Hismasterpiece by Design 360 Body Lift with Auto Glute Augmentation by Shifrin - Chicago, IL

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I'm actually writing a review! Yippee!!! 12 years...

I'm actually writing a review!
12 years post gastric bypass beauty!
415 lbs at 23 years old.
Now 163 lbs.
My journey has been extremely challenging. The perfect ingredient for pressing forward!
Early 2013, I was fed up with my geriatric looking body.
The wrinkled, elephant looking, hanging skin certainly did not match my face nor spirit.
I took major inventory of the investments of shapewear, girdles, and body contouring pieces I owned. I fell in love with the bodymagic "drop 3 dress sizes" shapewear so much,
I sucessfully invested, marketed, and sold the entire Ardyss product line for years.

Fast forwarding as I mature, the less I desire to mask things.
I desire to live like the MASTERPIECE that I am.
"Masking" does not line up with those desires.

Next level.
I considered 2 surgeons for a tummy tuck.
As most of you all may have experienced, you know when you have met "the one".

Both p.s. told me I would be an easy case and the skin removal would make a significant difference with my shape.
One recommended the fleur-de-lis and the other suggested a tummy tuck with muscle repair.
The quotes were very similar.

I wasn't satisfied and decided to research more options for surgeons.
For three days I read so many bios and reviews.
I literally stumbled upon Dr. Shifrin.
I patiently enjoyed learning about him, his work, and career path.
I was certain a meeting was definitely worth our time.

My consultation went very well.
I concur with every positive attribute everyone else has stated about Dr. Shifrin.
After having a gastic bypass and 2 c-sections, I understand connecting with my surgeon. I must believe they have my best medical interest, trust their skill, knowledge, and ability, understand and follow their instructions explicitly, know their human and pray for them.

Dr. Shifrin introduced me to the lbl procedure. I was impressed and thirsty to find out more information.
I trusted his recommendation.
I did extensive research on the procedure.
I was elated by the fact that it definitely is more effective for addressing my circumstance.
Ready to roll ; ) !

pre op pics

Surgery dates and anemia

I have had to reschedule my procedure 2x due to low hemo levels.
It is extremely important to have the appropriate levels before surgery.
This has had a major inconvenience for everyone involved.
As a gastric bypass patient, hemo levels have been challenging for me.
I have an awesome hemotologist, however my body doesn't generally display the common symptoms associated with anemia.
I take oral iron daily and eat iron enriched foods, however my body doesn't always absorb the nutrients.
I also get iron infusions as needed.
I'm expecting to have an acceptable level to have my procedure this week!!!

Surgery Thursday 8/6/15

I finally have the green light for my procedure!
FAITH mixed with Patience and Perseverance has been the key!
Naturally I'm very elated and excited. I will post more before pictures before the big day!
: ))))))))

Walking nerves!!!

So it's 90° here in Northwest Indiana and walking seems to be the cure all to balance my surgery jitters!!!
Good thing is it's very inexpensive, takes my mind out of preparation, duration, endurance, & results/outcome world!
Thinking I will keep this up....lol!

Prepared to take off!!!

Surgery at 10 am tomorrow.
I'm excited.
I definitely always like to be generous on every deserving occasion and will post some more pre op pics taken today .....with the sole intent for then to encourage, inspire, and ignite a no limits attitude.
(Disclaimer : I am not a photographer and will one day be much better at taking and editing photos!)
Do you.
We are not alone and very worthy!!! ; )))

Dr. Shifrin and team did it!

12 years of skin laxity .....Gone!!!
Surgery went very well!!!
Came home yesterday and feeling pretty good.
Very tight and swollen but tolerable with meds.
I'm so elated! FINALLLY.
it has been a long journey.
Dreams do come true.
I hope everyone is very well. Resting or preparing for surgery

1st shower was gre8t!!!!!

Had my 1st shower today and bowels began moving last night.
Really small pieces....trying to be patient but will drink smooth move tea after dinner.
I have a built in shower bench which was da bomb.
My precious mom washed me up.
We put my drains in a gallon slider ziploc bag, with the lanyard.
They stayed dry.
I stood up to rinse really good and it was just marvelous!
I'm not sure if I'm wearing my binder correctly. I don't like it tight. My incision is super low and it really doesn't cover it.
My 1st post op is Wednesday.
Looking forward to it.
I have a feeling this leg of the journey will fly by!
Happy healing to all!
Thank you for all your support and encouragement.

