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Just call me a professional RS lurker! I've been...

Just call me a professional RS lurker! I've been stalking this site for over a year now. Love the stories and the "realness" of everyone. I'm a married busy professional mom of a teenager and I'm also primary caregiver to my mom who has had some health issues. She has been living in our home since November and to say that things have been a little crazy would be understating the situation. We have all settled into a nice routine, and this is the new "normal" in our lives now. I'm happy to be able to take care of my mom because she always took such good care of me!! :)

Anyway, I have always been a curvy girl and its never been a problem. I've always played sports or worked out to keep active. Now that I am closer to 50 though, I have noticed that I need an upgrade. First of all, my boobs have always been big and In my way! These girlies have got to be smaller. I'm tired of not being able to wear cute button down shirts! I would like to explore the idea of a breast reduction through insurance. While lurking, I also like the idea of a little lip and a possible tummy tuck. In essence, a BR, TT, and lipo better known as a mommy makeover. For me, it's more like a full body "upgrade"!!!
This is about all I have to post at this time. I have two consults coming up with ps's in my area. One is tomorrow and the other is in August. I have been doing my homework but I also feel very blessed to be here in Chicago. LOTS of good doctors to choose from. Join me on my journey. I promise to be as forthcoming as I can and update with any new info.

Had my first consult. Went very well!

Hi everyone, just had a wonderful consult with a ps today. I liked her very much because she was friendly and also very informative. I love her work! She gave me the low down on having insurance pay for the reduction, then gave me some quotes on lipo and tummy tuck. Since I am in the educator profession I have to schedule things around my vacations. She suggested only 2 procedures at a time....not all three. I've got some thinking to do. Hubby is cautiously supportive. LOL.

Slight change of plans

Hi everyone! Happy Friday. After giving it some thought I think I'm going to change the order of my surgeries. I'm going to go with getting inner thigh lipo in December (I can use the 2 weeks off to recover), and save my BR and TT until June 2015. I have 10 weeks off every summer and I can fully recover the proper way. I also think it will just be nicer not having to have "work" hanging over my head. My job is extremely stressful and keeps me hopping.

I am excited that I can at least move forward with the lipo. I guess this journey is going to take me a little longer that I thought. I will be posting some pre-op pics of the thighs later this weekend.

PS consult #2 scheduled!

I just scheduled my next and probably last consult with another local surgeon. He has done work on a friend's friend and she looks fab. Getting both excited and nervous about this process. I guess that is normal.

Life has a way of interfering.......

Just a quick update. I've been MIA because my mom ended up in the hospital with a bad infection. The news has rocked my world, but we are a family who has great faith. On a side note, I did go through with my second PS consult today and it was wonderful compared to #1. He was kind, sweet, and seemed to be much more knowledgeable. I went in with my notebook full of questions and he patiently answered every single one. I'm trying to make this a very thoughtful process. I have a third and final consult with another PS next week. I will make my decision then for sure. Still loving this journey even though life kicks your butt sometimes.......

I'm baaaaack!

Hi everyone,

Sorry that I went MIA but my mom got really sick so I just didn't have time to post. I was also waiting to hear from my insurance company for approval on the just came today: new boobs APPROVED! Now I just have to talk to my surgeon's office to pick a date and make my down payment. I'll do that first thing tomorrow. I'm so happy and so is DH surprisingly. I'm going to go "balls out" reduction, tuck, and lipo to inner thighs. Yay me!

BTW, I decided to go with Dr. Clark Schierle at Northwestern Hospital. He made me feel 100% comfortable and his works speaks for itself. I also like the idea of being at NW. Every provider I have ever had there has been top notch.

Date booked!

Having my surgery.....December 19th! I work in education so it will be during my 2 week break. I hate that I'll be down and out for the holidays, but if I don't do it then I'll have to wait until June, 2015. That's too long! Funny, the minute I booked I started having dreams about the surgery...all of them resulted in different scenarios where I was late for the surgery, or completely missed it, or left my purse at home with all the money. Just crazy! Also, I finally got around to posting pics. These are how I look now: 176lbs, 40DD, size 10-12. These big huge knockers have got to go!

Slight change to the plan.....

Hi everyone,

I was freaking out about only being able to take 2 weeks off for recovery after so many procedures (especially TT) so after careful consideration I'm going in for reduction and inner thigh lipo this time around. I feel better about that decision. I have a very stressful job that involves long days and running from place to place. I was concerned about being way too tired or wearing myself out. I still will have the TT, but will put it off until my summer break (2016). I can use the whole 10 weeks off to recover. I will also be able to save money to pay cash by that time. Hubby is in total agreement with this as he knows what a big baby I am when it comes to pain!

