28y - 1y 7m post op - Open Rhinoplasty - Chicago, IL

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Like many others I realised that my nose maybe...

Like many others I realised that my nose maybe wasn't as nice as I thought, when I hit puberty. Also every time when I had short hair I was mistaken for a boy/guy... (Because high fashion was and is not really my piece of cake and wearing wide clothes hide my other female features.)
Over the years I tried to accept myself, but deep inside me was a little voice telling my all the time: what if...? The "if" was mostly - finding the right surgeon as well as having enough money for the procedure.

Now this time has come... because I am also in the U.S. for a while and here I have a wider range of choices than what I would have in my own country. I will have my first consultation with Dr. Shah in december. After doing a lot of research over the last months I decided, that he would be my first choice.

A thing that worries my already after surgery - what do I do with my glasses? My eyesight is really poor and I am not sure I can take my contact lenses in, when my face is swollen.

Sorry if my English is not so good, but it is not my mother tongue.

First Consultation - Appointment set

Over the last days not much has happend. I researched a little more and started to make a list of questions, that I want to ask Dr. Shah. Of course most questions are already answered on the internet, but I guess I just want to make sure ;)
My consultation will be on Dec 11th. Since I do not have an American cellphone number I was just mailing with the office, but that was not a problem. Karin, who works for Dr. Shah, responded very quickly to my mails and I am sure that things will go smoothly.

Since the weather was a little colder over the last days here in Chicago... I did what I do best - I caught a nasty cold. Hopefully I will be better soon :)

Tomorrow is the 1. Consultation!

I am a little nervous about tomorrow, because I am going to see Dr. Shah for the first time. I started making a small list of questions, which I want to ask and what I have in mind to change on my nose.... I will also bring my boyfriend along so he can ask any questions that concern him and I guess I need him for moral support as well. I am also excited to see some possible morphings of my nose, since I haven't really done such a thing myself yet.

Hopefully things will go smoothly :D

Consultation: Check!

So on thursday I had my first consultation with Dr. Shah and it went really well. First we got a little lost... trying to find his office, but that is probably because we are not from Chicago. His office is really nice :) First I had to fill out some forms and because some questions were a little tricky, if you are used to the Metric system or not American... I asked his stuff for help and they were really helpful and nice. Afterwards I took some pictures with someone of his stuff and then met him in a medical examination room. He told me, what he thought of my nose and what he would do first and then I told him, what I wanted. We pretty much agreed on everything... It was like he looked in my head. Then he had to attend another patient quickly, but we were walked to his personal office and probably only waited 5 minutes. Then Dr.Shah returned and he morphed the pictures and we talked about my the procedure. Last I could ask all my questions... and he really took his time to answer them. When he left, Karin came in to discuss surgery appointments and cost of everything. She also helped us, where we could find a place to do the bloodwork and to make an appointment, if we wanted to.

My boyfriend and I probably spent over 1 1/2 h in his office, but not waiting... he really took his time for us! His stuff was also very nice and attentive. I didn't feel rushed or pushed into making an appointent for surgery.

I added his morphs :)

Surgery booked - 6 weeks to go :)

SO... I booked my surgery! It will be on the 28. January and I am exited. I also added the estimated cost for now. It may vary a little up or down depending where I get my bloodwork done and if the surgery will go longer or not, then the estimated time.

I will have surgery a little after my birthday. It will be my last birtday with my old nose and is my birthday present to myself. I felt very selfish wanting this surgery, because it is a lot of money, which could help others a lot, but I guess there is a time, when you just have to be selfish for your own happiness sake.

Labtests done! 3 weeks to go!

Today I had my labtests done. Dr. Shahs Office recommended me to Impala Express Clinical Laboratory Services in the same building, where Dr. Shah's office is as well. That was great, because I already knew the way there :) Also I called yesterday and got my appointment for today... no problem at all. They guy that works in the lab was also very nice and gentle with the needle!

