Realistic African American Rhinoplasty for a Bulbous Tip and Wide Nose in Chicago,IL

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I have always wanted a nose job since the 8th...

I have always wanted a nose job since the 8th grade of high school. It has been something that I have constantly thought about since and has been something I noticed whenever I look in the mirror or take a photo. WHAT I DISLIKE ABOUT MY NOSE: Okay, I don’t have an issue with my side profile but once I give the straight dead on view its like POW huge nose! I greatly dislike the fact that I have a “triangle” nose/ bulbous tip the most and I feel that I am old enough to have had the chance to grow into my features but I feel as if my nose has gotten a lot bigger over the years. I am tired of constantly only giving the profile side view photo-ops. For the past 1- 1 1/2 years I have been actively researching doctors, results and procedure options. The past 7 months I have been looking online to Real Self to look at other people’s results and somehow get myself more comfortable with the idea whether or not to go through with this. Now that I am older I have finally saved all the money needed to get the surgery. I compiled a list of plastic surgeons that I was interested in scheduling a consultation with. Had my consultation and I have made my choice. Despite my list of top 3 doctors I chose this doctor because I felt extremely comfortable with him, his bedside manner, the technique he had in mind with my nose and the fact that he is an African American doctor whom has had experience with the type of skin we have.

I’ve chosen to post my journey on Real Self because this site has helped me to get to the decision that I have made today. There are many African Americans who do decide to do rhinoplasty but don't want to discuss it publicly let alone post pictures that could help others (like myself) who are trying to visually anticipate what to expect. I wouldn’t feel that it is fair to use the site and end up not posting the duration of my experience to help others like other have done for myself.

THE PROCEDURE: My procedure will be a closed procedure where the bridge of my nose will be broken to decrease the width, the cartilage in my tip will be lessened and my nasal ala will be augmented by making small cuts on the inside of my nares. The doctor will NOT be making any cuts on the outside of my nose. (Thank god!) Overall, I am just looking to have a nose that fits my face and my petite frame yet a result that won’t look as if I’ve contoured the heck out my nose or have distorted nostrils. I want something natural that will fit my face overall.

My surgery is scheduled for June 30th only a few days after my birthday and this is going to be one huge gift to myself! I’m excited but terrified all at the same time. I am hoping that I will love the results and it is all that I dreamt it would be.

I know I wrote a lot but I hope this helps!

My pre op is mid-June and I will update all of you then!

1 week until pre-op

This is going by quicker than I thought! I am about 3 weeks until surgery day and about 1 week until pre-op day! Ahhhh! I am nervous but that alternates daily between scared and excited. Anyway, I am trying to remain positive. I will update everyone in about a week :)

Pre-op is done! Procedure is paid in full!

Hey guys just wanted to update you on how the pre-op went... When I got there they took before and after photos of my face, we signed consent forms, and went over pre surgery rules...I'm kinda sad about one of the rules that says no drinking 72 hours before procedure because my birthday is 3 days before and I planned on going out lol but ohwell this is more important than drinking! I also had a chat with the doctor and went over our plans again (which we will be going over again before the surgery) I can't believe that it is happening soon! 12 more days! :)

Day 1 Post surgery


So if you can comment below and let me know if you guys would prefer video logs daily of my progression or just photos. I can do either.

But let me just tell you how painless this procedure is (to me)!!! I have had just mild pressure on the bridge of my nose and that is about it. Yesterday (the day of surgery) I went to the surgery center they did my pregnancy test, completely changed into a surgery gown, then the nurse started my IV, verified my allergies then i met the anesthesiologist. Before they gave me anything I got to speak to my doctor and boy was I happy that we were on the same page still about what I was looking for! I also handed him a photo of my sister cause she has a nice nose. After it was over I woke up and the nurse had just allowed my family to come into the room. I waited to see the doctor to tell me how everything went. He said it went 'smooth as silk' and that I can do my follow up later in the week since I have no swelling under my eyes or bruising. I can't believe I didn't bruise or have any facial swelling! (the tip of my nose is obviously swollen tho) and just my upper lip is fatter lol. When I got home I ate twice and just laid around and I had to change my bandage about 3-4 times because of bleeding. Other than that I slept fine and haven't had any other complications. I've been taking Arnica Montana 3 times daily to reduce or stop any bruising or swelling that may want to come now after everything is over. Its a homeopathic medication my doctor recommended me to get from whole foods in case anyone was wondering. I have also chosen to eat soft foods, veggies, soups and fruits despite no food restrictions. I am also drinking ensure so I won't lose any weight from taking in less calories.

Ill keep you guys updated. If you have any questions feel free to comment below or send me a message or if you want me to do video I can post those with any questions you guys have :)

Day 4

So my morale is a little low. Recovery is boring haha. My face is so tight i feel like someone gave me a facelift! Stupid swelling. I am trying to avoid mirrors so i won't pick out imperfections (I tend to do things like that) because i noticed today my right nostril has changed and is smaller than the left. I have to keep reminding myself that the decrease in swelling probably won't happen at the same rate on each side of my nose. I think the hardest part about this whole thing is having patience. Its so hard for me because I have waited so long for this. I also can't wait to smile and talk normally again. So i am writing this as i sit at home on fourth of july to avoid people lol. I wish i was out but i really should relax and recover and not be stared at. I have been recording videos of my progress as promised but I have had an issue uploading to the site so i am considering uploading to youtube for those interested. I will probably post them all early next week. I hope you all have a great holiday.

The photo I am posting today is from Day 3 after my doctors appointment.

