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I have another profile on the site but I was...

I have another profile on the site but I was worried about my pictures being see when my name is Googled (which my profile DOES show up) so I created a new one.

I have three amazing children who I'm a single parent to. My weight has ALWAYS yo-yo'd especially with my pregnancies. I used them as an excuse to eat. I am currently overweight according to most, but I am content. As my doctor said yesterday, I'm wide framed and curvaceous. I'm glad he realizes that and is planning to accentuate them.

I am having done a full TT, liposuction of the abdomen, flanks and back as well having a breast augmentation and lift. I never realized how off my boobs were until taking these photos. Confirmation that I need the augmentation.

I am so scared. Terrifed actually. I'm calling to schedule my appointment tomorrow for the surgery. September 27th. I need all the feedback and postive advice/thoughts I can get. Thanks soooo much

17 days.. So many emotions

I have to pinch myself. I just can't believe this is really happening. I've been having a great deal of anxiety and am waking up a lot at night with worries. I'm ready to get this massive weight off my stomach. I'm also ready to start my life again.. this time with confidence.

What do I REALLY need!?

For those who have had a MM, what do you suggest I purchase that you believe is a necessity. I saw the list under the forum, but that's an awful lot of stuff and I'm tight on funds.

What size implant did you go with???

I had my preoperative appointment today and am almost certain I'm going with 500ccs (silicone) above the muscle. Does anyone have anything similar? I am 5'8'' and 220 pounds. The doctor said because of this and the diameter of my breasts, I have a lot of options. I just don't want to be too big or too small.

Soooo afraid

For those who've been through this, I need you to help me some. I am on the rollercoaster of emotions. One moment I'm excited and can't wait while counting down the days. Then other times I'm a complete ball of nerves who fears everything about this procedure (the surgical process itself, anesthesia, recovery, wrong size, etc.). It's becoming draining and I'm not sleeping. I know I'm being irrational, but I could really use some (more) reassurance from those who have been through it.

Last day at work with this belly

A few more days and all this will be GONE!!!! I am finally starting to get excited.

Two more sleeps

The surgery has officially consumed me - but in a good way. The nerves have finally subsided and the excitement has begun. I get the call tomorrow to let me know what time to be at the Surgery Center Tuesday. Praying for an early time.

Not much longer

People are always saying you don't need a TT or your fine BUT they don't see this.. This is one of the last pictures I'll take of my stomach like this! I can't wait until it's gone

Not much longer

People are always saying you don't need a TT or your fine BUT they don't see this.. This is one of the last pictures I'll take of my stomach like this! I can't wait until it's gone

Surgery day

It's finally here. I'm a bundle of nerves and excited too. Prayers please

Definitely not for the weak

Surgery went well. It was almost five hours. I am bruised pretty badly and burning at the spots where he did liposuction. The muscle repair also hurts a ton. The pain medicine barely takes an edge off. My boobs and the TT incision aren't too bad as of now although I'm prepared for that to change. I have my preoperative appointment in about 8 hours. I'll take more pictures then

48 hour update

Checking in

I'm doing well. Not in too much pain other than the drains and the MR. Laughed way too much last night. It was literally the worst pain in my entire life. I'm hoping to get a sponge bath tonight. HOPEFULLY I can get some better pictures of the belly.

Four days later update

Here are some pictures. I'm starting to feel better

One week out

First of all, I cannot believe how fast time has gone by this past week. I feel really well. I'm exhausted because I'm not sleeping well, but other than that physically I'm great. I'm supposed to go back to work at one of my jobs next Monday which I am worried about. I have my second post operative appointment with doctor tomorrow and I believe I will be getting one of the drains out. Heres two pictures of my breast. I haven't taken off any of the dressing because directions weren't too specific so I'm gonna let him do it tomorrow :)

One down, one to go

I got one of my drains removed today. Whew! I feel a thousand times better already. Doctor also took off all my dressings. I'm still feeling really well. Just constantly tired

Finally took a shower

I was terrified to shower but I finally did and although it was a lot of work, it felt great. Here's an updated picture from today

Two weeks later and I'm finally starting to feel like myself

Slowly but surely I am starting to walk upright which is a HUGE relief. I'm still not sleeping at night much. I think that's because it's so gosh darn difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position plus my CG is sooooo worn out and bunches up on my back constantly. Here are some pictures as promised
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