I am looking forward to the surgery and can't wait :)

Surgery date changed

So I got a call from Dr. Shah's office, that my surgery day has to be moved. They close the surgery center on my surgery day... for whatever reason. Now my surgery is a few days later. It is not a big deal, but of course I chose that day for reason and it is a little annoying. The only good thing is, that I can enjoy my tea a little longer and that I can have a drink on my birthday today :)

What also bugs me, which probably only matters for international patients, is that the U.S. Dollar became so strong over the last weeks. Now my surgery will be already 17% more expensive for me and it doesn't look like it will get any better again soon :( Since I calculated to spend more on it, it is okay, but I was hoping to spend the extra on something nice... Haha.

After reading many reviews I also made my "shopping" list for aftercare. Maybe you can tell me, if I miss something important or if I can skip a few things, that are not so necessary.

I have: lip balm, neck pillow, qtips

I need to buy: big pillow to sleep upright, straws, latex gloves, frozen peas, arnica cream/pills, saline nosespray, lots of pineapple

Low-Sodium Diet

After the surgery I plan to eat a low-sodium diet to minimize the swelling. Today my boyfriend mentioned "salt substitutes". I have no experience with these substitutes... So my question would be, if anyone tried these to replace real salt? How do they taste? Do they keep the swelling down or do they just have the same effect as real salt.

I try to satisfy my salty needs before surgery... Oh I am going to miss pizza and pretzels... Also any tips for low-sodium foods are welcome :) I already shopped a lot of frozen fruits and vegetables for the beginning... but I can not just eat fruits and vegetables for the next year!

Surgery done - 2nd day of recovery

Yesterday I finally had my surgery. I arrived at the surgery center at 5.50 am and then filled out their paperwork. Also they payment for the surgery center was done then. Afterwards I went inside with my nurse, did some more paperwork, pregnancy test and changed to my hospital gown. All machines were attached to my and the IV inserted. Then my boyfriend could come to my bedside and we waited a little. Around 6.40 am the anesthetist came and we talked about the general anesthesia. I just told him he should be careful with the airtube... since I had to wear braces for sooo long... I didn't want my teeth damaged. Around 6.55 am Dr. Shah came and we talked about the surgery goals again with the morphed pictures he had printed out. Around 7.05 am we rolled to the surgery room and I just said, that I was happy they had music on, because my stomach rumbled loudly... I was so hungry. Around 9.45 am I woke up again and just felt a little tired (and hungry). My nurse told my that I moaned a lot when I came out of surgery... Even she told me before not to behave like a grizzly bear... I guess nothing I could do about that. Later, around 10.30, we left the center :)

Everyone was very nice and helpful that morning.

Since surgery I am doing quite well. I try to ice every 20 minutes, taking my meds and eating my fruit smoothies. I have like no pain and probably stop with the pain medication tomorrow. I just have a little bit of blood coming out of my nose and I a little numb around my cheek and upper lip area. Until now there is also little bruisiing and swelling. It definitely helps, that I have to do nothing, since my boyfriend takes care of me and I have 0 responsebilities.

I hope things stay well :)

4th day of recovery

Today I got a call from Dr. Shahs office to check if I am doing alright. I am taking no painmeds since yesterday and the bleeding from my nose has stopped completely. I also stopped icing and putting on the antibiotic ointment... I really want to clean out the dried blood in my nose, but I am also a little afraid to do it... Maybe I just leave that till friday when the cast shall be taken off.

the cast is off, the troll is out

Today I went to Dr. Shah's office again to have my cast taken off and all my sutures taken out. I took a Tylenol before I went, because I was a little worried about the pain. The sutures were uncomfortable, but it was only for a few minutes. His staff was really nice, as usual, and we spoke about aftercare and everything. All in all I was in and out in 30 minutes. My next appointment will be in 6 weeks. So... I have a lot of time to watch my swelling to go down :) Only 359 more days to wait... Haha! But that is nothing against the years I already waited :)

In the night I will now have to tape my nose - doctors orders. But that is nothing... because I can sleep normal again! Yeah! I am normally sleeping on my stomach... The whole sleeping up and on my back was terror for me :/ Maybe I will make a compromise and sleep on my side.