Anyone else really excited?

I'm just sitting here thinking about how excited I am to get this surgery done! Any others have a December date?

Just counting down the days til 12/19!

Hi everyone,

Just a quick check in. Just found out yesterday that a very good friend of mine who is also getting breast reduction just got approved by her insurance company too! Her surgery is 12/8 which is 11 days before mine so I hope she can give me some good info about healing. Currently I'm just trying to eat healthy, get to the gym, and keep my weight stable. I've told a few close friends that I'm having the surgery but not too many because I don't want to hear all the negative comments. I'm limiting how much information I give my extended family as well. Trying to stay clear of the drama! Other than that I'm just feeling more and more excited about having this done. So much of this type of surgery is psychological. Its not just about the physical, but I sure can't wait to go bra shopping in the future.

YAY!! December is here!

Hi everyone! December 2nd is here.....17 days to go! it's really getting REAL. Still excited and feeling ok. Anyone else having surgery in December? My husband has really done a turn around. He is now fully supportive in every way. My son is 19 and he has asked me NO follow-up Who wants to talk to their mom about breast reduction?! I have a very good friend having her reduction this Friday. Can't wait to compare stories with her. Have a great day!

8 days to go!!!!

Hi everyone,

Well, the time is fast approaching and I'm quickly trying to plan ahead to make sure I have everything in place. My good friend had her reduction this past Monday and she is feeling really well. She says he pain is minimal but she is staying faithful to taking her meds on schedule. I bought a couple of new bras and I've been making food and freezing it so my family has meals while I rest/relax. Today I plan on calling massage therapists who specialize in manual lymph drainage. My doc says it really helps in the healing process; especially with liposuction. It helps with drainage of fluid and keeps the skin smooth. I can hardly wait for next Friday. I am beyond excited!!

1 day to go!

Morning ladies! Well, the time is almost here. I've had a great week so far. Getting lots of rest, eating well, and treating myself (2 massages this week)! I also found someone to to the lymph draining massage after my surgery. Once I get the go ahead from my doc, I can get going with those. All I keep thinking about is how this must be the right thing for me to do. I haven't had any second thoughts. Not one. Looking forward to not having this neck and shoulder pain. I do wish I was getting the tummy tuck as well, but I just have to start saving for that. My goal is to have the money for that by next summer. That way I can have the summer off to heal. Well, this will probably be my last post until I feel well enough to write. I'll be back with post-op pics too!

Day 2 post-op

Hi everyone,

Just checking in very quickly as I am just getting my strength back. My healing journey hasn't been too bad. Just very tired and trying to listen to my body when it says that I need a nap. I will be able to take a shower tomorrow and take some pictures. I'll also give you a full review of how the surgery day went. I love my results so far! Boobs are small and high right now.....lots of swelling. I'm drinking lots of water and only taking the pain meds when I absolutely have to. My inner thighs and arms are bruised up and sore. Hope that anyone else who had surgery this past week is also healing and doing fine! Back with more tomorrow!

3 days pos-op

Hi everyone, I am definitely feeling more tired. My hubby helped me take a nice hot shower and that pretty much wore me out for the rest of my day! I had also been feeling "backed up" so I took an enema and within 30 minutes I felt like a new person. The weather here in Chicago isn't very encouraging for getting anything done anyway. It's gray, cold, and rainy. Anyway, here a a couple of picks of the new boobs. It felt great to take off that compression bra and just wear one of my stretchy ones. i love the way they look so far. They are still sitting up very high, but they have a nice natural shape. As far as the lipo goes I'm pretty bruised up and sore. Inner thighs hurt way more than the arms do. They are also quite swollen so I see no difference just yet. I will be glad to see my doc on the 26th. Just want to make sure everything is going well. Tomorrow is my son's 19th birthday! I want to get plenty of rest so we can enjoy the day with him. He's an awesome person and is totally ok with postponing his celebration a few more days!

Post-op day 4

Slowly feeling like myself, but also trying to listen to my body. When I'm tired, I sleep. Last night I slept the longest since the surgery. That felt really good. No pain pills today....don't really need them. The lipo recovery is harder than the reduction. My thighs are constantly sore even though it's slowly getting better. Today is a warmer sunny day. Does anyone else get really depressed when it's gloomy? Just seeing the sun today was an uplift. Tomorrow we are expecting a little bit of snow so it may actually be a white Christmas! Tomorrow hubby is taking me to get a manicure. It will be nice to get out of the house for a little bit!

Post-op Day 7 ? Can't beleive it!