Day 8

So my splint is off and the sutures under my nares are removed! Its crazy the worst is over but now I have to deal with the swelling which is now my biggest challenge. I like how he didn't go as drastic because I didn't want to not recognize myself after and regret it. BUT i still look different and because of the swelling the tip of my nose is pig like, my face is still noticeably swollen around my mouth especially my upper lip. UGH. This is all to be expected still and I know (and hope) this will go down and look natural but I don't really like it right now. I also have a clear line across the tip of my nose where the splint stopped and where the inflammation starts. My right nostril that was a little smaller now looks much more like the left. I am currently trying to avoid mirrors which was the advise from my doctor as well because I am so early in the game still and I cannot fairly judge my nose right now because it has a lot of time to change and swelling at this stage is to be expected. Trying to remain positive...........

Day 12

Things are getting better and the swelling goes down each day. Still trying to avoid photos in the meantime. Trust me when I say that if you try taking photos during the recovery process after the splint is removed, your nose looks crooked or larger than it does in person! its so weird..... I was trying to take a photo for you guys today and it looks nothing like it does in person plus my ability to smile has not completely came back yet. My nose changes in size DAILY. Anyway sorry for the delay in Vlog I swear I will do it this week. I am getting back into the swing of things since school has restarted for me :/

I appreciate the kind words/comments of encouragement through my healing process. I am in better spirits now and feel better about my decision each day.

Day 16

Post above is actually Day 14 (not day 12)

So I am uploading the Vlog's now. Please be aware that I am not a professional at videoing ANYTHING lol. & I took photos for you guys today too!

I forgot to address some other things that happened to me during recovery...

1. I developed an allergy to the splint on my nose. My skin broke out all over in a rash that took about 4 days after the splint was removed to go away. I used prescription topical steroid cream on my face.
2. After splint removal I'm still avoiding wearing glasses, sneezing or blowing my nose. I still haven't done any of these except sneezing as of yet. (Doctor prohibits glasses or blowing my nose so... )
3. I lost some weight from not eating as much. ):
4. Even sleeping on my back with 2+ pillows I somehow managed to flick the tip my nose in the middle of the night and BOY DOES THAT HURT! geez.
5. I had a lot of dead skin that I needed to exfoliate off my face and I used St. Ives apricot scrub very very gently.
6. Runny nose due to allergies which sucked for me since i can't blow my nose (due to internal dissolvable stitches) so I had to dab it all day

V-log Youtube links: (you will need these links in order to view)

Day 1 Post

Day 2 Post

Day 16 Post


Pain? Whats that?

Yesterday was the first day ever i felt some sort of pain... I think i did too much lifting at clinicals so now it feels like someone took their shoe and stomped on my nose :/

Photo update

Each day gets better.....

I still have SOOO much swelling at the tip. It is hard and stiff/numb like my nostrils used to be. The healing continues...

Side by Side

in case you wanna see the comparison of my old vs. new.

after is on the LEFT is my NEW nose
BEFORE is on the right

Yesterday marked 6 weeks..

Hi guys! sorry i have not been updating as often but there are only subtle changes from here on out so there isn't really much to update on! Last week I had my 5 week follow up with the doctor. He said everything looks great and I'm seeing only 30% decrease in swelling so I still have a long way to go! I still have 70% more swelling to lose! So I'm excited how it will look in the end because theres still so much time for improvement. He told me by December I should see about 50% decrease in swelling! I don't have another follow up for another 8 weeks. He said if he doesn't like where I am as far as swelling i may need to consider a cortisone shot.

So something that I noticed thats going on with my nose. I have a hyper pigmented transverse crease on my nose. It's kind of alarming but its something I only see and none else unless i point it out. I figured it is from the swelling of my nasal tip. Its not that dark but I'm afraid it will get worse or become permanant if the swelling doesn't go down fast enough.

Other than that I have finally been cleared of any restrictions! I can wear my glasses and sunglasses again finally! :) Ill post photos at a later date!

New glasses for the new nose!

Hey guys! Crease is still there.. Hoping it's the swelling and praaaaying it's not an indentation from my splint (please lord!) status is still the same, tip is still stiff but a lot less numb!

Anyway I got new glasses! For the new schnoz! I am a few days short of 2 most post op!


Can you see the crease ?

Happy holidays!

I am coming up on my 6 month post op! Sorry I have not been updating as often as my results slowly change so nothing is new. Here is a photo on what my nose looks like now. As I compare from the last ones I've posted, it does indeed look different from when it did then! Crazy! Inbox or comment for any questions!

I haven't forgotten about you guys!

It has almost been a year! and my swelling has still been on the decline! I saw my doctor for a follow up last week. Took some before and afters and he showed me a comparison! It's crazy to think I have made it this far! Days where I felt so insecure of my bulbous nose but I barely spend any time staring at my nose anymore. I even consented for my photos to be shown to others! cause like I always say 'Why hide that you've had work done, if its good work who cares who knows! if its bad work, I won't be telling anybody' lol. Amen to good work and great surgeons. Anyway here are more photos. I will post more at the 1 year post and answer any questions anytime.

Oh. I was also told my my doctor that swelling for African Americans sometimes will retain in the tip for about one and a half years to two YEARS. Which I feel is true cause my tip feels stiff and hard still. Even after one (and VERY PAINFUL) cortisone shot.

Happy holidays!

Just wanted to check in. It's been awhile and also give you guys a new photo of my nose. I think the many changes of it has come to an end! I'm happy my review has helped many and continues to help those who are interested! Hope everyone has had a great holiday and has a prosperous 2016! Happy new year everyone!

Side by side photo 1 year and 6 months later

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