Added some pictures - beware of the troll :)

day 8 and overall cost

Since today I started to take my arnica pills and to put the arnica cream on my nose whenever I have time. Not sure it has an real effect, but now that I brought it I might as well use it :) I also tape at night and sometimes in the day, when I am just at home. Also I started to eat real food again... low-sodium of course. I got a little tired of smoothies, because I ate them for 7 days.

The skin on my nose is really oily, which is normal for me in general, but I can not do my regular clear strip / inhale steam routine, which is a little annoying. I just try to keep it "dry". The rest of my face (and my lips) is super dry and flaky. I guess my skin just needs time to recover.

Last - my little cost list:
5025 $ = Dr.Shah (+all aftercare from him), surgery center, anesthetist
150 $ = labtest/bloodwork
around 150 $ = medicine and 1 week aftercare supplies
around 100 $ = transport

I guess I would have paid less for transport and medicine/supplies, if I would have been home in my own country, but since I am only a temporary guest in the U.S. I had to rent a car and stook up my zero medicine/supply stock. On the other hand I would have paid a lot more for surgery ;)

I wish everyone happy healing :)
Added some pictures taken with my webcam!

2 weeks post op

Another week has passed and my healing progresses. Last week I had to go back to Dr. Shahs office, because we missed some sutures under all the swelling and blood. Sneaky little strings. My incisions are healing nicely, but they are itchy every now and then. Luckily the skin on my face has calmed down. Unfortunately my nose is still very oily and there isn't much I can do about it. I still try to keep it dry. Some of the skin on the tip of my nose has peeled off like after a sunburn. It was actually a little fun to peel off big pieces... I tell myself that my nose tries to adapt to it's new size ;)

In the night I still tape my nose after Dr. Shahs “type 2” taping instructions. Unfortunately I can not breath a lot through my nose then, because the tape is over my nostrils. Afterwards in the morning I have some nasal mucus to deal with, but I am getting quiet skilful with q-tips to clean it out. I never thought that I would give a lot... just to blow my nose once. Sometimes I tape my bridge in the day, when I am at home. Otherwise I just use the arnica cream at day on my nose.

Last week I also had a bad sodium experience... I went to a restaurant with my boyfriend and in the night I learned my lesson. I actually woke up, because my nose was so swollen that it was almost painful under the taping, which I put on before I went to bed. Now I am very careful with the whole sodium thing... I started a food journal to keep track of it until I know most foods and their sodium level by heart.

While a lot of people describe that they have like a “foreign” nose experience with their nose after cast removal... I must say I never had thoughts like that. I am not sure that is a good or bad sign... Maybe it is mostly for people who had humps removed? I don't know. Also I started to feel a little frustrated, when I look at other reviews, where their noses seem to heal so much faster :( I know that everyone heals at their own pace and that some heal faster because of thin skin or whatever... but it is still frustrating for me and it makes me jealous, which I shouldn't be. I now try not to look at these reviews for a while now and hope it gets better. I should definitely focus on the good things and stop obsessing about my or others peoples noses for a while.

Luckily two weeks have passed now and I can go back to drinking tea! Yes! Finally! Living without drinking tea for 4 weeks was really hard, because it is like the only thing I like to drink a lot of. Otherwise I am a “bad drinker” and hardly manage a litre a day. (Mostly because I assume my bladder has the size of a fruit fly.) Also I am allowed to work out again and do some stationary and easy exercises. I just have to focus on taking it easy and keeping my heart rate low. Looking forward to going to the gym tomorrow.

3weeks post op

Now it is 23 days after my surgery! Finally time starts flying again and I hope that my recovery will just be over in a glimpse! Hopefully my smile will be back soon too, because it hasn't returned yet. But I also have lots of swelling... This week I learned a few new things about how to live with my new nose.

