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I have not yet had anything done. I am looking for...

I have not yet had anything done. I am looking for the right doctor while I try to come up with the money. I so desperately want this procedure, I cannot even explain it. I had a perfect body before my daughter, and as much as I love her, my body is just not the same. I became pregnant at 17, and I am now 26, so obviously without surgery I am stuck with this body. I do not have any money to spend, but have come to the conclusion that making this happen is the only way I will be happy with my life. As someone that does modeling just for fun, this is truly ruining my life, including my personal relationships, as I have no confidence due to my body. I am interested in the full mommy makeover, breast implants, tummy tuck and extreme lipo of the flanks. I understand this is a lot of money, and I do think that getting it all done at once is the cheapest and most plausible route for me. I'm just seeking out opinions on doctors in my general area and/or experiences, or advice, or anyone else who may have overcome the monetary route to get the body they deserve. I currently weigh about 140 lbs, looking to lose at least 20, but the more weight I lose at this point, the worse I look, so I'm going to post some before pictures to hopefully get doctors and/or patient insight into what would be best for me. Thank you for taking the time to read. I intend to have these surgeries as soon as possible.


I am still in a financial issue, so I still have not gone on any consultations because I am afraid of the prices (though I know I'm easily looking at 15k), but I recently thought about becoming a surrogate mother (as I had a wonderfully easy pregnancy/delivery with my previous child) and that would be a great way to fund my surgery. Anyone else done anything like this?

Looking through reviews here and the photos, I know that this is something I absolustely cannot live without doing. I want my pretty body back and I want to feel confident, I want to smile when I look in the mirror, and I wonder if this is a good way to not only give someone else something wonderful that they cannot achieve on their own, but also to achieve something that I desperately want as well!

Since I've been stalking this site lately, figured a tiny update was in order. I know what surgeon I want, and that's Dr. Vitenas in Houston, TX. I live a good ways from there, but I feel it would be worth it, however I would of course meet with more surgeons in my general area first. I just want this so bad!

And also, thank you to everyone that has posted their reviews and information on this site -- so helpful, so hopeful!

Looking into a Consultation... FINALLY!

I have been looking into a lot of different options and recently, my boyfriend came into a job where he will be making enough money to support us so everything I make can be saved for my surgery. I have a couple different doctors in mind at this time, and in about a month, I plan to go in for my consultations with them. I am VERY excited and scared, but it's been a long time coming and I deserve these surgeries, so I'm going to make them my priorities! :) Now on to losing some more weight before all of my consultations!
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