier than I ever thought it was going to be. Once I got my cast off I was able to go about my normal, daily routines. The one thing I'm having a hard time with is not really being able to workout quite yet. I like to lift weights and not being able to do that for this long is definitely hard. But obviously I wouldn't risk ruining anything I just had done.
Anyway, my nose is obviously still swollen. Some days more than others. I try to watch my diet, especially my sodium intake to help minimize swelling. I have to tape it every night and definitely think that makes a difference. Part of me wishes that it was a little smaller still, but I'm hoping that it will continue to get better over time. Patience was never my best virtue... Haha.
My chin is doing better as far as the asymmetrical swelling. However, it's very frustrating to not have feeling in the right side of my bottom lip/chin. I have bit my lip multiple times very hard without realizing right away. The worst part of it all is that I can't really smile properly. Basically, it's impossible for me to expose my bottom teeth which I really hate. I can't clench my teeth together to form a smile. I've read a ton of reviews on here and elsewhere and I've gotten mixed answers. Some say it's normal and that it takes a while to come back. Some say that I should really have it checked out. I can deal with the numbness, but I just really want to be able to smile normally again. Oh! And not have a lisp.
Additionally, where the stitches were, it goes up into the bottom of my chin and is creating what is like a double chin all the time from all angles. I really don't think that will go away and that scares me. Before, I would make certain expressions and that would happen. But now, it's constant whether it's from the front or the side. Not cute.
Overall, I have mixed emotions. I'm happier with my nose than with my chin (although I wish my nose was smaller it's not huge anymore and hopefully isn't the first thing that's noticed) and am really just trying my best to be patient and hope it all works out and looks good. I'm waiting until my 6 week post op appt to bring the chin issues up to Dr. Shah in hopes that there will be improvement by then.

One year Post Op Update (More harm than good) - Please Read

Where do I even begin...
The surgery went well as far as discomfort and recovery. As far as the outcome however, not so much.

Again, I had a rhinoplasty/chin implant procedure. I will begin with the rhinoplasy but let me preface it with the following: I wanted to LOVE Dr. Shah. From the moment I saw his website I thought he would be amazing. It as thorough, detailed, aesthetically pleasing and I learned more about the surgeries on his site than I did from researching on my own or even at my own consultation. (I realize now that his website must be a big marketing scheme as it lured me in) I went for two consultations with Dr. Shah just to be sure. The first one went well and he told me he could give me what I wanted. I loved the imaging he showed me and he assured me it would look even better (smaller) than the imaging he did. The second consultation was extremely brief and kind of a recap. I still wasn't 100% sure but I felt like since I was having surgery on my face, I would be hesitant with anyone because I was nervous in general.

Fast forward to the day of surgery. When he showed me the outline of the "old nose" compared to what the "new nose" would look like, I was hesitant again because it wasn't a huge difference. I wasn't and am still not seeking perfection, but definitely improvement. Surgery went well and so did the recovery.

Upon getting my cast taken off the first thing I noticed was that there was still a bump. And a significant one. That was definitely one of the main things I was trying to fix. He assured me it was just swelling and it would go down. Nope. Still there. On top of it, I assume there are grafts in my nose because my tip is extremely hard and there is something sticking out the side of the bridge of my nose.

Let me break it down for you simply. Before surgery, I had a bump, a crooked nose from breaking it in cheerleading, a bulbous tip and over projection. When I had my consult, he told me he would fix my breathing (which I didn't think there was anything wrong with in the first place but he insisted there was) and he also said he would make my nose wider. To my horror, I said please don't. He assured me I wouldn't even notice it and that it would be fine.

Here are my issues after surgery now: my nose is still crooked (I realize it is rare for a face to be perfectly symmetrical but it is still VERY crooked.) My right nostril "sticks" and I barely get any air through it. I literally have to take a Q-Tip to open up that airway. On top of that, I always feel like I have a stuffy nose and drainage. My breathing is noticeably worse. As mentioned before, the bump on the bridge is still there. Also on the bridge, there is something protruding slightly off the left side of the bridge. It is WAY too wide for my face. Looks even wider when I smile. There is a weird bump on the tip of my nose that was NEVER there before. And for my chin: it ruined my smile AND gave me a double chin! (two-for-one deal much?) I realize I had some fullness under my chin before but the implant/scar made it MUCH worse to the point where it is VERY noticeable from all angles, all the time. The shape of my face is totally different and it is just uncomfortable. It still tingles to the touch and is numb in certain areas- yes over a year later. I can't even eat and apple without it being uncomfortable.