Being back at the gym was okay. There was no major swelling after I exercised. I also have to say, that I really stayed under a 140 heart rate all the time. That made my whole workout not exactly efficient, but it was better than nothing.

What I also learned to avoid is bathing to long and to hot. I kind of forgot about time while I was watching a movie... and my nose started hurting really bad. So yeah – no more excessive baths.

Last – Chicago was really cold over the last days. I tried to keep my scarf over my nose most of the time, but especially my nose tip was quite sensitive after only 30 minutes being outside. My skin also disliked the cold temperatures... and now my face can not decide, if it wants to be flaky and dry or host the world pimple congress :(

1 month post op

Well a little over 4 weeks ago I just rolled into surgery... and now I think I am on the right way of recovery. This week not so many things happened. I am still more swollen on my left, than on my right side - maybe because of my sleeping position? I think a whole lot of swelling has gone down, revealing my little "flat plateau" on top of my bridge. That is bone and I believe it will stay this way. But I am going to ask Dr. Shah at my next appointment.

Also I am still bothered by big boogers (seems to be a common thing after rhinoplasty) and bad skin around my nose... But nothing that a few (hundred) q tips and skin care can not take care of. My scars are doing okay. I think the scar under my tip is healing better than on the sides of my nose. Some transparent sutures are sticking out here and there and I am hoping they dissolve soon.

If you have any questions, then you can always send me a message here and I will try to help!

6 weeks post op

6 weeks post op my swelling has gone done a lot I think, but there are always days, when I feel (and look) like as if my swelling just all has come back. After celebrating St. Patrick's Day for the first time in my life... well the next day was not one of my best! I had 2 beers and a pizza as well as some salty snacks. My heart loved that, but my nose was kind of cranky... Haha. I got some light nosebleeds since then every time I clean the inside of my nose with q tips. I will try to avoid cleaning as much as I can so it hopefully will heal again :)

Yesterday I also had my 6 weeks follow up appointment with Dr Shah. I had my appointment around lunchtime and his office was like a beehive. Very busy day! I waited like 30 minutes, but that wasn't to bad, because I always find someone to talk to in his waiting room, that saw my review on this homepage. It is fun meeting new people that followed my story here :)
But then it was time for my follow up and Dr. Shah removed a (self-liquidating, which didn't want to dissolve by itself) suture, which was annoying me for a while and irritated my skin outside my nose. Afterwards we got to the first bad part... the steroid injections. I don't like needles (who does?) and it seemed really bad to me to stick a needle in my sensitive nose, but what can I do? Beauty knows no pain! It was a little painful and I started bleeding afterwards from the spots, where the needle punctured the skin, but it stopped quickly and Dr. Shah just put tape over it. Then we came to the part, which I found quite painful. Since I had an open rhinoplasty I do have 3 scars outside my nose and as far as I understood Dr. Shah always uses laser scar treatment for these... That laser was painful! It smelled like BBQ, but I actually shed some tears. After the treatment one of his assistance applied some Eucerine Aquaphor, which I now have to use for a while so the treated area can heal properly. The healing should be done in about a week. Until then I have to avoid sunlight... which is not to hard here in Chicago... ;)

Today my nose was really, really swollen, when I woke up in the morning. It has gone down a little bit since then, but it is still swollen from the laser treatment and the strong steroid injections. Besides that I start liking my new nose. I guess it is a good sign, that I don't feel the need to photoshop my nose any more in public pictures!

7 weeks post op - 1 week after 1. steriod injection and laser scar treatment

Just a quick update. I think the steroid injection did a good job. I had a few great days, when my tip was really small :) I had my nose (bridge) taped for a week mostly all the time. Now I will just continue to tape it in the night. My scars are healing okay as well. I will continue using Aquaphor in the night for a few more days, but then I think the healing after the scar laser treatment is done.

