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MY STORY JOURNAL . (More than a review to help...

MY STORY JOURNAL . (More than a review to help others who are considering procedures)
BACK STORY. I have hated my large nose since childhood. I finally had a rhino about 20 years ago with an ent surgeon. While it definitely helped, i always had a swollen tip and as i got older it seemed my whole nose was sliding downward for a big ball shape tip. I hated looking at pictures as my nose always seemed to be the most promient feature. I had been thinking for years about a revision and even booked surgery with dr toriumi about 7 years ago. But chickened out due to his incredible high prices and rude bedside manner although he is supposed to be one of the best in the world. I had learned of dr shah through research and had a consultation back in 2012 and was impressed. But i didnt have time to take off from work to do it. Finally this year, having my own business and being fortunate to have a good year and knowing i had time off in January to make the plunge. I went back to doctor shah in November for another consultation. He was very kind and professional. Since i am now at the age where i am often shocked at how old and tired i look in the mirror and hate my wrinkling neck and baby jowls, i was also open to anti aging suggestions. He felt he could correct my nose but that it may require cartridge from my ear which sounded scary. He also suggested a face lift and eye lid lift and chin implant. I was surprised re chin implant as ive never thought i had a weak chin but i talked more to dr shah who explained that it would help provide a better jawline and that over time our chin bone slightly thin weakening the appearance The morphed photos really looked impressive. I did not at all get the sense he was trying to "sell me" a bunch of additional procedures but was providing options and reco to consider. Also having it all done at one time makes downtown easier. I really hoped to have the surgery this jan before my work gets busy but dr shah is very popular and was booked up til late jan/early feb. however the staff said sometimes they can get in at other surgicenters and a week later i found out i could have the surgery on jan 6th at river east surgicenter. So i signed up
As soon as i made the decision i started to really worry. Am i being vain and shallow? Will all the need in the world why am i spending money and taking risks? I was afraid to tell my friends family and boyfriend. Ive always been a pretty low maintenance 'natural' person and i was embarrassed at my vanity. But the more i thought about how this is for me and how i want to feel not what others think i felt more confident. My friends and family were all supportive and not freaked out like i thought
PRESURGERY. I went and got all the blood work and other pre surgical tests at impala clinic right next to dr shahs office at a great price. Got all the meds and supplies recommended so i felt ready to go
DAY OF SURGERY. jan 6 2016. My surgery was at 9 so I went to surgicenter at 8 i was so scared ..kept worrying something could go wrong and id have a stroke or something. I had a panic attack in the triage waiting area and the had to lay me down and monitor my heart rate. In any case all the staff and nurses at surgicenter were awesome .. Very nice and personable. The anesthesiologist came by. He looked like he was about 25 but was super smart and funny and obviously very skilled and experienced. I told him only other time i had general anesthesia i woke up with horrible sore throat and hardly able to breathe and he said he would try to prevent it. Dr shah came in around 900 am (as others have noted he is a very good looking guy and even cuter in scrubs than the nice suits - he is probably around 40 so still young enough to be totally on his game but has years of experience). He went over the procedures again and showed the pictures i emphasized i didnt want anything that looked tight or pulled or unnatural. He drew a bunch of lines on my face w a marker and i was wheeled to the operating room. Scary! I told them to put me out quick!
WILL Be Back Tomorrow to share moreand pics

Week 1 post surgery

DAY 1. Woke up amazingly with no sore throat ..just a big bandage around my head and split on nose. Felt sort of headachy and out of it. Dr shah came by and said it went well although he did have to see ear cartilage for my nose. I pretty much just went home and slept. I didnt find the the norco pain killers helped at all so stuck to extra strength tylenol and the viacdin ..yes mothers little helper makes me feel very relaxed and sleepy. Was not a great night felt like i had had some kind of bad dental work done ..sore neck jaw and mouth. Nose and eyes felt fine! Went to shahs office next day to have bandages changed .. No big deal and felt more cleanded up but impossible to tell what any results are

