Prior Lipo Realselfers: Are Your Still Happy with Your Results Years After Lipo? - Chicago, IL

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I JUST had lipo of the flank/full tummy tuck...

I JUST had lipo of the flank/full tummy tuck performed less than a week ago. I have been reading more and more that lipo in some patients is not what they though it would be. That after months or every a couple of years, people are gaining the weight back and not just in the areas but in VERY strange places through-out the body such as arms, breast, even BACK! And this is despite working out and watchin your diet.

I'm thinking there are many factors contributing to this but I wanted to see if there was a pattern.

So I'm curious for those that have had lipo at least OVER a year ago, can you share if you are still happy with your results? Did you gain/maintain/loose weight? Would you do it again? What changes have you experienced? What advice would you offer to help maintain good lipo results?

I only had about 1.5 pounds of fat lipoed and I don't want to end up gaining double! I'm not planning on doing this type of surgery again!


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