Overall I am happy with my new nose. It is not perfect and I still love certain angles more than others BUT I at least have some angles, which I love now :) I think I prefer my nose from the front or my left side. After the morphed pictures were done I was looking forward to the ¾ angle, but now I actually like it the least. Maybe my expectations were just to high.

2 1/2 months post op

Time for an update again! Now I am 2 1/2 months post op.

Lets talk a little bit about feelings this time, because I got some messages about that. I am still protective over my nose and don't want anyone to touch it. Some areas - mostly around my tip - are still sensitive to touch. My tip still feels hard to touch to me, but I guess that will pass. I have no pain in my nose just sometimes I get an itchy feeling around my scars and when I clean the inside of my nose with q-tips to vigorously then I have some fresh blood on the q-tips. I started to put some Aquaphor inside my nose before I go to sleep for a few days now and it already helped.
There is still some stiffness in my face for example when I put on lip balm and rub my lips together... that doesn't not work so well yet. Luckily my smile has finally returned completely. With all the swelling in the tip I guess it took some time.

The skin on and around my nose is still very oily. I at least use facial toner two or three times a day. I am trying to fight blackheads with occasional facial masks, steaming my face and doing clears strips. I also try to avoid make up.

For after care I still tape my nose religiously in the night. I still try to watch out for salty food and alcohol... I enjoy some now and then, but still only a little. I can still feel some swelling resulting from me drinking or eating salty food. Work outs have no real effect on my swelling anymore.

If you have any more questions, just let me know and I will try to answer :)

I am also looking for peoples recommendations for scar after care... If you have any secret creams, let me know ;)

2 months 3 weeks post op - another after care appointment with Dr. Shah

This morning I had another follow up appointment with Dr. Shah. Because I am leaving relatively soon... he is pushing my after care treatments. He told me, that he usually would wait a little longer after the first steroid injection to give the nose more time to heal by itself, but he of course wants me to look the best I can before I am gone. So I got another steroid injection and also a second laser treatment. He controlled my scars and was not satisfied yet. That is why I got another “BBQ” in my face. I swear it smells like that.... just that it is your own skin which is on the grid. Both treatments were still painful, but not as much as last time. I guess it gets better, when you know what to expect.

I also brought my little list of questions to not forget anything this time. (Yet I still forgot one :P) I got an okay for (gently) blowing my nose again... Wow! I will try, when I feel confident enough. On the other hand I got a no for wearing my (sun) glasses again without tape on my forehead or the tiny cast underneath that I received from his office at cast removal. I was hoping for an okay, because both ways look a little stupid in public. I also got a “may try” for sauna :) So I will try and see if the swelling will be okay or to much. Last the tiny little bumps up on my bridge, which I mostly notice on the ¾ view. Dr. Shah actually addressed them first, before I could say a thing this time. He would do an in-office rasping, but the problem is, that I am not long enough healed yet. The time frame is usually 6-months till 1 year post-op. We will talk about again at my next follow-up in 3 weeks. Then I can also ask, if he has any special recommendation for scar treatment, which I forgot today.

His staff and he himself were great today again. I waited just a few minutes and then pictures of my face were taken again. Afterwards I had a really long after care meeting with him. I can only praise his friendly stuff and his after care treatment.

I added a picture from the weekend and some pre-op pictures this time :)

3 months post op

A little update at 3 month post op (and a few days). After the 2nd laser treatment and my 2nd steroid injection my nose was a little swollen for 3-4 days. Also my scars were a little sensitive and I used some Aquaphor on them when I slept. I still put tape on my nose in the night.

Last week I had a short vacation in sunny and hot Las Vegas... It was not easy without sunglasses, but I managed with wearing a baseball hat and a lot of sunscreen. I had no swelling from the hot temperatures... just my scars were twitching sometimes. Maybe it was just because it was so shortly after laser treatment.

