40 Years Old Female, Curve Me Please - Chicago, IL

I would like to have liposuction to my flanks and...

I would like to have liposuction to my flanks and inner thighs, and have that fat transferred to my hip area, I really hope I will not need a thigh lift, I hope lipo will give me the results I'm looking for, I am looking for a more curvy physique, I had a tummy tuck three Years ago I thought that would help but it actually made me less curvy? My stomach is flat though????

Change of plans

I have decided to go with Dr. Memar instead of Dr. Shifrin, I don't want to say anything negative but... I went for my consultation and it was sooooo busy there, I saw a PA, I didn't even see Dr. Shifrin for my consultation??, so I scheduled with Dr. Memar, he sat down and talked to me and I really like that, he was honest and upfront, it was just a better experience, so I changed my mind and not to mention Dr.Memar price is 2k cheaper?? The fact that Dr Shifrin PA, kept saying " your small we just need to clean up a few things, left me thinking my price would be lower, but my price seems to be the same as a larger person, I think it's overpriced

Changed my mind again

I did not feel comfortable being AWAKE! During my BBL, so I'm sticking to my original plan and going with Dr Shifrin instead of Dr Memar

Pre op photos

I went in today for my
Pre op visit to get my photos and surgery instructions and information

I am getting liposuction to my abdominal area,...

I am getting liposuction to my abdominal area, back and inner thighs, and I'm having that fat transferred to my hips, dents on the side of my butt, Not the booty!!! I'm looking for curves Not projection, I am satisfied with my booty, I would just like more of a curvy feminine physique, so according to the Doctor it's technically a BBL
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr Shifrin and his staff are awesome!, I cannot wait to have my procedure done, I'm really excited

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