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I am an overall slim looking person (skinny arms...

I am an overall slim looking person (skinny arms & legs) and carry any & all my excess weight in my stomach (on my 5'4" thin-boned frame, I gained 25 lbs between the ages of 20 and 30. After 2 years of working with personal trainers, going to Bikram yoga & just being overall healthier than ever, & still not seeing any improvement in my abdomen, I decided to consult my certified surgeon/derm about lipo.

He suggest Lipotherme due to my size and I spent $2,500 for the procedure only to see zero result. I was disappointed so went to my doctor again and he said that lipo would be my best bet and that because he was sorry that he didn't do it the first time, he would only charge me $1,000 for the procedure.

By the end of this 2nd procedure, I had a total of 13 entry points (all that scarred terribly & due to my dark skin tone, look very obvious in spite of using Kelocote and prescription hydroquinone) not to include the ones within my belly button.

I would have made myself okay with all of that if at the end I had had seen any kind of major difference. The absolute worse part of lipo (& if you go on any review board - I had, but wish I had taken it more seriously) is that unless you completely revolutionize your whole life style, you will regain that weight but this time somewhere else.

For me, that was in my "muffin top" & back areas - mind you I never had a muffin top or back fat before. Somehow at the end of everything, I look bigger than I have in my whole life. The entire experience was horrifying and I regret it every day of my life.

I have my BS in Sciences, am very well read and went to this as my "I've tried everything else" last resort and I wish I had never done it. Pre-lipo anything and when I was at my ultimate healthiest I got down to 116 lbs (from 130) and now post-lipo, I'm a 127 and super struggling to lose any weight in spite of my best efforts.

I understand that for some people 127 would be a dream and you will think that "I got what I deserved" because I was being greedy, but I assure you that in spite of my low(er) weight on my frame, my weight shows especially since it's all my middle.

Final thoughts, if you scar easily (think acne scars, scars from growing up) and are of darker skin tone, DO NOT GET LIPO unless you are okay looking like a human pushpin and having awkward conversations with other doctors and potential life partners about what you did to yourself.

Lipo does NOTHING for cellulite; I think it makes it look worse.

Have your doctor discuss the precautions, side effects, most common complaints with you at length beforehand (mine handed me a 10 page fine print document that I actually read but I imagine a lot of people don't).

If you are not willing to or are unable to basically eat very healthily and exercise regularly (always), be prepared for the fat to simply come back to another location on your body (everyone needs to research and discuss this with your doctor).

Make sure you see before and after pictures from procedures your doctor has done and see if he wouldn't mind you talking to one of his patients.

I am now 2 years plus post Smart-Lipo & 1-year...

I am now 2 years plus post Smart-Lipo & 1-year plus regular Lipo that I had done because I saw no real affect from the Smart Lipo.

Like I said above, BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE, but now even moreso that I am technically in the "best shape of my life." Allow me to explain, over the past 4 months, I have completely changed my lifestyle. I work out 4-6X/week (2X/wk with a personal trainer), eat healthier than I ever have, have pretty much eliminated alcohol from my diet and I kid you not, that I am more disproportionate & displeased with my body than ever.

I have lost 28" inches overall which is really absurd to me because I didn't think I even had that much to lose but they have been in all the places where I wouldn't want to be tiny - my shoulders, arms, & especially my legs. I had skinny legs to begin with & lost 2.75" around the area right above my knee. I have definitely put on muscle mass b/c I've only lost 5 lbs.

The area where fat had relocated to post lipo where I never had fat (love handles & back) has not budged AT ALL. So this is the irony of the dumbest decision I've ever made... I could perfectly fit into my entire wardrobe pre-lipo & now post-lipo, I can't wear 1/2 my wardrobe b/c if it was fitted in the waist, it looks like I'm bulging and if it is fitted in the butt, I look like I'm swimming in my clothes.

I know we should all be grateful for what we have & I honestly curse myself every day for aspiring for something as superficial as a flat stomach when I was a great 116 lbs & had unlimited wardrobe options. I used to be a small & now I'm still a S/M in my waist but an XS/0 in my butt & shoulders.

Lastly, since I have an obscene # of incision points (~ 20) all over my abdomen(anyone getting Lipo should discuss the # of incision points & where they will be thoroughly), I stupidly went back to my doctor to get them treated. He put TCA (the highest potency acid) on ALL of them instead of doing test spots (again, hindsight on my part) & made them ALL worse. Then he followed up by doing a laser treatment on 2 of them that made them even worse. The doctor really shouldn't have done either because of my skin type and yes, how dumb am I to think he might be able to help me after everything...?

So now every day when I look in the mirror when I'm changing or come out of the shower I want to cry. I often do b/c I of a dumb decision that I made I will suffer for the rest of my life. :*(

I'm sure all of the above is hard to imagine so I promise to post pictures soon.

I wish I was bold enough to come out in public with this because I would go to the government insisting that lipo & smart lipo be banned.

LASTLY: HUGE WARNING - DO NOT GO TO A DERMATOLOGIST (NO MATTER HOW MANY PROCEDURES HE/SHE SAYS THEY HAVE DONE OR THE COST) FOR ANY PROCEDURE REQUIRING LOCAL ANESTHESIA AND ANY KIND OF INCISIONS. If you must get an invasive procedure (& w/ all of the non-invasive options I would insist that you don't), only go to a plastic surgeon.
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