All in all I am very happy with my new nose :) To make it perfect I guess I need to make this rasp happening... Maybe coming back to Chicago at some point.

p.s. Did I always had so much nosehair...? I feel like it grows extra well after the surgery... haha

almost 4 months

Sorry, that I haven't been updating lately. I am traveling a lot - making the most of my last days in the U.S.. I had an appointment with Dr. Shah about 14 days ago, when we talked about the rasp again. I got another steroid shot (probably also my last one), which resulted in swelling for 4 days, but nothing new. Afterwards my nose was nicely defined :)

Right now I am having my first cold after surgery... I was afraid to blow my nose at first, but it was running like crazy from the cold ... so I faced my fear. I try to blow gently and not to often. My nose is quite swollen from the cold, blowing my nose, etc. So I am not really feeling up to post any pictures with this update! Sorry! I hope I am better soon, because I am afraid that we can not do the rasp, if I have a cold.

My next and last in office appointment with Dr. Shah will be in the beginning of June. We talked about the rasp and another laser (uhh...). I will report, when I was there :) Hopefully with some pictures next time.

Happy healing everyone - if you have any questions, please feel free to ask or message me here.

4 months post op - rasp rasp rasp...

Hey everyone :)

Today I am a few days past my 4 months post op and I had another follow-up with Dr. Shah. We arrived around noon in his office and it was almost empty. But it didn't took long to fill up ;) I parked my boyfriend in the waiting room, where he could play his computer game... In the meanwhile I took off to have my pictures taken as usual. Afterwards I waited for Dr. Shah in his office. I waited a while, because he was still in surgery and it took a little longer than planed. I think, that waiting is no big deal considering he is helping another person, just like me, and that he should take all the time he needs to do a great job. While I waited my blood pressure was taken as well.

After a while he arrived and we went over the rasp again. To do or not to do. He probably spent 20 minutes looking at my nose feeling my nose, looking at it from all angles, etc. I felt a little like a rabbit and he was the bird of prey... Haha. Afterwards he explained everything to me and that we going do it, if I want to. Of course I wanted to! Usually he wouldn't do a rasp, because I am only 4 months out, but it is very unlikely, that I am going to see him again in Chicago since I am leaving in 7 days.

Then the fun began. He asked me the funniest question I ever got asked by a doctor – how many beers do you need to get drunk? First I misunderstood and thought he meant – when was the last time I had alcohol... But it was of course related to how many pills I need to take to be relaxed. Let's say it takes a quite few, because I am a heavy person and well proven from my German heritage. I spent a little over an hour in his waiting room getting relaxed while talking to my boyfriend.

Then it was time for my little rasp. I wasn't really nervous. Mostly I thought if I might bruise and if that would be visible when I return back to Norway. I got all cleaned up and disinfected around my face, then my nose hair was cut and my nostrils were spread with some metallic claws. I didn't see these things... but that is what I they told me. Then I got an injection in the far back of my nose. That was a big, long needle and I am not the biggest fan... But I tried to take it easy. I assume it was something to numb the area? Not 100% sure! Then the rasp itself happen. I felt nothing, but the rasping movement and pressure. No pain! Then he sewed inside my nose with a self-absorbing suture (more needles...), which wasn't the best. He only rasped on side, because the other side didn't need it. Everything was over fairly quick and then Dr. Shah put some tape over my nose, made sure I am all right and went off to see other patients.

His staff then took care of me - cleaning my face again, adding some cream inside my nose, giving my gel pads to cool off my face and some after care instructions. Mostly to relax, cool my face, sleep elevated (yeah... oh wait), when to apply the second batch of gel pads, when to take off the taping and so on. Very similar to his instructions after surgery.

Since I felt okay after the rasp my boyfriend and I decided to walk back to the train instead of taking a taxi. With my bleeding nose, the tape and the gel pads I got a lot of attention ;P When we arrived home I just wanted to sleep. I made myself a small drip pad, because it was still bleeding a little and still does since I woke up again. Until now I don't fell any pain, but I will keep you updated.

