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When I got my first set of trays...

When I got my first set of trays (pre-attachments), I was thrilled. I thought, this is it? There's nothing to this! And was very happy and relieved. Everything about the process was better/easier than expected.

Then a couple of weeks later I went in to get my next three sets of trays and have the attachments (8 total) put in. This changed everything.

I had no idea that the process of attaching the buttons would involve buffing my teeth rough and acid etching the enamel. Had I known, I think I would have opted out of the procedure altogether. I'm 44 and I've had some tooth sensitivity issues before, so the idea of voluntarily eroding the enamel with acid...well, not exaclty appealing.

I'm now a little afraid that what was done to those eight teeth may have caused permanent damage. Not only was the process on the chair extremely unpleasant, but to say that my teeth (as my ortho warned me) would be "a little sensitive" for the next few days, would be akin to warning someone they might get "a little headache" from diving into an empty pool.

For the first couple of days, the lightest touch of the softest brush, with the gentlest toothpaste, would send such deep electrical shots of pain through those teeth that I would literally tear up and break into a sweat. It felt like I may as well be brushing the raw nerves directly.

Things are better now (10 days later)--but still, not great, and not anywehre near normal. I still have to be very careful and ginger in brushing those eight teeth.

Again, my biggest worry is that maybe the acid etching went too far, or that maybe my already-sensitive teeth were poor candidates for this process, and that now the enamel is permanently compromised, and that these teeth will always be weakened, and will always hurt.

I'd really love to hear the thoughts, insight, advice (reassurance?!!) of the smart people on this board.

Thanks so much.

Well, it's been about a year and I just had my...

Well, it's been about a year and I just had my attachments removed.

As happy as that makes me, I'm a little worried that (much as I feared) the surface of all eight of the teeth that had attachments on now feels different than it did before--and different than the surface of the rest of my teeth.

The fronts of the former "attachmennt teeth" are decidedly rough, and have lost all that glossy shine and smooth texture that normal teeth have. I was hoping this wouldn't be the case, but those teeth were, after all, bathed in acid and physically buffed rough prior to the attachments going on. I'm not an expert, but it doesn't surprise me that tooth enamel doesn't magically regenerate itself after such treament.

For now, the teeth look ok (the ortho's office polished them after removing the attachments), but I'm really afraid that they're going to be much more prone to staining from here on.

I fully concede that not everyone has experienced such a reaction to the bonding of the attachments, but I now suspect, more than ever, that the process went a little too far in my case. Of course, no one at my ortho's office will acknowlege this, or offer any help. Just one of the many frustrations I've had throughout this process. I sincerely wish better luck for others.
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