I honestly can't believe its been a week already. Headed out to see my doc later this morning. Yesterday was low key. I only told a few select family members about the surgery, and so I had to use the excuse that I was under the weather yesterday and couldn't join in the festivities. I have some family members that would be looking me over trying to see what is different. Know those nosey types? LOL.
As far as recovery goes, the only thing that gives me discomfort and a little bit of pain is the lipo. I'm still pretty bruised up despite taking the Arnica pills. The skin is still a little bit swollen on my arms too mostly because I rolled over on my right arm yesterday when I was sleeping. Not good. It swelled up like a balloon! Last night I made sure I put lots of pillows under my arm while I slept.
I need a few more bras so I will be going shopping later. I like the stretchy ones by Hanes. You can step into them which is so nice.
That's about it for me today. Will post more later along with a few more pics. Hoping my doc will give me clearance for light workout (walking on treadmill). I just feel like a slug! Have a good day everyone!

Post-op Day 8

Hi everyone,

Probably got the best sleep last night since the surgery. Like 10 hours! Being able to sleep on my side again has been a blessing. Had my first lymphatic massage since after the surgery. Very gentle and relaxing.

Here are some random thoughts I've had since I began this journey:

1. Surgery: never had many doubts and really loving my results so far. No regrets!
2. Recovery: for me, resting as much as possible has really helped. Its so hard for me to sit still though so I struggled with this a bit. Still learning....
3. Family: Hubby has been great so has my son, but he would rather not acknowledge that his mom had a boob To keep the negativity away, I only told a couple of family members. They have been nothing but supportive. You have to have positive thoughts surrounding you.
4. Pain: I'm a lightweight when it comes to pain so I thought this was going to be hardest for me. Not so much it turns out. I can handle more than I thought. When I really hurt though I didn't try to suffer through it. I took the darn Narco!
5. Sleeping: I've been a tummy sleeper all my life, so how in the world can I sleep on my back? It wasnt easy but my friend who had her TT last year told me about a bed wedge (company is called contour living) sh used after her surgery so I checked it out an bought one. This thing is the BOMB! It gives your head and feet the right elevation, so pile on the blankets and snuggle in. I don't need it now that I can sleep on my side, but I wouldn't hesitate to use it again or recommend it for others. It got me through the first 4-5 days.
6. Eating: I ate pretty clean about 1 month prior to my surgery, and have continued that way since. I've had no intense cravings (except for my son't b-day cake), and I stayed away from the salt. I still have a fair amount of swelling and didn't want to swell anymore.
7. Swelling/bruising: Still there, but bruising is fading due to Arnica (gotta thank the RS gals for that recommendation)! Drinking ALOT of water and eating pineapple and fresh fruit and veggies to get that swelling flushed. The lymphatic massage also shrank some swelling in my thighs.

Thank goodness for the women on this forum. I would never have had the courage to undergo this without reading so many encouraging stories!

Ok, I've talked enough for today. Time to go put my feet back up!! More updates to follow!

Just a few more pics.....

Just a few more pics. I like how the girls look in these Once the steri-strips come off later this week I'll take some pics of my doc's handiwork.

Quiet NYE

Hi everyone,

We will be having a rather quiet NYE. Hubby is making a really nice dinner, and my son is spending the night at his friend's house after going out to dinner with his friends. I'm feeling a little bit better everyday. Going for another massage this morning. I always feel so relaxed after that. Bummed that I have to go back to work on Monday. I still feel like I could use another week. Anyone else have big plans tonight? Showing off those awesome RS bodies!! LOL

Post -op Day 15

Well, I made it past the 2 week mark. WOO HOO. Feel really good. Energy is back to almost 100%. I'll be ready for work on Monday even though I'm happy that both my Monday and Tuesday are not looking so bad in terms of appointments. I also see my regular do on Tuesday for my annual. She is going to be so surprised as I've been talking about this for some time! Looks like many ladies on here are healing well. I still can't get used to seeing my nipples staring back at me!!! Never saw myself from that angle since I was a kid. I had another massage treatment this morning. I have about 5 more to go. I keep promising pics which are forthcoming. I'm super lazy in that area!

Post-op Day 16 (w/pics)

Here are some updated shots of reduction results. Scarring is minimal right now and i hope it stays that way!! Swelling is still there along with the swelling from lipo.

Post op day 20.....unexpected day off!!

Nice! Day off today because of the extreme cold. So happy to stay in my warm house!! Still feeling ok. I'm tired when I get home from work though. Saw my doc yesterday (internist), and she was soon impressed with the docs work! She wrote his name down and wants to start recommending patients. She has seen a lot of post op breath and she liked mine the best. That made me feel really good!