I am going to have another appointment in one week to check the results. The laser treatment, which we talked to do previously didn't happen today and I am glad about that, because I feel like the rasp was enough to take on for one day. Maybe we will do the laser next week? Otherwise I will see Dr. Shah maybe next year, when he is in Europe for another follow up.

Happy healing everyone!

4 months post op - 2 days after rasp

Two days have passed since my little in-office rasp. Nothing spectacular has happened since then. The bleeding stopped in the first night. I got no bruising and just some swelling on my nose, which has gone down mostly. I guess the gel-pads, which I got in the office to put on my face, worked like a charm. I also cooled my face a little with latex-gloves, which are filled with cold water. My nose hurts a little on the side where the rasp happened, when I bend down or stretch my face (laughing, sneezing, coughing, …), but otherwise there is no pain.

I also got a call today from Dr. Shah's office to check-up on me. That is always really nice and they would even page him on the weekend, if I would have any questions or problems. I sometimes forget to mentioned it enough, but everyone of his staff members is really nice and helpful.

Tomorrow I will take off the bandages for our “goodbye”-party and probably will look at some swelling, but that is okay ;) I learned from the last 4 months, that waiting is just part of the process and usually pays off. I will take some pictures and keep you updated!

4 months 1 week post op - 3 days after rasp, tape off

This morning I was eager to take off the tape! It gets so greasy... I was a little worried, when I saw something black under the tape... thought it was bruising. But it was just the leftovers from the black penmarkings on my nose from the rasp :P I gently cleaned my nose on the outside with q-tips which I soaked in facial toner. As expected my nose is swollen and I put some fresh tape on after I took the pictures... I think it already looks better, but I might be fooled since my nose is swolllen. Only time will tell! I still have some pain when I sneeze, but the pain from bending down with my head, laughing or yawning is gone. Recovery seems to be swift :)

Before I had the rasp I was quite unsure about a procedure in-office without completely knocking me out... but now I have to admit that it wasn't to bad. It is not a walk in the park, but I had worse experiences and there I got more local anesthesia then for the rasp (I assume). So don't be afraid me fellow noses ;)

I added some pictures in "beautiful" natural light and no make-up... I wish I knew how to use make-up, but oh well!

4 months 3 weeks post op - 18 days after rasp

For a little over a week now I am back home :) It was a long trip back, but with some minor struggles and some tape on my nose, while we were on the plane... things worked out in the end. I meet some friends and family now. All of them do not know about the surgery. Some people mentioned that I look skinnier, but I actually gained weight in the U.S. … I did the old trick – I changed my hair colour to distract from my nose. I think it worked well :)

On Tuesday, the 9th, I had my last, last in office appointment with Dr. Shah. We took some (final) pictures for now and I think we are both satisfied with the result :) I got a last laser treatment under my nose (pew-pew-pew). Ah the pain... ! But it was well worth it again. I will buy some “Bio-Oil”, which is like the stuff here in Europe for all scars and stretch marks. At least that is what I heard from all women taking care of their after pregnancy bodies. I will give it a try on my nose scars and see if I can get some more improvement.

Otherwise I am still taping my nose in the night and I will until I run out of tape (which will be fairly soon). I also still use Aquaphor on my scars in the night every now and then because they have a tendency to be dry and a little flaky. After the rasp I was a little reluctant to blow my nose, but I tried yesterday and it went well. I still use q-tips though to clean my nose in the morning and I think sometimes I am overdoing it, because I get some fresh blood on them... Have to hold back a little more on the urge to have a “clean” nose inside. The swelling from the rasp has gone down mostly I think.

I tried to put some pictures together for comparison. I will ask Dr. Shah's office to send me some pictures. Since their pictures are way more professional I guess they will be better for this.

