Bringing Sexy Back! 38yr Old W/ 2 Children Pursuing Abdominalplasty and Breast Lift W/ Implants - Chicago, IL

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After many months perusing this site, I finally...

After many months perusing this site, I finally booked my procedures yesterday with only a month to go! I found realself this past summer and that is truly the single motivator (other than my sad state of body and being fed up at the pool all summer in my granny tankini) for my pursuance of this surgery. It took a few physicians, quotes and a few months to convince my husband, but here I finally am. After my husband finally consented (he's extremely hesitant regarding dangerous surgical procedures he feels aren't necessary and claims I look fine the way I am. I'm sure cost is also a factor in his hesitation) we knew we were hoping to shoot for the winter in terms of scheduling. If I could be up and going by spring and cruising by summer, it would be fantastic. Extended family medical needs pushed my date back a month or so, but my mother is now available to assist my husband and I with my recovery and with our two children as well.

I am 5'2" and have weighed between 150-155 for a couple of years now. Previously, before my pregnancies, I weighed in at 130/135ish. I have always had large arms and legs (short stocky girl problems) but my stomach was definitely flat and toned before the babies. I have always hated my arms and legs but I used to love my stomach. My breasts were always a decent size (C cup) although looking back through pictures I now realize they have always been saggy with poor elasticity. I can't even blame the saggy tits on nursing. So, anyway, at this point with weight gain and two full term
pregnancies can I just kind of hate everything.

I know now I gained too much weight for my short torso back in 2008 when I had my first son (9lbs 2oz). I was back at the pregnancy thang 3 years later with my second boy (weighing in at 8lbs 2oz). I was enormous with both boys. My pregnant torso resembled a missile jutting straight forward, ready to launch. Strangers would often ask how many babies I was carrying in there. I knew the second I came home from the hospital (after my initial go-round) and revealed in the mirror my hot mess of a stomach), that only surgery would truly be able to solve my issues. I have dreamt of undergoing a TT ever since then but never truly thought it could happen for me.

My husband and I are extremely dedicated to our fitness 5/6 days a week attending a Bootcamp at our gym as well as other athletic activities. While I was gaining weight with the pregnancies, my husband took his body and fitness performance to a whole other level. My husband is in the best shape of his life surpassing even his HS days with an amazing body. He turns head at the pool while I look and feel dowdy and maternal. We no longer match up. I work out hard too but the more weight I lost post pregnancy, the worse my stomach looked! It has been frustrating and while I am so attracted to him, I have no confidence in my own appearance which holds us back.

Now, 7 years after my firstborn (4 years after our second), an increase in our financials and my husand finally with the understanding that while indeed cosmetic, it IS actually a medical issue not resolved in the gym (diastasis recti) we are ready to play ball! I feel overjoyed and relieved at what I recognize will be a LIFE CHANGER.

I will be receiving abdominalplasty with muscle repair, liposuction of the abdomen, flanks and arms, and a breast lift w/ smaller implant.




Sorry, but the clothes gonna come off!

So, in order to accurately Chronicle my experience, I need to do some naked Trussell photos. Please bear with me as I get bare. I apologize in advance!

More pre-op photos

Less than 3 weeks to go!

Today's the day! ????????????????

On our way! Check in at 8:30am downtown. Surgery scheduled for 9:45-1:45/2pm. 90min/2hrs of monitoring and on our way home by 4pm!

Oh man!

Well today marks Day 4! And oh man, did I completely underestimated the pain!! It is only today that I feel halfway human. I have been miserable the night of surgery, as well as all of Day 1,2, and 3 (aka Easter Sunday too, I might add). My poor family. I just had no clue!

My postop was Friday (Day 1) at which time I had to have my pain medication changed from Hydrocodone to Percocet because for the initial 12 hours post surgery I was taking twice or even 3X the dosage of hydrocodone every 2/3 hours rather than the 4/6 hrs as per bottle instruction. And even w/ the Percocet I have had to take 2 pills over the recommended 1 every 3 hours rather than the 4/6hrs per bottle label. Now, I did disclose this to my PS end he was fine with it, encouraging me to do what I needed to do to get through the initial first few days. A lot of the time I just wanted to "knock off" ???? and buy myself time - as in log some much needed hours toward healing time! Ugh. Yes, it was that bad! And bloody too. I had some leakage of blood at one of my drain sites initially which resulted in what looked like a murder massacre in the bathroom each time I dropped my drawers in an effort to pee. Horrendous blood. Initially my husband and I couldn't tell if it was coming from my incision, the drain site or if it was vaginal (and I did have my period the week prior). My husband ended up making a Walgreens run at the crack of dawn buying me huge maxi pads, Depends, and tampons early the next day (Day 1) to accommodate the heavy bleedinf. At one point my husband even had to insert a tampon for me because I was incapable. Fun times. Later when I removed it, I realized it was not vaginal bleeding and that the blood was actually coming from the drain site of one of my two drains. It was NOT pooling into the drain as it should. My husband fixed the suction of the drain and all has been good since.

Thankfully, I have had help because a lot of this I wasn't able to see on my own as I was just too sore to look down at my own body to determine what was happening. I truly needed someone else to inspect what was going with the core of my own body. Side note: the Depends worked great initially as a loose fitting but comfortable means to soak up the blood and ooze of the first couple days - you wouldn't want any of this mess on your real underwear.

Something else I did not anticipate was the back pain that a constant hunched position brings on. Oh my! There are still times today where I can only "stand" (and by stand I mean hover) for a 30sec time window before the lower back pain is too much and I must sit right then and there. Let's see, what else ... I have showered twice since my procedure. The first time was 48 hours later (Saturday night) in which I needed assistance. Last night I took another shower and was able to do it all on my own including washing my own hair.