I have gone back for multiple follow-ups where I am rushed in and out and where he continues to push back an in-office procedure that he says he will do for me. I finally made the appointment but after my last follow-up I canceled. Every time I see him he doesn't even know what I had done. I understand he must have a lot of patients but do some briefing before you step into the room. Each time I go in he gives me a steroid injections to my nose which don't do anything for me anymore. He will forget what he told me before or retract a statement. It seems as though once he's been paid, he's done with you. When I mentioned a revision Dr. Shah did not seem pleased with me at all. Again, I was rushed out after him telling me I should wait longer. The longer I wait, the more annoyed I get because it did NOT turn out anything like I planned. At this point, I wish I would have never done it as there is more harm than improvement.

Now, I have the pleasure of shelling out thousands more for a complicated revision, chin implant removal and now, chin lipo. (Obviously from a different doctor)

On top of this, the staff there is nice however, they are not the most efficient. I emailed them a month ago asking for my before/after photos. I received a confirmation email saying they would get them to me as soon as possible...still nothing.

I am in no way trying to ruin a reputation and I am sure my one negative review will not make that happen either. I have heard of people getting cease and desist letters from his office or essentially bullied for writing a negative review. I am a very positive person but being as long as it's been now, I can no longer deny the facts. I do feel the need to be honest so that someone else doesn't make the same mistake I did. For those looking to have surgery done, get MANY opinions from MANY plastic surgeons. It will be worth it in the end!
Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon

My nose has always been too big for my face. I had a bump in the bridge and the tip was shaped like a bulb. On top of that, I broke my nose in cheerleading when I was 17 causing it to be very crooked. It was very noticeable. In general, it just wasn't feminine and soft and didn't fit my face. When I was 22 I went to the doctor about my asthma and he looked in my nose and told me that my septum was deviated due to the trauma from the cheerleading accident. He explained that while it won't help my asthma, it could improve my breathing through my nose if I had it fixed. Immediately a lightbulb went off and I thought "I can get my nose done and it'll be covered by insurance!" Fast forward to about 6 months later. I did research upon research. As I studied my nose and profile in the mirror I noticed that I did not have a very prominent chin at all. The fleeting thought of a chin implant crossed my mind a few times but I was more so concerned with my nose. However, I also understood that it is common for a rhinoplasty and chin implant procedure to go hand in hand. That in mind, I scheduled my consultation with Dr. Anil Shah in Chicago and I had planned to ask him about the chin implant as well. During my consultation, Dr. Shah was very nice and told me, "before you go on and tell me all the things you dislike about your nose, let me go ahead and tell you what I see and what you could potentially improve on." He went on to hit on everything that I would have said. When I brought up more things that I would consider changing he reminded me that we were going for improvement, not perfection as well as keeping things natural. In fact, when I mentioned something that was completely unnecessary, he actually told me that it could be done in a quick in-office procedure after surgery and that he wouldn't do it during the initial surgery because he didn't believe it would look natural. However, if I still wanted it after I saw the initial result, he would do it. To me, that showed that he takes pride in his work and cares about making his patients look like the best versions of themselves. I appreciated that. Dr. Shah was very kind, soft spoken, yet confident. As we were going through my imaging process he showed me what I could potentially look like with a new nose. I liked what I saw. Right as I was about the bring up the possibility of a chin implant Dr. Shah suggested that I would be a good candidate for it and included that in my imagi process. However, while I could benefit from it, it wasn't necessary and I could easily go without it and just do the rhinoplasty. I really liked the way that the images with the chin implant looked and more importantly, I liked that Dr. Shah wasn't trying to sell me on it. He made it clear that it wasn't necessary and that it would be all up to personal preference. While the consultation was quick and I was a bit unprepared, I was sure I wanted to go through with the surgery. I scheduled a second consultation just to be sure. I asked a few more questions this time and scheduled my appt p. However, the earliest date I could get was more than three,on the away. I put the deposit down and took it. I had my surgery on Friday, October 30th.

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