5 months post op

Just a little update. I am really busy with work. Still very happy about having the surgery and with my resuls. I work a lot with people as a tourist guide and always felt a little uncomfortable, when they took pictures of me as a memory... Now I don't mind. I just feel confident and smile :)

I still have some small issues with a little bleeding when I blow my nose too hard or overdo it with q-tips, but otherwise I am fine. Still being careful with my nose. Taping still every night until I am out of tape (which will be soon). I have some minor swelling in the morning, but nothing compared to a few months ago. Also still taking it easy on alcohol.

Until now I didn't find the time to message Dr. Shah. I should write him and ask for some pictures as well as if I am allowed to wear my glasses again normally. I also haven't brought Bio-Oil yet. I will definitely try to do everything this week.

Hope you are all healing well :) I am so close to the "half-way" through part.

7 months post op

Hey everyone :)

I am a little late with my update, but when I planed to do it a month ago I got a really, really bad cold for over 2 weeks... It was a test for my new nose... like a flood of snot :P

Now 7 months post op most things are almost back to normal. Blowing my nose is no issue anymore... well mostly. With the new shape came new challenges, which I didn't had to deal with before. Snot and similar things like to get stuck so I always do a mirror check after blowing my nose. Just to be safe. I am also still protective when I am in crowds or very close to people... shielding my new nose to protect it from bumps or so. What else - my nose tip is still swollen in the morning for a few hours (more or less, depending on the time of the month). I miss taping... haha. It helped against the swelling.

I have a little issue inside my left side of my nose, which you can only feel on the inside. It feels like something went out of place... I got it after my bad cold with intense nose blowing (I think). Except feeling it inside there is nothing to it. You can not see it from the outside. It doesn't hurt or so. Not sure - maybe just scar tissue.

Otherwise - am I still happy? Yes! I feel so much better :) Glad I took a chance and had it done.

10 months post op

Apologies for the late update again.

I am doing well. Everything is fine with my nose. Breathing is perfect. Looking good to ;) I do have some “bad” nose days, but that is just every now and then.

I tried to make a comparison picture with my first picture I uploaded here. I considered the 3/4 angle the worst... I still do :P But it is a lot better.

1 year 1 month post op

I wanted to make an update long ago, but was sick and had some bad pimples :P So I wasn't up for taking any new pictures (or I forgot to do it...) Anyway! Here is a little update. I like my nose like 80% of the time, but still have some "bad" nose days. I really like my profile and my front, but not so happy about the 3/4 angle (I said that before...) I still get swelling in the morning, but it goes away quickly (probably because I sleep on my stomach). Also I am still working on my scars with Bio-Oil. They are slightly visible, but that is okay for me. Until today nobody suspects anything who doesn't know, because I told that person. Which I call a great success :) If you have any question feel free to ask or message me! Happy healing everyone.

1 year 4 months post op

After some new reviews I was reminded, that I maybe should update mine as well. There aren't any news. All is well. I still got some morning swelling, but it is just minimal. I tried to take some pictures to compare for you, but I hardly see it in the pictures myself. I don't have to say how unflattering the morning picture is just after waking up... but otherwise I can't show you.

I had a big event just a while ago, which I was a little nervous about! I went to my 10-years out of school reunion. Of course I was thinking: "Will they notice?". I can tell you - nobody did or at least nobody said anything! I did got some compliments from peoplee, who didn't bat an eye on me back in school. So maybe? I definitely felt very confident about myself and for that - all goals reached.

Still doing Bio-Oil on my scars. Not sure it has a real effect, but I might as well try.

Happy healing everyone!

1 y 7 m post op

Still all is well for me. There is almost no more swelling in the morning (as far as I can see). I feel 90% positive about my nose now and this is, what counts most. I was worried about spending so much money on myself, but after everything, it was one of the best things I ever did in my life for myself.

I have a little scartissue inside my nose and after blowing my nose I still check for "stuck" snot, because of the new inside shape, but otherwise nothing to complain. If I would be able to make another trip to Chicago I might would ask for another shave down on my left side (in office), but that is just me being super critical.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Otherwise happy healing everyone!
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