Day 6 post surgery

I have been surprised at how truly exhausted i have been. I have spent most of my time lying in bed ..not even feeling like reading or watching movies. Havent really had much appetite so just drinking smoothies and eating soup. Pain has not been too bad -- mainly around my jaw and neck. My eyes and noses feel fine. I am just taking extra strength tylenol and then the valium at night to sleep. Really impossible to tell what results will be .. I still have split on nose comes off tomorrow. I washed hair on sat (day 4) which was awesome .. It was disgusting like bloody dried dreads before. My face doesnt look too bruised a little yellow around eyes but lots of bad purple bruises around my neck My ears are all puffed up and there are very strange puffy skin around them. I cant really feel them at all. Im sure it will all get better as time goes on. Ill post pics after my apt tomorrow

Before pics

Obviously not the most flattering before pics-- no make up ir styling here! I seem to always look puffy in the face

Before pics

Just random collection

Right after surgery

Mothers little helper (valium) doing the trick! Not too much pain just kinda out of it

Ice ice baby

I hwas pretty good about icing alot! Frozen peas seemed to work best. I also wore gloves to hold ice on face so my hands didnt freeze

Day 4 first bath and shower!!

Really hard to tell whats going in here just hoping for the best as swelling bruising goes down. Worst is puffy lumps near ears

Day 11 update

Recovery seems to be going slower than I hoped. I am pretty much off pain killers (was only taking extra strength tylenol ) and I'm only taking them before bed .. Main just so neck and shoulder stiffness from sleeping with head elevated. I got my stitches out of eyes, nose, chin and front of ears on wed (day 7). My nose split also came off. Dr shah said i was still "under water" meaning still very swollen and not bounced back to full energy. I have definitely been sleeping a ton ...Im usually I really active person so it's been strange. I can walk dog around neighborhood and have been out twice - once at coffee shop w friends and today for lunch w bf. Since its 1 degree in Chicagoni can hide behind scarves pretty well
Looks-wise, personally with all the swelling its hard for me to see any improvement. I have big black and blues on my deck and 2 on my chin where chin implant went in. My entire jaw line is super swollen and looks almost fat. Its pretty numb. My ears are swollen and numb too. I wear the neck/head compression garment at night and tape my nose to help swelling. Dr shah said my nose is about 70% swollen which i hope is true since it looks pretty big and not too different so far. Dr said i was missing cartlidge and nose was very crooked so he has addressed that ... Can wait to see results! Pre surgery doc said Id be "grocery store" ready in 2 weeks which seems about right but i sm very glad i dint havevto gobinto wirk or attend any social events for another week. Stiches behind ears come out feb 2nd. Ill post more updates then .. Sure hope ill look better

Week 4 post surgery

Hi there
Quick update. Its now been 4 weeks since my surgery. I had an appt w dr shah on tues to remove remaining stitches in my scalp and hairline and a few under chin. He said that i was still very swollen (apparently some people's swelling is worse and last longer than others ..and im one of them. He gave me two shots in my nose (ouch!) steroids to help reduce swelling. I think i see a little improvement. Good news is that i have energy back and am cleared for exercise. Went to first yoga class in 6 weeks yesterday. All my bruises are gone but my nose is swollen and pretty stuffy. Its hard to tell whatt its going to look like. Dr shah said still about 60 percent swollen. Its hard to see improvement from front but profile looks better already. My chin and neck /jawline up to my ears are very hard and swollen w wierd puffy numbness in front of my eats on side of face. My ears are also almost completely numb. But i dont have any pain apart from tender chin. I am getting imaptient for the swelling and redness around jaw to reduce. I dont feel very pretty at all but no one seems to notice. Next appt in 6 weeks where i will get lazer treatment which will resurface skin and help w some swelling and redness scarring says the doctor. Will post up date then

Week 4 pics

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