Breast Aug - 5'2", 425 high profile, 32A to 32DD - Chicago, IL

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I am looking to have breast augmentation in...

I am looking to have breast augmentation in January 2015. I am waiting until January for personal reasons, as I've been losing weight and would like to have the implants as a "reward." I'm 5'2" and I was 120lb in high school, but now I'm 139lb. I've been biking 7-8miles a day with my husband, and the weight is coming off. There's something about having a deadline for the surgery that is really amping me up!!!

My breasts have never gained or lost weight with the rest of my body, and they haven't changed since 5th grade. The left one is slightly larger, and they aren't fully "rounded" out. I'm only interested in silicone options, and am unsure about incision location.

Here are the quick facts:

Age: 25 years old
Height: 5'2" tall
Weight: 139lbs
Goal Weight: 125lbs
Children: No children

Current Breasts: 34A. Bra fitting is difficult, as I have a wide chest, but I sometimes buy a 34B bra as the cups "line up" better, but then I don't fill the cup well :(.

Goal breast size: Unsure. I'm hoping for at least a large C, small D. I'm short, wide chest, my hips are wide and I have a big butt. I'm sort of stuck, and would love some ideas from people. I want to go big, but I'm short... Would that look funny...?

So...... I'm stressing a lot

I'm feeling very anxious and indecisive now. I was reading up on the statistics from the FDA and it looks like I need to plan to have further surgeries/corrections/replacements every 10 years!

I guess I'm just worried about constantly having surgeries. I mean, I'm 25. Let's say I stop caring what I look like at 65. That means 5 surgeries! Is that really "OK" to put your body through? And that's assuming I have no problems within each 10 year period. Are there any girls out there, close to 8 or 10 years, no issues? I think I'm still going to do this.

Rupture Rates
Allergan implants in the MRI group at 10 years were as follows:
Primary augmentation 10.1 percent (7.4 to 13.7)

Mentor implants at 8 years post-implantation
Primary augmentation 13.6 percent (7.6 to 23.6)

Complications (Table 5)

Allergan Natrelle silicone gel
10-year FU Rate (%) for Primary Augmentation
Capsular Contracture
19.1 (15.6-23.3)
36.1 (31.6-40.9)
20.8 (17.2-25.2)

Mentor MemoryGel silicone gel
8-year FU Rate (%)
Capsular Contracture
10.9 (8.5-13.9)
7.3 (5.3-9.9)

Deciding on high profile or moderate plus...

So, I really wish the searching options on Real Self were better. You can sort the reviews by "Closest to me," which isn't that great. It really should let you search by zip code. Does anyone know if I'm missing something?? :)

Also, not only should you be able to search by CCs in the implant, but what about a more comprehensive search, like incision location, above or below muscle, or profile of the implant? Honestly, from all the research, CCs mean nothing and the profile of the implant means a LOT. Just sayin' :)

I tried the rice test.. I ended up weird boobs. I put the rice in pantyhose so that I could mush it around in the bra and try to make it natural looking. The bra couldn't handle the weight of the rice, so I kept getting droopy looking boobs lol. Anyone recommend a specific Walmart cheap bra to try these rice bags in? I think I want to try a neutral, skin-tone color bra so I can visually "see them" better.

Also, I'm sort of worried about getting recognized in my photos, since I'm living in a smaller town. Not cool. I'll be keeping my photos as cropped as possible so I don't have a friend recognize my shower curtains, lol!! Am I being paranoid??

Consultations scheduled!

Well, I have 2 consultations scheduled in November! One with Dr. Geldner, and one with Dr. Placik, both one day after the other :). I'm really stoked! I attached a bunch of after photos from their galleries. It's hard finding people with a similar shape as me (broad shoulders, big hips, short torso.)

