Never In My Life Did I Think This Was Possible!!!! Tummy Tuck & Breast Lift - Chicago, IL

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Today I put down my $550.00 deposit! I'm doing...

Today I put down my $550.00 deposit! I'm doing this! I want to cry as I write that sentence. I'm actually going to do this! I've battled my weight my whole life. My nickname growing up, "FEA" - means "UGLY" in Spanish. I grew up with low self esteem, always feeling guilty, no confidence, very shy, etc. But I've been getting help! God has been good to me in that he's led me to some wonderful professionals.

5'4 - apple shape (meaning no waist & barely there bottom! Highest weight - 185. I started losing weight when I started depression medication back in January, 2015. But even before that, I had gotten myself down to 168lbs. So that's my starting point. I've since lost a little over 40 pounds. My current weight, 126.

It has been more of an emotional/mental challenge. When I would see that something fit that I JUST KNEW wouldn't.....I'd go into depression and have horrid crying spells. Weird! I'm getting better now.

I had my initial consultation with Dr. Horn on Mothers Day of this year. I have so much flab - it freaked me out when I first saw it-Ha! I was like, "What the hell is that!" Then I saw my flat bottom - well, that's just not going to work. You can't tell where my bum ends and leg begins!!!! I can't stand the thought of my husband touching that.

Anyhoo - My surgery is set for Monday, August 3, 2015. A wee after attending my VERY FIRST LIVE CONCERT!!!!!!! I'm 46 - I'm also getting braces! This will be the best Summer Ever!

Thanks for reading, and, any advice is GREATLY appreciated. Don't think any detail is too small. SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

7 Days From Now!!!!

It's starting to sink in! I have my raised toilet w/handles, a walker (found at thrift for 5bucks, and shower seat (again, goodwill). I have a few large front button shirts. Prescriptions filled. Menus are being discussed.

It's my last week of work - I'm so excited I can't sleep!!

Counting Today, Four More Days to go!

I start taking the Arnica montana the office gave to me. 15 pills a day (5 pills 3x's a day) for the next 4 days. Oh crap, maybe I was supposed to start yesterday? Darn it. They said take 4 days before the surgery. The arnica is supposed to help with muscle pain and stiffness, swelling from injuries, and discoloration from bruising.

Today and tomorrow I do my last minute shopping.

Three more nights! I can't stand it! By Wednesday morning I am going to be so tired from not sleeping! I'm hyped from excitement. Is this really going to happen? I can't believe it's going to happen.

I'm excited but a little sad at the same time. I kind've feel I'm saying goodbye to a part of me. I've been ashamed of these areas for so long. Since a little girl. I don't know what it's like to stand naked with confidence. Lights Off - Always, for 20+ years!

This is turning emotional. I'm not ready for this part. I can't wait to wake from the surgery. First thing I'm going to say, "Is it over? Am I done?" and I want to hear "It's done. You did great and you look fantastic!" Then I will smile, probably cry (but not much or that will hurt-lol!). And I'm going to be so proud of myself.

I can't wait to say "I did it, I really M*&^%$(* F^%&^in' did it! "

I'll post before pics soon. Thanks everyone!

Tomorrow's the Day! 5:30 AM.

I can't believe it's here! Tomorrow morning, 5:30 AM for prep work. Surgery is at 7:00 AM. I read women who buy their own binder, is this so you'll have more than one? I'm sure the PSurgeon gave you one when you went home, right? How do you know which size to buy? If you bought yours online, have any of you had to return the garment bcs it didn't fit? I'm a lil' scared, not of the surgery but of the after care, o.k., the pain. A clean recovery is what I pray for, for me, for everyone!! I suppose I should take some pics today before surgery. I know I'll regret it if I don't.

I DID IT!!! 3 Days Post Op!

I don't have pics up yet, but will. The operation went great. The doctors and nurses were wonderful, the whole staff at the surgical center were wonderful. After the operation (and recovery) we walked...yes, walked across the street to our hotel. Once inside our room the nurse helped in the bed, made sure I was properly propped and left. THEN the "fun" really started. I can't type too much now, but I will. For all those who are nervous - and I was one of them fer sure - soooooooo glad I was brave enough, my doctor is the best, and right now, at three days post op, i'm walking to the bathroom w/very little help and when I walk back to the bed, I'm able to walk with no help. Of course I get worn out because it takes effort, but nevertheless - I'm doing great! I'm able to walk around w/no pain and I haven't taken any Vicodin today.

The first day, after getting to the room, I couldn't take the Vicodin fast enough! Which was extremely hard because I had gauze totally stuffed up my nose. My husband had to crush all pills and I could not eat.

I'll have pics posted soon - Just a Recap:
Tummy tuck - no lipo
Breast lift w/reduction to one side - no implants
Nose job - slight thinning and getting rid of slight hump.

Thumbs Up!!!!

1 Week Check-Up

Everyday gets better - Yesterday was my 1 wk check up. Dr. Horn removed one tube...felt like a prick from a needle, quick - not a big deal. He said he was sorry to disappoint me w/the lack of pain involved - LOL!

Stayed downtown Chicago for a couple of hours after the check up: not a lot of walking. Pretty worn out by the time we got home (over 1 drive). In fact, I fell asleep in the car on the ride home - I was exhausted.

I'm not taking any pain meds - at all. I'm walking pretty straight, for the most part. My whole mid section is numb and swollen. 6 weeks of binder is what he said. I took it off today and washed it. It's back on now.

Tummy Tuck: Tummy feels sooooo tight! I can't wait until it's "normal". When does that happen? I can't believe all that fat is gone....just writing about it makes me tear up. I can't believe I did it. I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

Dr. Horn took the gauze that covered my TT incision off - he said no need to cover and I was free to shower. So I'm left with the tapping and stitches. Only concern with showing is to keep the tube entrance on the left side, dry.

Breast Stitches: I totally love what I'm seeing. I can't believe the difference. I was so afraid of what I would look like - but I knew I needed a change. I've hated my breast every since I can remember (since 12 yrs old?). I love them!!! I can wear a regular sports bra without underwire!!!! And it fits BOTH breast!!! And the bra doesn't cut into my skin on the sides. The best part? When I take the bra off - my girls stay put!!!! They don't hang waaaaay down! My breast have a very feminine shape! Thank you Dr. Horn! On a scale of one to ten, breast pain - a ONE!

Finally got some pics up!



Pics 3

Chicago Plastic Surgeon

During my initial consultation, he was very professional and seemed to know exactly what I wanted just by the few words I said. I've never stood in front of a man like that, not even my husband - but Dr. Horn was all about the medical condition and what procedure would be best. His office staff, mainly Alissa, have answered my many questions and I still have lots more. I would like to speak to Dr. Horn again. To me, picking the right surgeon gives me more anxiety than knowing they will be knifing me!

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