10 days post op update

I had my 1st post op appointment last Wednesday.
I was totally focused on getting through the entire event without any pain and didn't ask any questions. : )
The visit went very well and 2 drains were removed( felt weird, not painful). My last 2 are very slow, producing very light clearish red fluid and a few blood clots. Hopefully they will be removed this week. I'm feeling good overall. I have been able to do different things in moderation. Went grocery shopping with my mom. I used
The courtesy motorized wheelchair. It was discomforting ....so the trip was short (30 min). I'm able to do light cooking and cleaning.
I feel lots of tightness and my bottom is very very hard.....no jiggle wiggle or bounce : ( !
I ice my bottom and backside about 3 times daily. My results are great and I'm looking forward to some waist training. Honestly, after carrying so much weight all my life then the extra skin I feel like my body is new( feeling taller n lean w thick thighs lol).
I'm finally experiencing my body without the extra folds.
Showering by myself for the first time was like dang girl u skinny. Water and soap just rolled straight down, no lifting or maneuvering folds to clean!
It's amazing.
Looking at my belly button is like ....who are u? Lol
I'm still healing and just focusing on what I have.
I'm blessed to get to this leg of the journey. DETERMINED TO SUCCESSFULLY FINISH THE RACE STRONG!!! God has blessed me with an inner and outer beauty annnnnddd even an upgraded body. I still love me at 415 lbs......grateful to get to love me at ? .....I have not weighed myself yet!
Anyway that being said we all have certain expectations and regardless to the physical outcome, mentally and emotionally we must invest thee time to get to the real deal with ourselves.
Happy holistic healing every one!!!


I had my 2nd post op appointment today. Everything looks great. Swelling occurs most as my activity increases.
I am thrilled with my results!!!
I will be posting some pictures very soon! 1 of my drains actually burned as she pulled it out, pain was temporary. The other came out smooth and easy, no pain. I received a compression garment, however I was not impressed with it. The quality is poor.
In addition I was given an XL to accommodate my large thighs but I can use a sm/med in my waist. I am ordering a garment from design veronique just waiting to get my measurements. I also decided to waist train for a month while things are shaping up.
My back is still running into my butt! Please move out the way!
I don't have back issues and I'm really ready to see that curvature again! ; )
Patience and I are very well aquainted! Everything is healing so nice and I'm still pushing Xtra protein each day!
My appetite is definitely increasing. Feels great to move forward and Rock ; ))))!!!

Dreams Come True!!!

I am 12 year 5 months post gastric bypass surgery (Dr. Prashand @ University of Chicago hospital).
16 days post operative lower body lift with gluteal auto augmentation (da 1 n only Dr. Shifrin) and I have followed explicit instructions from my surgeon and pushed my protein and vitamins regardless to how rough the first 5-7 days were.
I'm pleased with myself. NOW IT'S TIME FOR PICTURES BAYyyyBEEeee!!!
I'm still swollen and do have some skin laxity on my lower tummy.
My ps is doing a reverse tummy tuck on me when I get my arms and breast done. He recently did an amazing reverse tt and bra line back lift on @Divaslimdown here on realself! : )
I am everything and this is life changing, a milestone to say the least!
You ALL are da bomb pre & post op......keep hope alive in my Jessie Jackson voice!
; ))))))!!!!!
Taking pictures has really encouraged me along this journey......don't be so quick to shy away from cameras .....1 picture can change your mindset......and the rest shall follow : ).
Happy healing searching anticipating saving money opening credit lines and bless da haters ( we need an audenience) lol!

1st day back to work!

It's been 4 weeks since my procedure. I have returned to work. I was well prepared and had a great day. I used a pillow for my back in the car. I have an hour commute. I'm definitely glad I took the time off. Definitely worth it to heal properly.


Ready to get the ball rolling for the next phase of my journey!
So far, I'm set on having breast lift, augmentation (moderate C or small D cup ) ??? ... I need help with that one. Reverse tummy tuck and arm lift, liposuction to flanks to define waist. I'm really considering fat transfer from thighs to backside. I'm too flat around the top......looks like my back is running straight to my backside : (.
Praying it's just swelling!!!
That's it!
Ready to get the cash flowing. Will consult in October !!!

6 weeks post op!!!

I'm 6 weeks post op, sexy, inspired, motivated, and preparing to work this new body of mine!
Most of my swelling resides in my thighs and legs!
It's uncomfortable, however I have increased my potassium and now putting organic apple cider vinegar in my water.
Also while I shower, I allow the tub to fill and put Epsom salt in water. It helps my legs relax a bit.
Of coarse I'm not submerged. ....just half my calf and feet.
I'm having fun with clothes!!!
I finally can wear a dress I bought 3 years ago.
I bought my first half top/ high waist pencil skirt outfit!
; )))
Super haute!
I feel extremely blessed and grateful!!!
I encourage everybody to go 4 IT!!!
my waist is finally curving out!
My consult for arms and breast aug, etc...10/9....and I have some deposit cash!!!!
I'm loving it!
Happy healing and preparation to everyone!

6 week post op pics

backside 6 weeks post op

Excited to check in!!!

I will be posting 6 month pics in a few weeks!
Enjoying my new bod!
Investing into my health even more!
Preparing for my final procedures.
Coming soon!
If your on the fence.....just do it!
You won't regret getting the work done.
You deserve it!

Dr. Shifrin is an outstanding professional and a very likeable man. Dr. Shifrin is very easy on the eyes and posses eagle eyes for the art of physical aesthetics. I'm thankful he and his staff are apart of my journey.

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