1 Consultation down (disapointed), more to go!

Consultation today:
I had a consultation with a local doctor and am sad. I was told I have a BBW of 13 cm, but was recommended a HP implant of either 275cc's (10.8 diameter) or 300ccs max (11.1 diameter)...I'm very confused, as the diameter he recommended was smaller than my BBW of 13 cm. He said NO LARGER than 300ccs HP. I really was expecting to hear that I need a mod plus implant, since I consider myself "wide framed", but he said he strongly doesn't recommend a wider implant. He said he WOULDN'T be lowering my crease as he doesn't recommend that, and that if I got a mod + implant, it would ride high (because it's wider and my crease wouldn't be lowered to let it "settle" down into the new crease.) As for the doctor and his staff: all were very warm, personable, patient, and informative.

I'm just floored.. Not at all what I thought I'd hear. I was looking at implant diameters and expected that I'd have my crease lowered and get a mod + implant of about 350-400ccs to closely match my BBW. Thoughts girls?? Here's my consultation picts... I DO like the look, but I'm worried I'm going to have small "balls" for boobs just plopped on my chest.

***Pictures of consultation with 300cc HP's.***

VS Trip after consultation: To add to the confusion, I went to VS and the girl told me I'm a 32B. I always wear 34A. Apparently the gab between my boobs makes me a B, and apparently I'm supposed to be very red and uncomfortable in a 32 and not a 34 :(

***Pictures of my new VS Bombshell "fake it" bra :). Totally makes me pointy.***

Next consultation:
I was also able to get a "phone consultation" with Dr. Youn back in Troy, MI. I knew a lot about him as I'm from the area. He is very well known and involved a lot in talk shows, books, and blogs. I'm a little disappointed about just having a phone consultation with him, but he's very well respected so I'm hopeful that this will convince me enough. His prices seem to be about $1k-$2k less than the doctors in Chicago, not to mention I will have to stay in a hotel and hotels are *expensive* in Chicago versus Troy. I'm still keeping all my consultations open with the other doctors in Chicago, as you never know!

Girls- what do you do when you're dealing with a bad receptionist?? The girl, not saying her name, who works at Dr. Youn's office is abrasive and not kind at all! I asked some basic questions, like how many days the doctor typically requires you to stay in town after the surgery, and she wouldn't answer!!! She said I'd have to complete the consultation with him ($200, over the phone) to ask him! All the receptionists in Chicago have been so forward with answering these sorts of things. Again, I am paying for the doctor's expertise, so I don't want to let a crappy, snobby, self-important GIRL ruin this, but still! How frustrating...

Consultation pics without the sizers

I can tell by looking at my first pictures (at 139lb) and this picture (136lb) how much of a difference 3lbs makes on my small frame.. my stomach looks less bloated :)

Consultation and Surgery Scheduling...What?!?! Maybe!?!?

So, after a recommendation on RealSelf, a lot of review reading, and looking at before/after galleries, I decided to contact Dr. Chris Pelletiere. I was able to email back and forth with him, asking all sorts of questions, which is usually unheard of with doctors. I sent a bunch of pics, along with wish pics, and was able to discuss my options. I'm going to have an in-person consultation (dragging the hubby along) in 2 weeks with him! Very excited!

The BDW measuring seriously has me hung up. If I have like barely any boob, with a gradual slope and no clear "medial" (center) cleavage, how the heck do I measure the BDW?? Can't wait to have this clarified in person with Dr. Chris. The first doctor I went to said it was 13cm, and Dr. Chris said that if that's the case, I could get a mod + 350cc range. I have some picts (attached) of results I love.

Here's the problem: I *love* the 500 and 600cc range, but I know it's totally not practical. Do I have pre-op boob greed? Is this disposable? LOL.

