4-4- 2012 is my Date - Chicago, IL

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Haven't had my procedure done yet, but i'm...

Haven't had my procedure done yet, but i'm excited, scared, nervous, happy, sad, all the above. I just want to get the show on the road.

Well i have about eight days left, and thanks to...

well i have about eight days left, and thanks to this site i've calmed down a little bit. i'm a little more confindent now. i'm still a little nervous but confident that it will be worth it, and ill look great afterwards. my wt is now 198 to 200 but im even all over, excluding the tummy and arms, man i hate m arms, even when i was skinny my arms were thicker than another woman with the same body type and shape. im glad that i have my husband's support finally. he was against my surgery for years. he even tried to convince me that i looked fine just he way i was:( he's 167 pounds and 5'11 he doesn't know what it's like to feel trapped in a body that you hate i've always had a really nice shape, even after five children i looked like i had none. i still don't have stretch marks but my stomach has just grown, after my hyster. l3-2010. cant seem to loose the belly fat. I am cool with being what is considered obese, now i do want to get down to about 170 no lower than 160 but if i don't im oook with loosing the arms and the belly, i like my butt and thighs and my boobies. well april 4, 2012 is the day i start my life again. i've done my physical and blood work, i received my perscription, and I have to be at the hospital at 9 am my surgery is at 11. now that i dont like, but it is what it is, well ive tried to put photos up, guess ill get it right one day

Well it's about 11:18 and im on here still reading...

well it's about 11:18 and im on here still reading reviews and looking at all the wonderful pictures and i can't wait til next week gets here. i've prepared my mind for this adventure. i know what to expect, and i know what to look for. I'm no stranger to pain, uh i've had nine children and they were not easy. one c-section, a tubligation and a hyster, so i know what pain is from my hyster it was horrible. well i guess ill try to shut my eyes now. till tomorrow

Well time is winding down, I've' lost 7pounds, i'm...

well time is winding down, I've' lost 7pounds, i'm down to 191 without even trying. i have to do some last minute touch ups, i'm so glad that i only work in the winter months. i have plenty of time to heal. i plan on getting into the gym as soon as i am well enough to maintain what i've done. I'm going to take it easy for a while, i don't want to rush my healing. i don't want any set backs, thank God i have a lot of help.
i had my husband and my son move my recliner in our bedroom; that way my husband can still sleep in the bed and hear me when i call. i didn't want to inconvenience him in every way. he still has to go to work.
i am truly glad that i found this site, i've learned a lot from those who crossed over already, thanks for sharing your pic, thoughts, outcomes, mishaps, your joy etc. still trying to add before pic, ill get it right soon, well til next time.

Ok tomorrow is my day, it seems that it's taking...

ok tomorrow is my day, it seems that it's taking forever to get here still. i've been shopping, running errands, playing, talking on the phone and it's only 7:30 im about to take a diphenhydramine pill. to pass the time. well i have to be there at 8 am, well i've taken my pills and i feel them working and im getting sleepy well, see yall next time.

Hello ladies, I had my procedure don't on...

Hello ladies, I had my procedure don't on wed4/4/2012. I'm not in much pain and I'm only draining out 12/22. I go see my doc Tuesday. I was so nervous that I stayed in the hospital overnight so I could be monitored. The surgery was about 8 hrs. I know that as the days go on it gets better. Thank god for all my children, they all pitch in. My hubbie is so great. I've been sleeping in my bed with a lot of pillows,

I've been itching like crazy, benadril is my bestfriend, I am starting to pass gas, and I am really swollen. But not worried. My arms are really swollen too. From the lipo. Other than that I'm all good I will post pic when I can, soon
My children are so great they sit in my room all around my bed because they think ima need something and they won't be able to hear me.

Haven't really seen my tummy but I know it's gone. I'm tired, Il update soon

Hello ladies, I know I still haven't posted pic...

Hello ladies, I know I still haven't posted pic yet, but they are coming soon. I haven't had much energy to get up and mess with my computer.
I did manage to et up on a scale and found out I had gained wt after the surgery, I went to 220 but I realized It was water wt, i wasnt worried about it at all. I'm back down to 197 now. I am still swollen and it seems that I have to adjust my garment because it feels like its not really supporting me. I still haven't seen my scar but I know that it's much much flatter than before. I still don't have any problems with my drains so far.

I haven't had a BM yet, I know its coming. I'm pretty much on bed rest, taking my time to get back into the swing of things. I don't walk bent over and never needed to use my recliner, I have a lot of pillows in my bed, but I have a lot of assistance with getting up. My husband can get me up by himself. I don't want my children trying to do it on their own, so my daughter will get behind me to sit me up, while my son grabs my hands to pull, and my smaller children controll my legs by moving them to the edge of the bed so I can stand. They take turns waiting on me. Now they go back to school Monday ima catch hell, just kidding I'll be fine.

I've been feeling a little strange since last night, I had to stop taking my heavy meds and dropped down to ibuprofen 800. I don't feel as sick. I was having chills and sweats. And I'm really tired, hopefully tomorrow ill feel better. i was also on benadril for the itching. oh and i have a lot of brusing

oh i also had lipo on my arms the garment feels so tight, i dodnt have the actual cut down my arms but they are brused so bad, they hurt the most. it seems asif i dont have any feelings on them. i get them messaged 4-6 times a day. there were some humps but my children haveworked them all out. yes they are a blessing

Does anyone know when to start back having sex, I...

Does anyone know when to start back having sex, I forgot to sk my ps. Im lie so ready it's been 12 days. I think ima wait til 14 days then it's going down

Omg, i feel so stoopid i just learned how to...

omg, i feel so stoopid i just learned how to upload more pic. ok now i have to transfer new photos from iphone. i feel so dum, well im working on new photos

Okplease excuess my daughters messed up room she...

okplease excuess my daughters messed up room she said she was cleaning up, yea rite. anyway she has the mirror in her room. but here are some pic of the after these are 10 days after shots. i am flatter than before, but still to chubby for me. maybe, well i hope once the swelling goes down it will get flatter at least that what the doctor say. i think he's going to have to do some extra work because my sides are really fat. it seems asif he didnt lipo like he was supposed to.i had hernia and muscle repair. my stomach is really soft on the sides. well we will see. im still glad i did it, but my sides better go down. as i said im good with being thick because i have a big but, i just want a smaller waist, llo. i am still going to loose at least 30 to 40 pounds i promise.

I went to my ps thurs 13 days post, all my tapes...

i went to my ps thurs 13 days post, all my tapes and stiches have been removed, my arms are doing much better still swollen but much better, so they do get better with time. im going to give it aboiut three monts to see how much swelling goes down from my stomach, the sides look and feel like he didn't do anything, i know its soon to tell but i didn't have a lot of fat there at first and it still looks the same. well other than that im good. i started exercising today. i went to the gym and walked slow for 45 min, then i went and did some leg exercise nothing that made me really use my abs, then i exercises my front arms. not the back of my arms, and i feel great. i know i didnt over do it, i trust and listen to my body. thats why im home now about to get in the tub and then go to bed for the rest of the day lol. i really feel like i need to do 45 more minutes before i go to bed tonight, ill see how im feeling later. now, this is nothing new for me ive always worked out heavy, so this little was nothing but something because of the surgery. i don't suggest that others do what i did. everyone heels differently.i still hate my arms right now, they still feel funny, time heels all wounds, i hope. well til next time.


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