I have been sleeping downstairs on the $250 wedge contraption I bought. It works great on my couch and it has been super comfortable. I didn't have a recliner and I figured I could buy this "thing" and use it or even just parts of it again in the future for what it would have cost me to rent a hospital bed. In fact, in another day or so I plan to move this contraption up to the second floor and place it on the top of my bed and use it at night. However, for the moment, my bed is just much too high for me to access comfortably.

I haven't got any great full body or abdominal pics yet... but I will. I have been in too much discomfort (remember, I only have the 30 sec time window) when dressing pre/post shower to take pics at this point. I'll try in the next day or two so that you can see my results.

Few more pics

These failed to upload with my original post today.

So I pooped tonight! ????!

Yay! Thought that the first poop
Was worth one more update today! So, while I am at it ... these pics aren't any good as I was in a hurry to sit down. I have a 30 second window of standing time bfore my back starts to sob. I wasted the initial standing time to brush my teeth before I got the bright idea of snapping a quick photo. The lighting is bad, I'm hunched as hell, my drains are in the way and I'm extremely swollen in my lower abs and lady bits.

1 week later ...

Bruising is progressing. The many bruises from liposuction (tummy, flanks, arms) were rough on me and are finally becoming less painful and more itchy, a sign of healing! I have been using arinica cream, ice, and the implementation of some of essential oils in my stash to encourange the process. I created a spray bottle of Multiple Young Living oils and blends to mimick "ice" which has brought great relief. I have also added helichrysm to my Arnica cream and have noticed major improvement (w/in hours) in the changing of colors and diminishing of bruising .

I had my 2nd post-op appt yesterday (initial was only 1 day post-op) and finally received my paneled wrap binder. I wasn't given it initially because of all of my swelling and oozing. I also had one drain removed. Woot! ???? Overall PS seemed pleased - I was told I was healing as I should be.

Following my appointment yesterday the incision/stitch under my left breast separated slightly and began to bleed. I attempted to encourage closure of the wound by using steri-strips and various oils deigned to aid in coagulation. My doc is an hour away and I am considering a visit to urgent care if I can't get the bleeding to subside today. I'm thinking that doc would have medical grade steri-strips that work better than mine from Walgreens.

I am considering ordering a garment from Design Veronique. Anyone else have experience using one of theirs? Not sure where the drain would go!?

Healing well!

2.5 weeks post op and I feel I am continuing to heal well. I have some "old" blood draining from one of the incisions under my breast but was told at my followup that it isn't a big concern and already it's beginning to heal with triple antibiotic and non-stick gauze. I wasn't able to have my last drain removed because I was still expelling about 40/50ml in 24 hours. And in good with that! Rather get it all out than have the extra swelling ... or worse and develop a sermona! I can tell I am continuing to feel better everyday and have been taking walks around the neighborhood with my husband and two sons. I even attended a good friends 40th surprise party at just 9 days post op! I took it easy but I was there! I continue to be super pleased with my results - swelling and all. I will be seeing Dr. Shifrin again on Wednesday at 3 weeks out for followup and to remove my last drain!

3 week check ??

Got the drain removed and the "okay" to begin scar therapy. Apparently I am healing great! Just a quick question for anyone out there who may be reading this. Do any of you feel that your butt has changed shape for the worse? Perhaps the pulling of the abdominals from the front or maybe the liposuction of the flanks as the culprit? My rear looks flatter now. I don't like it at all, it's lost it's roundness. It was about the only thing I DID like on myself prior to surgery. Lol. Not it looks like it has no shape, no fullness. I'm praying it's just the initial stages and my butt will fall into place again just as all my other parts that are recovering from the trauma and the swelling. ???? It's my only complaint!

Scar closeup

Wanted to get a closeup of my scar before I begin my silicone scar therapy.

2.5 months post

Feeling great, pleased with my recovery and results. Breasts are dropping, if not dropped. Have been wearing a bikini at the pool for the first time in 9 years. It is liberating! Cleaned out my closed this past weekend after trying on nearly every article of clothing to see what still works and what doesn't. Took forever but now I have an idea of what I can wear for summer and what I am now lacking in wardrobe post surgery. Working on my scars with topical silicone gel and occasionally silicone strips. I haven't worn my binder in weeks and weeks. Never did wear it much to be honest, and my results are still very pleasing. I have been back to the gym, gradually working in weight training but have been back running for weeks now and it's been easy and feels great. Initially the running caused severe tightness in my abdomen but it got better each outing. My doctor said this was normal. My nipples are still numb and parts of my abdomen continues to have no feeling. I still swell at night, especially after a lot of activity. I still hesitate to do push-ups or dips as it feels too bizarre after the sub muscular placement of my implants. I'll keep waiting. I went into surgery at 151 pounds and currently weigh 144. Not sure why, as I didn't have THAT much fat removed - I'm guessing it's muscle loss from lack of weight training.

4 months

Enjoying the best summer of my adult life!!

6 months

Some of these are pics I sent my husband on snapchat so please disregard the corny comments. It's fun to be able to do things like this again, send bold pictures, rather than hide from him in the dark.
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

He has been amazing. My results are better than I could have ever hoped. I didn't even dream it was possible for my stomach to look like this: flat, smooth, natural. I'm so extremely pleased with the outcome. I knew I would look better post surgery but my results have far succeeded what I had hoped for. The recovery was so well worth it 4 months out, looking back. I have confidence now I haven't had in years ... If ever! I'm wearing a two piece at the pool this summer! Dr. Shifrin is kind and so patient. His demeanor made this entire process simple as he is confident which made me feel safe w/ no reason for aprehension. His follow up process is great! His staff is top notch! His office is beautiful. I feel 100% confident recommending Dr. Shifrin and his team to ANYONE contemplating ANY procedure. He's THAT good!

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