I think that, if my BDW is 13cm, it's very reasonable to be able to accomodate a high profile 425-450cc (12.5-12.8cm diameter)..... OR a moderate plus profile 350-375cc (12.5-12.8cm diameter as well.) I realize no one is interested in my number rambling, I'm just speaking out loud :-P

I really started to disect what I like about my "wish pics" to decide what I like about the breast itself. I like a gap of about 1-2". Anything closer looks fake, anything further apart (which will most likely happen to me) isn't optimal either. I realized that I really like the idea of having medial cleavage (where there's an obvious definition of each boob on the inside). I realize I have *none* of this cleavage and might be very limited in "getting any". But I can hope! Maybe the profile of the implant can impact this?

I'm feeling really awkward about 2 things in relation to my JOB and BOOBS:

Problem 1: I want my new boobies to be noticeable, after all, that's what implants are for, but I really don't want attention from it.
Solution: Today I came to terms with this: I CAN NOT control the attention part, as "coworkers will be coworkers". So that's their issue, not mine.

Problem 2: I *really* don't want to be that employee that everyone knows I'm out for a week due to surgery. They'll all be worrying, like, "OMG, she's recovering from surgery...I hope she gets better".... Then I come back to the office with big-ol-titties and they all hate me for getting a "sick time" week off for something elective. I also don't want to explain to HR why I'm not filing for FMLA!!
Solution: I might have surgery on Christmas break! We have a freaky-long break (almost 2 weeks), and I wouldn't mind using it!

Random funny thing: whenever I show my husband my wish pics, my husband laughs hysterically at me and says, "And you think you're going to hide that you had surgery from your coworkers?!" He seriously had a fit of laughter today when I showed him my rice sizers. LOL.

Wow. I wrote a lot.

Oh, yeah. Did I mention that I went from undecided on a doctor, to "might schedule surgery for Christmas break"?!?!?!

Still anxious....

I have my consultation with Dr. Chris next week! Super excited... but sort of confused. Some girls talk about sizers and trying on implants with him (or elude to it), but I've heard he doesn't do this/have sizers? Anyone?

I won't be heartbroken if he doesn't have the sizers; I think my wish pics will clarify what I'd like best. I'm mostly interested to know if I should get HP or Mod+ profiles, as my BDW seems a bit "up in the air".

So, I've been super nerve-wracked about the whole twilight/Versed+Vicodin/conscious sedation thing. I'm concerned that I'll wake up AND freak out. It seems a lot of his girls reported waking up at some point, mostly towards the end of it, but not being bothered about it. I probably won't care if I wake up and I'm all happy-loopy-like. HOWEVER, one girl on here *did* get crazy and violent apparently. I REALLY don't want to go ape-sh*t on people and not remember it. I *hate* loss of control (OCD much?)

What if I hulk-out and go running out of the room with 1 boob done? LOL seriously! These are the things I think about late at night. *sigh*

Had 2 Consultations on Friday...

I had a consultation with Dr. Pelletiere and Dr. Placik on Friday. I think they both seem like kind, good people that I would trust; however, I'm definitely going with Dr. Pelletiere.

Dr. Placik seemed busy, and much of the consultation was a video. He definitely has the right approach in explaining things by drawing them and visually, this was very helpful. While I understand that his work is good, and his staff is helpful, I felt very rushed when it came to actually getting just a question asked. I have about "25 cc's worth" of asymmetry and he tried talking about liposuction of one breast, or fat grafting to the other. I get it: there's more than one way to skin a cat. But I don't think all these things are necessary for something that's correctable with 25 ccs. Dr. Placik said with my measures he recommended 400-425 HP's.

Dr. Pelletiere is a "1-guy show". He DOESN'T have nurses introduce him, make an appearance, and then disappears and leaves you with another nurse or billing coordinator. I appreciate this a lot. I sent a long list of questions about an hour before my consult, and when I came in he essentially answered everything. I was very relieved to hear that if I had any complications he would consider the corrective surgery as part of the original surgery. He also was *right* on top of the new changes with Mentor's warranty policy. I think everyone should look into their changes, as they pretty much just added additional coverage in regards to surgery. He suggested an implant of 12.5cm diameter.

