39 Year Old Mother of 2 - Chicago, IL

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I have been following the stories on the site for...

I have been following the stories on the site for the past year and finally decided that it is my time. I have been on a journey of weight loss for over 3 years. I have lost approx. 80 lbs and am ready for the next step. I had my consultation today and loved it. The lady that assisted me was excellent and made me feel very comfortable. I am going to get my upper and lower abdomen done as well as my love handles.

Pics before

Sorry I'm adding pics late. These are pics I took of me. This is after a 75 lb weight loss. I will post more pics as I go through my journey!

Getting close to pre-op day!

My pre-op is scheduled for March 9. My procedure is being done at Sonobello. I am both excited and nervous. I have not slacked on my dieting and exercising. I have lost 2 lbs since my first post. ????

My preop is tomorrow!

So I wanted to add some more pics. All of these I have on Spanx and although it does smooth me out some, you can still see the bulges.

Pre-op went good!

I had my preop appt. yesterday and it went good. Dr. Flagg at Sonobello was very nice and truly made me feel comfortable. I am looking forward to my procedure next week.

Today is the day!

The surgery is about to start in a few. Here are a few pics with the doctor's artwork.

Now recovery starts

The lipo went well, I was talking and singing along to the music! However at night pain set in and I took the Percocet. Today seems a little better. I will post pics later on today when I shower.

Changed bandages and took 1st shower

I finally got moving today, got my kids off to school. Sitting, walking, and standing isn't so bad, it's the transition from one to the other that is a little painful. But it is manageable. I took a shower and changed the pads. That was gross! ????I have included a pic of what was taken out and I did take a picture before I put back on my garment.

So far so good!

So this is day 3 after the procedure, and I am doing good. I feel super bloated and swollen, but I can definitely see a difference. ????

Returned to work

Today, I returned to work. I feel extra swollen and bloated. I don't have a strenuous job, I'm a teacher, but I am tired. All the extra movement was tiring. I will post more photos soon

One week post op

So it's been a week and swelling is great. But I still see a difference. Pain is minimal, I still get twinges and what I call lightning shocks every now and again.

2 weeks

It has been 2 weeks since surgery. I don't know if I see any changes. I still have lumps and bumps and swelling at times. My skin is still sensitive to touch but it is better than before. Hopefully, improvements are still to come.

3 weeks post op

Three weeks have gone by and there has been some improvement, however the left side of my lower abdomen is much larger than the right. I hope with time this will even out.

Not too happy????

So it has been six weeks, the swelling is still daily. One side is either more swollen than the other or the procedure wasn't done evenly. I have had a lymphatic massage and I am scheduled for another this Friday. I hope things improve. I have been exercising and monitoring my diet, I hope things get better. I will post pictures tomorrow.

Major improvements-12 weeks post surgery

Here is my progression, from beginning to now- 12 weeks post surgery.

Don't forget to continue to exercise and eat right!

So I had the surgery in March and during the past few months I've been exercising. These pics show the added improvement to the surgery!

My before pic

This is what I looked like before my diet and exercise along with the lipo.
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