It was 3 weeks on my birthday!! (1-9-15)

Hi everyone,

Even though I'm writing this on Sunday, I reached my 3 week anniversary this past Friday which also happened to be my 49th b-day. Its been a crazy week. School was cancelled because of the cold weather Wed, Thurs and Friday. I don't ever remember having my birthday off. EVER!! Anyway, even though its been cold I started working out again which I feel really good about. I'm not going crazy, but it felt nice to work up a sweat and lift some weights. I've been a little bit sore, but nothing I can't live with.

The boobs and liposuction are finally looking good! The massage has really helped to work out the swelling. Now I notice that my clothes fit a whole lot looser. The hardest part about liposuction I think is going to be maintaining through regular workouts and eating. There is no going back to unhealthy habits! I'm not going to waste my money!!! My boobs are softening up a bit too. I go back to the doc on Wed. I'm going to ask about scar management. I've got one scar on the left side of my chest that is a little bit raised. I know there are over the counter products but I hear you get better results from prescription products. Does anyone know?

Anyway, I'm headed to brunch with girlfriends this a.m. Work is definitely back on for tomorrow. It will be a crazy busy week. How's everyone else doing?

Just passed the 8 week mark!

Kinda late getting to this update, but life has a way just being too busy! I've been doing really well. I had another appointment w/ Dr. S. yesterday. Girls are looking great. They have softened and dropped and I can sleep on my stomach again! YAY! He said that they are still swollen and that I am still healing. He's already planning a couple of revisions down the line. I have one dog ear on the left side, and I also have a little breast tissue right by my right underarm that could use some lipo. It's like a little pocket of extra breast tissue. I like that my doc is a perfectionist!! Still saving money so he can do my TT. Next time I update I will take some pics.

Happy 6 month surgiversary!

Hi everyone!

Can't update as often as a I should. Yesterday was my 6 month surgery anniversary! I have to say that now that all the swelling and soreness is gone, my boobs are fantastic. I went from a full 40 DD to a nice 36D. I'm now able to wear all the types of bras that were "out of my league" I treated myself to some gorgeous new bras from Nordstrom. The woman who fitted me for the bras was so impressed with my surgeon's work that I gave her his info. She remarked that she sees ALOT of bad boob reductions/enhancments in her field of work!!
As far as the liposuction. Love the way my thighs look.... my arms.....well, they look ok, but I'm not sure I would recommend arm Lipo unless you have an arm lift.

The other thing that is super important is making sure you keep your results! I'm working out almost every day, trying to eat right as much as I can. My doc warned me that if you gain weight after lipo, it comes back in unwanted places and you don't want that.
I'm heading back to my doc at the end of the month so he can make a few corrections free of charge. Also, now that I have fully paid off my surgery, I'm ready to plan my tummy tuck. I'm going get a few quotes this time. I will probably end up having my doc do my tummy, but I would also like to get a quote or two from some women surgeons.

Small update

Hi everyone...just a small update: my surgeon removed some extra breast tissue under both of my armpits. He said removing the tissue would be better than lipo alone. It was done under local, but I'm having some soreness and pain. Gonna try to manage with Tylenol and maybe take something stronger at night.

It will be a couple of months before I see results. Next summer my arms will be ready!!! Lol. I'll post a pic in the future.

Pretty bruised up....

Currently my chest is wrapped in an ace bandage for compression. I had absolutely no leakage of blood or fluid which is good. I'm healing well although I can't lift my arms over my head easily. I can shower tomorrow. Now I'm just waiting for the swelling to go down, then I will start some lymphatic massage w/ my therapist. Work starts back for me next Thursday...UGH!

Round 2 coming up!

I will be making a new page for my TT journey. Just booked my December date today after spending my summer interviewing docs. That can be so exhausting! LOL. Anyway, I feel super confident in my choice, so on with the pics. I'll be posting under TT's from now on!!
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

I did my research when it came to doctors. I read LOTS of reviews, had some consultations, and decided to go with Dr. Schierle from Northwestern. From the moment I walked into his office, I felt comfortable. I had a ton of questions and he took his time to answer every one. Never felt rushed, or that he was annoyed with me. Oh, and did I mention that my doc is prodigy? Graduating from UCLA at the age of 16, then going on to Harvard to earn both a PhD and MD? Think this guy knows what he is doing? I definitely felt confident with those credentials! I live in Chicago and there are many doctors to choose from, but you have to go with your gut instinct. I did that with Dr. Schierle and I have no regrets. Already saving up for a TT w/ him in the future!!!

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