This means 325 & 350 mod + .... or 400 & 425 HP. My *GOD* is this a hard decision!! They both will look the same when looking directly at my chest (because they have the same diameter), but basically the HP will add an extra 1 cm of projection. Do I want 4 cm of additional projection, or 5cm? Maybe I have enough "starting projection" (I'm not entirely flat), that mod + would be fine.

The real dilemma is that I need to make a commitment about my weight loss. I've been 105 lbs, and I've been 155 lbs. I'm now 135lbs. My ultimate goal is 120 lbs. Do I get implants that look good now (HP's that definitely stick out past my current tummy), or plan on a flatter stomach and go with mod +'s? Will this extra 1 cm help me with my chubby tummy, or will it look stupid and fake?" I remember when I was 115 lbs and my boobs barely stuck out past my stomach. I hated how unsexy that made me feel....UGH.

*New and Improved* Rice Test... With Pictures

*Obsession Warning* I probably took the sizing stuff too far, but screw it... I want to try them on at home with a bunch of different outfits.

I made some of my own rice sizers. Sorry, but the typical rice test is completely stupid because it doesn't account for profile of the implant, which honestly is MORE important than CCs IMO.

Presenting.... "MeMeMeTime's Rice Sizers":

1. Look at implant size chart (I am getting Mentor brand, so I used this link:
2. Decide on an implant you're interested in
3. Note the diameter and CCs
4. Take white presentation board (think "school project" poster board) and cut out 2 circles with the exact cm measurement of the implant diameter
5. Stuff 1 circle into the bottom of a nylon. This is the "base" of the implant. Make sure it's centered well, as it'll impact the "faux nipple" you create at the end.
6. Now use the usual rice sizer test ( to determine how many CCs of rice to pour INTO the nylon, but OVER the base/circle you placed in the nylon.
7. Tie the nylon tight (silicone implants don't have a bunch of "fluidity" to them, so the rice should be pretty compact when you tie the nylon). I used clear, tiny hair bands.
8. Cut excess nylon off, enough to create a "faux nipple" on the implant. This makes visualizing in your sports bra easier.

Please note that these things don't hold up forever, nylon starts to stretch and the thin construction board for the base eventually starts to warp from being stuffed in and out of bras, or just from sitting for a long time. Mine are like a month old and I keep tossing them around in my bra drawer, and you can see they get a little warped with time. Still much accurate than the original rice test, IMHO!

What do you guys think.. should I get 425 HP, or 400 mod+ (which I'm negotiating with the Dr. to see if those are even an option)? These 2 options don't have the same diameter (the mod+s are wider), but I felt like anything under 350 mod+ disappeared on my broad chest.

Surgery Date and Pre-Op Pics

Here's some pre-op pics.. Surgery is scheduled for Dec 23rd!! I have a holiday break, so it'll give me a lot of time to recover. Still not "100% sure" about high profiles, but since I'm chubby, I feel like I need all the projection I can get (so that my boobs actually go out, PAST my stomach lol).

1 Day Post Op!

I was STRESSED badly at the doctor's office. I even barricaded myself in the bathroom while i dried and wondered "what are you doing??" Finally, the receptionists came to check on me. I talked to the doctor a while, which calmed my nerves. I laid on the table and was given the "knock-me-out" IV sedation. My mouth tasted funny like metal, and I was out like a light. My Husband even took a pic of me sleeping on a different changing table. Don't remember a single thing at all.

I got my mentor card and I got 400 (left) and 425 (right). I've been rotating between taking tylenol 3 w/ codeine and tramadol. I've been trying to talk it easy and have my husband take car of me, but I definitely had a few moments where I "did too much"", like pick up my macbook. I will say, the pain/aching is annoying, but not cry-worthy like dry socket after wisdom teeth.

I drifted off a lot during writing this. so sorry for any sentences that just don't make sense, spelling or grammar issuesl

The survival kit I put together...

fruit of the loom, front clasp bra, 38 size (I'm a 34, but swelling...)
Shower chair
Heat pad
Cocoa butter for stretch marks
touch pads (hydrocolloid for healing scars)
fuzzy warm socks
Curad bandages and butterfly closures (who know's!)
Hibiclens wash
Bath sponge (separately packaged to avoid a bunch of dirty straner's hands touching it at the store
Zip bras (like 4 sizes..)

Waste so far:
simply brand face wash
Anicare Gel
Arnica tablets
Bromelain gel

IV Sedation w/ Dr. Pelletiere

I'm hoping this puts a lot of peoples worries at rest: I didn't wake up at all. Like I said in my previous post, I got the IV put in, a nurse put something under my leg, and I was out. I don't remember a sing thing until I was back in the hotel room. My husband took a rather sexy pictures of me passed out on the doctor's recovery bed (attached.)

More post op picts :-D

4 Days PO Pics

Running late with these updates! Here's some pics.

7 Days PO Pics

10 Days PO Pics

Since I was an out of town patient, I got to take off my own tape and coverings at 10 days. I was pretty freaked out about this, but the excitement to get the tape off and see what was going on was enough to get me through it!!

18 Days PO Pics

I hear lots of different opinions regarding pain. Honestly, maybe it's because I stayed on top of the pain meds, I didn't think the surgery is that painful at all. It was just uncomfortable and achy. Dry socket from wisdom teeth removal hurt worse. I started massaging at 10 days PO and I'm pretty achy from it. I massage 3 times a day, about 5 minutes of squishing/displacing the implant in different positions.

Right after surgery, I had no feeling in my nipples or lower half of my breasts. I now have TOO much sensation in my nipples now. They get hard really easy, and my nipples don't like ANYTHING touching them lol. Still no feeling in the lower half of breasts. General achy feeling "inside" when I do the massaging, but nothing I can't tolerate. They are softer than day 1, but they get a little stiff with the cold weather.

Bras: I'm cleared to wear anything but wireless. I got a Coobie bra and it's a one-size scoop neck. I like that fact that I can hide it well and the straps are thin. HOWEVER, I'm not so sure about the "one-size" thing. Maybe it's because my nipples are so sensitive, but they don't like being "held back" when they want to stand at attention!! I took the thin removable pads out of the bras because it was actually worse with them in.

Video: Boob jiggle & boob squishing

Leftie boob is still riding high.


Bottomed out...

I confirmed today with my PS that I'm "sitting lower" than I should be. I think it's a nice/euphemistic way to say bottomed out. I'm pretty down about it. I think they look pretty, but when I raise my arms, it's even more noticeable. I've gotten compliments on the shape (esp. the husband), which makes it hard to emotionally grasp the idea of a revision. The PS said I'll need an internal bra. I guess I'm going to stop with the scar treatment since I'll need a revision this winter...

The biggest thing that bothers me is how bras fit. They are uncomfortable and my nipples peak out of the top of the bra. I think this is because of the large amount of lower pole - this is especially the case when I wear any demi or pushup bras. Only full coverage bras cover my nipples.

Finally Updating

I'm a bit bottomed out.. but everyone I show tells me they look super natural and not to do a revision. I'm just not sure yet. The bottomed out issue bothers me for 2 reasons:

1) the scars sit a bit too high on my boobs.
2) too much lower pole makes it *hard* to find bras that don't allow my nipples to creep out the top of the bra.

Ascetically, they look nice IMHO. They've come a *LONG* way.... 32A to 32DD. Not bad!

3+ mo post op revision

Everything looks great. I can wear so many more bras now. Very happy with the new shape. Scars stayed right in the crease. Used silicone strips to get them to heal flat. Overall, ecstatic.

Comparing Before and After

Barrington Plastic Surgeon

Easy to get ahold of. Good, natural results. I'm somewhat bottomed out "technically", but I've had most people who see them think that they are just very natural. Overall, very happy with them.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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